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Many of you saw this pic on my blog and said "Oh My God...". Many of you was excited kuz ima basically be gossiping on what happened, why it happened, how it happened and yo'll now know why this simple but creative Mixtape Cover had over 150 comments over the title: "Stop the Fuckery". What really happened it, it started fuckery.

In the beginning there was an idea which was laid on a cyber canvas. This canvas was then uploaded into the Facebook Cafeteria and a note (tags) passed to about 30-40 people. The message in translation, "Stop the selfishness" although it read 'Stop the Fuckery". For some reason this artwork caught my eye. Not only did the message hit a soft spot for me emotionally but the details and creativity behind it was... well... awesome. Under the picture read:

"Some of these NC MC's need too support other MC's and DJ and STOP THE FUCKERY. If this is a so called MOVEMENT then everyone need too be working on the same goal and make it not just yourself but so everyone get put on and that's real LOYALTY for NC. To many selfish azz cats and when you do that dumb shit its going too bite you in the azz. (STOP THE FUCKERY THE MIXTAPE)"

::the breakdown::
Before i get into what happened and what was said first, ima break down what the fuck Jay White was saying in that statement. Im gonna put it white girl terms since im good at doin that (no offense to my white sistas, in fact WAT UP LISA!!)
*The first sentence means, "Some of you NC artist should start supporting other artists and Djs instead of just your own team". Meaning, dont be hypocritical. If you screaming its a movement and you moving the movement this and that then SHOW US. The same way a woman tells her man to "show me you love me, dont just say it", you have to show the industry you are actually supporting what you speak and not just saying it to look good."
*The second sentence meant, "If this is really a movement then that means the goal is to put NC "on" with you and not just yourself". I mean, i wrote about this "Movement Flu" when i first did this blogging If you're a movement, then link up with the other movements and combine your power. Dont just look at the other side and say "fuck them, they aint paying, i can do better." That's called being selfish my friends. Sometimes you have to take risks. Everyday i take risks with artists. I charge flat rate fees too but honestly if they'll got a lil buzz, a lil potential, a nice lil edge up (lol) ill put SOMETHING together for them to help with their exposure. Any little thing counts.
*Lastly, the 3rd sentence simply concludes the 1st too. Being loyal to NC means showing support, a movement is not a movement unless its supporting one common goal. Again, read my Article on "Movement Flu". The dictionary co-signs what the fuck im saying so if you disagree then you're a selfish fucker and probably has a guilty conscience. Sorry.

::what had happened was::
I made the first comment. lol How ironic right? I didn't know it would lead to me writing about it, but like i said it did hit me emotionally. Why? Because im the member of the "team" that's the, philosophically speaking, "backbone" of the "great artist". I do the work that's extends their exposure beyond the writing and studio sessions, beyond the performances and beyond the event appearances. Besides assisting in bookings and an artists' public relations, i (along with my team, Wet Set) plan the campaigns for the mixtape, book the photo shoots, book the showcases, promote every event the artists are performing at, etc etc. No, im not complaining, i can quit anytime but i havent kuz although there are many ungrateful and unappreciative artists that whine and complain worried about what the next man is doing, it still love doing it. Cant help it. So when i first read the title it caused me to comment. "I DONT THINK THEY HEARD YOU JAY!! lol" is all i said. Just being my silly sarcasticly joking 'self. I knew they heard him, but i wanted them to read it closely. And they did.

Next thing i know someone come in with this deep, heart felt comment about how they aint "gettin no shine" and how they mad at how other artists wont reach out. While reading this i started to go out find my lost violin from the 4th grade, then break open my bottle of white wine from 1998 and get some cheese off the last change from my mommas food stamp card so i could read the rest. I mean seriously? Now, i wont mention this artist name because when i catch people being ignorant, hypocritical or lying i call them out and i always have proof. Lol Ill just say they left a long ass comment basically speakin on personal emotions about their career blah blah. The thing that made me most upset is that they commented earlier with this line, "
Criticize one person in that squad, get blacklisted." HOLD UP! what u mean bruh bruh? If you cant take criticism, this is NOT the Industry for you. I wrote about criticism also, click here So this artist is sayin that if i go to his "squad" and say "hey, i dnt like how u make beats" im blacklisted and he wont fuck with me no more. THAT'S FUCKERY.

Of course i went in on them, praised Jay White and the previous comments, but ya girl mos def went in on them. He came in with more FUCKERY talkin bout its 'too many rap cliches". When has Hip Hop NOT had rap cliches. Wasn't hip hop founded within one? Maybe im dumb... SIKE! Fuck that. I research shit for no reason all the time. I might hit yall with some sex help one day just because i can or some religion jsut because i read shit all the time. Anyways, this person eventually shut the fuck up b/c he made it seem like he was talkin about someone but when was asked they said they were speaking on observations from the news feed of that day. what u mean bruh bruh? From the News Feed? So u speaking from some Facebook shit? THAT'S FUCKERY.

All this was just Day 1. July 26.
The next day was your basic commenting and everybody shouting out the team behind the work. DJ B-Ski, Jay White and Xclusive Inc. Jay, B-Ski and Carolina Blew did alot of explaining on the title and made it known they appreciated everyone's opinions but stop the fuckery. I said no more. We all thought it was the end.

Day 2 that morning was just a bunch of 'Everybody Workin" and "Loopy" comments, some networking and praises. Then BAM somebody else threw in their two cents before the afternoon got in good. Within 30 fuckin minutes their were 5 comments of FUCKERY. 3 guys who decided they was gonna talk shit about artists who worked with established artists and "thought they was on", then started name droppin, tryna damage Bettie Grind name and then a dude ranting about somebody to "tell him names". I mean, im not saying their names simply i refuse to give them any publicity. They dont deserve my fingers to type their names b/c their comments were as ignorant as ignorant can get. I mean serious? The title read "Stop the Fuckery" and you come in talkin bout "say names! say names! dont hide behind the computer!" Lol. Where did that come from? They got hype for no reason. Its a proven fact that when someone saids something, whether its being sarcastic or critical, and you get angered by it, that you're guilty for something. If you feel that someone was talkin bout you, you go to that person directly. Thats the mature thing to do. Its called being the BIGGER PERSON.
Then you know i came in with my opinion just kuz i wanted to know wat they was talkin bout and i tried to make sense of what a movement was about. Here's what i said (someone please comment and tell me where i was wrong in what i said)
" it aint bout callin names. lol wats that gonna do? nothing. start controversy. u gotta read this whole comment feed. Its about nobody in particular. the only name said was Bettie Grind by J Face kuz Bettie charge. & i mean maybe Bettie feel like his name is a brand. maybe he feel like since he do it for a living, since his name bring people, maybe feel like he cant just do a track w/ any and everybody. on another note, like Shelly D said, 'we need unity & smart moves'. if u aint workin & aint grindin 2 get ur name out, u cant expect to wait arnd waitin for a handout & when u do decide 2 stop waitin arnd, ask for a link up, if they charge u, u cant get mad. this a business. this is someone career. everything aint free. u cant get mad at that man for wantin 2 charge. he wrked hard 2 get that name. i dnt evn promote for Bettie. Never promoted for him but i do knw he invested in himself numerous times. alot of yall artists need to build up a team & stop tryna do everything by urself. stop being cocky tryin be the hottest... "

I feel like i didnt say anything wrong. But then, this is wat was said back to me, and THIS is why i decided to officially write about this and why it upset me,

Now, this person obviously thought i was talkin directly to him the whole time. lol SMDH. No silly rabbit. What made me mad was he told me, he told ME, that im not from Carolina. THAT'S FUCKERY. How is he gon tell me where IM from. Then told me to SHOW HIM PAPERWORK.

Let me tell everybody something. It aint where you from, its where you AT! Im a Navy Brat and my profile say my hometown if from Kentucky kuz thats where i did all my 1sts. From 1st kiss to 1st rap CD (Mystikal's "Unpredictable" lol). I was conceived in San Diego but born in Beaufort County NC April '86 at 4:31am. I left NC after 7 months and bounced around this world from the states to Europe and moved almost every 2 years. KY was the 1st place we stayed for more than 2 years. I lived there for 8 years. I been in NC for fuckin 10 years. I feel like since a bitch graduated here and can claim a decade, i can love Carolina just like everyone else love Carolina. I love Carolina but loving her dont make me a lesbo and dont mean i cant represent my respect for this Bible belt state. It was pure fuckery. Yea. Maybe i shouldve just kept my mouth shut- c'mon, look who you readin from. Its in my nature to speak my mind. I do know one thing, nothing that i said, deserved that. I sent this person a email by the way. You know, keepin it real, tryna find out why he came at me like that. I got a response about 3 days later, ill share that message later.

The rest of July 27, comment after comment just kept coming in. I started to un-tag myself just because of all the notifications. Then it started right back up EARLY around 1am. A good day couldnt even get by without some artist taking something personal. Another artist asking for names like it was gonnna make a difference. MORE FUCKERY.

Day 3 continued from like 1:30am until 2:44am. This time 2 artists going in on each other worse than me and the rapper tryna beef with me. UGH! FUCKERY. Yall know yall couldve just called each other. Have respect for everyone else tagged. That's wat i did i called my "opponent" lol. It ended with me hanging up on him lol but i at least called. Let me note that this guy didn't answer when i did call, he was too busy involving a 3rd party before he called me back. What is this high school? You gotta snitch to my boss and get me in trouble. Business is business, personal is personal. You took it way too far and i know you reading this.

Nikki Nicole had to come in a 2nd time, even Shelly B came in, trying end it all. It took 3 females before this shit calmed down. (I love my NC ladies!! yay)

There will not be any successful movements in NC unless all the movements combine for one big movement to just support everybody. We all got to take steps. We al have to reach out. There's more to Carolina than just Charlotte and Raleigh. The Everybody Workin/ MoonCriketz movement is here in 252. Rocky Mount/ Greenville. There's a Loopy/FAMM movement in the 919. WE LINKED UP! It wasnt hard to do neither. No beef, no problems. i promote they shit, they promote mine. We got collaborations going on, its a beautiful thing. This is just one step. The goal is for everybody to be workin and linking up. Not tryna outdo the next person. You cant claim your own credit, credit is giving. Until NC is "PUT ON", there is no official movement, no one to claim to they did it kuz it hasnt been done yet.

ATTN Artists
Nikki Nicole and DJ Ike Gda are puttin together a "Carolina We Stand, Divided We Fall" mixtape together. Deadline is Aug 6 to submit mp3 only to

Manifest and DJ Krush are puttin together 3rd Quarter mixtape. Submit mp3 only to

I along with DJ B-Ski are accepting music with donations for the 1st Annual National Poetry Awards (on Aug 21 in Raleigh). Make history with us and email

I love you all!!

Also check out and -WET SET APPROVED SITES!!

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EVERYBODY WORKIN: Who's Everybody Workin with?


If u attended the CM Awards, you're a liar if you say you didnt hear it at least 5 times. AT LEAST. If you've been to any showcase of club event behind any Moon Cricket (Derty Den, Hugg E Bear, Forward Progress)artist, then im sure u've heard it. When I first heard it, i was like "what u mean?" of course I didnt get it. Im a nerd. I mean, i would quote "Everybody Workin, but sometimes workin aint for everybody". But still never fully understood where it all came from. Now i completely know what this means, why i say it, and why its such a big movement.

To help me understand, i sat down on June 25, in my lovely city of Greenville, NC, 45 minutes from the nesting grounds of the Moon Criketz movement, with a man by the name of Adrian "A-Roc" Flythe. Now not only was I going to conduct an interview with him but, of course, to go over some business plans with some of his projects and plan out some marketing ideas for his mixtape. Which, by the way, is titled "Everybody Workin: Loyalty First Vol. 1".

Everytime i bumped into this dude or talked to him via phone, my stereotypical, "people-reading" mind looked at this dude as a street smart, street hustler who prob knew more about the hustle game more than the rap game. I mean he even showed up in a Chrystler 300 Factory Edition. lol You know the type. I aint the only one who think that. He has this deep, ear catching voice and stay rockin an "Everybody Workin" shirt (dont forget mine btw). With a friendly smile, a little smirk to the side and even to the scar under his right eye, there was one thing about him that caught my eye that i knew he wasnt just a "thug". He had clean nails. You laugh, but you can tell alot about a man by his nails. There's nothing like a guy with clean, cut nails. When i saw his hands, i knew this guy had a story and he definitely got some stories.

The scar- from a bad car accident where his bubble Caprice on rims flipped and caused him to be in a coma for 4 days. A coma. Nothing compared to a gunshot wound. He was considered dead for 4 days. What was he doing around the time? Workin. How has this man created such a trend with 2 simple words that people do everyday? Workin. Want to know what this man was doing fresh outta high school? Fayetteville State University. What was his major? Business. Thats work. So there's your answer to why this phrase and song is such a successful marketing tool. I should end the interview right there. Thats all yall really need to know.

Many of you expect me to just talk shit on this article or think that since i work close as a main marketing promoter for the movement here in 252, Everybody Workin, Wet Set, Moon Criketz, etc etc, that im just gonna praise and promote this guy. Think im sell him out or think ima make him look soft. I cant. Everything this man said to me, made so much sense. Everybody Workin means u got to go hard. "If u aint going hard, you aint workin". Quote from his mouth. Think about it. Anybody can be doing something. Just like anybody can rap,(Esp now and days), anybody can promote, and everybody doing blogs but unless you going hard and unless you grindin, you aint really workin. The people A-Roc surrounds himself with be WORKIN.

During my listening, Mr. Everybody Workin pulled out a camera and asked me a question. Not only did this dude piss me off with the camera but then he asked me "What do you think about the Carolina Movement?" Ah hell... you know i talked and talked. Tried not to imply any statements about certain people in what i was sayin but.... look who he asked. lol I hate cameras. So im sure you might see the video, i never make eye contact with the camera lol like really but i get my point across and i answer his question. That's for another Article tho.

By the end of our meeting, we were a perfect example of the phrase. We multi-tasked like a bitch. Excuse my language. Not only did i interview dude, but we planned some projects and i officially signed onto the Everybody Workin campaign. Of course, just like my work with Wet Set Productions on some of the Moon Criket artists projects like Drama Squad, Hugg E Bear, Forward Progress, Paradox and the 2yr in a row CMA Male Hip Hop Best Artist winner Derty Den (you know i had to throw that in there. Im proud of the artists i work with. LOVE YOU GUYS!), ima work as hard on his project.

So if i come of cocky or negative, its not because im taking anything to the head, its b/c the 252 has always been in the shadows off 919 and 910 and this team i work with this year has really shown me what its like to work on a cooperative team. Dont get me wrong, sometimes i wanna slap the shit out of them but like my 1st Article, a movement is like family and in this family Everybody Workin. Anybody who wants in just get at us. This is a movement that nobody can collab with or work with. If it seems that way, its kuz we just suckin it all in. I knw i am. #pause lol

This man of 2 kids, girl & boy, with the gangsta scar and dirt free nails is a college educated business major, attempting his masters soon. Not only has he started widely known catch phrase but he taught me the meaning behind it. Until you sit down with A-Roc himself and find out who Adrian Flythe really is, only then you wiil understand his struggles and his dedication to EVERYBODY WORKIN.

Get familiar. Carolina we stand, divided we fall. Everybody workin.


Friday, July 23, 2010

IF YOU CANT TAKE THE HEAT... Dont ask me for water.

Im definitely back.

A little heat from some unhappy promoters cant stop me from my sarcastic rampage. So I wanna address criticism.
For one thing, a human being will not go at least once in their life without being criticized about something. Everyone has an opinion, everyone is their own person. Take the chick w/ the bad quick weave for instance. She think its cute. All she know is that her real hair is covered & she’s good 2 go like Beenie Man for at least 2 weeks. In our heads we know that it looks ridiculous and that her real hair would prob look just fine with a relaxer & a few curls. That’s an example of criticism. We judging her of her own representation.

Job interviews. You get criticized & judged from your appearance to the way you speak. From your work experience to the people you hang around, you will be criticized by someone. The chick w/ the bad weave prob criticizing me right now. “She just mad cause she can rock it.” My reply, “word.” Please. Now this “chick” is not a real representation of any female. Just a sarcastic figment of my stereotyping. :)

Honestly from the day you were born you were being criticized! “Look at the baby’s ears. Now THATS his baby alright.” You feel me. Have any of you met me yet? Ive always been criticized and labeled as “cool”. No, im not being conceited (not right now anyway) but ive always been labeled that. The cool girl. The around the way Queen Latifah look-alike. Ive learn to accept that shit. If i took a person criticism seriously then i wouldnt be as cool as i am today (now im being conceited lol). So tell me why soon as i post MY OWN opinions on the CM Awards, im being criticized as “talkin shit” about the Awards, then have the Awards like director or lead promoter, whatever his position was, follow me around Facebook to comment behind me everywhere. Simply b/c i joked about the red carpet being hidden and that i just personally dont like drinkin my wine out of plastic cups. Im simply one person, if you cant even take my rantings from off of a blog then why are you even on the interent? Most importantly why are you even in teh Entertainment Industry. IM JUST SAYING.

With this said, let me say some good things about the Awards, since i guess my writings have a large effect on certain people. Shelly B was great! She’s probably gettin criticized for stuff kuz she was the host. Hosts of award shows always get criticized. I didnt get to mention much about her opening performance and all i really want to highlight on was the two sexy dudes on the right side of the stage. They was chillin, wont they. I mean, Shelly not only had these dudes carry her on stage but then their job was to stand they and just be lookin sexy… all greased up and drippin with oil with their strong shoulders and tattoos and glissenin chest… OH YEA so um yea, that was a good highlight. Im sorry but i got to say something else awful about it. The projector screen flashing these little ass logos of the sponsors, they shouldve just left the projector off. I mean, i love Budweiser but if i have to adjust my eyes to read even a Budweiser logo then damn. When Mica Swain won, that was a great highlight. When Derty Den won, another great highlight. The whole balcony level yellin EVERYBODY WORKIN every chance we got, was great also.

The last great thing i recall about the night that was prob best of all: when it was finally over.

Looking forward to next years Awards. Just be glad i mentioned no names.

P.S. Dont say im not about Carolina. Read my post on Movement Flu. My opinion is NOT bringing down Carolina. The Industry is. We’re so quick to point fingers. Look around in your own area. I support and work hard for any and every unsigned artist in this damn state. I cant talk shit about the Awards b/c i feel there were alot of artists that deserved a nomination and alot of artists who got nominations and i havent seen their grind. Im in 252 so watever is happening in the 336 aint the same. This IS directed at “336 Hustla” who commented on my Review Article yesterday. Its different out here. Respect my grind as i do yours.

My 2010 CM Awards Review

Of course you knew i was gonna write a review! Uh duh!

Sunday, July 18, 2010 Myself along with 4 members of Wet Set Productions took our 1st trip to the 3rd Annual Carolina Music Awards. There had been so much promotion behind it, not to mention the high count nomination list of artists we currently do marketing & promotion for, that i simply couldnt turn it down. Of course, as the connect, my biz partner got connected to some really good tickets plus hotel deal. However, even though it took us 4 days to see our tickets after payment, we stayed positive and kept on splashing! We love you guys still lol

The arrival was good timing minus the traffic due to highway pavement. Our dearest fellow Moon Criket Joon Demery met us out front of the hotel w/ room key in hand and to the top floor of the Red Roof we went. May i note that the Moon Criketz had the whole top 4th Floor. Hell yea! We was deep. Drama Squad, GDA Music Team, Hugg E. Bear, Derty Den, Forward Progress, etc etc. All there. All prepared to take home at least one trophy. Our movement of the night consisted of 6 nominees. DJ Ike Gda, Manifest, Derty Den, Paradox, & Drama Squad. All nominated. So we KNEW we was taking home at least 1 trophy. My girls and I, acted a fool in the room, takin pics, layin out our outfits, joking, running from the 1st floor & back for irons and hair dryers… Then I pulled out the Jose Cuervo. lol Game Over.

I cant tell you all the pranks and jokes but lets just say a hall full of Moon Criketz can involved certain individuals gettin locked out of their rooms in balling shorts and a lil “Nikka Knockin”. Along comes the infamous GDA CEO Trent aka Ace of Ace Ent w/ the Black Crown Royal along with cases of Heinekin, Coronas and my Jose- we was all smiles. Countdown to 6:50pm.

Moon Criketz (and Wet Set ) all pull out the parking lot to arrive at the Progress Energy like 40+ deep. I even wore heels. Hell yea we was all sexified. Proud to be walkin with the big dogs as non-groupie status. May i note it was ALOT of them. smdh lol. Somehow we all managed to match wearing black, white and red. Our logo colors. Didnt even ask them too, we all just did. Shae, Airiell, Shaquanda, Sherika and myself behind the wolf pack as they approached the DJ Papi Chulo and his camera crew. As Derty Den spoke, we started the trend that would spread the rest of the night: “Everybody Workin!!’ We all chanted all the way up to the “red carpet”. {I quoted that because there wasnt a damn red carpet in site but at least there was the nice wall size CM Awards backdrop for pics.} We got our pic takin but PhotoDrew, got interviewed by “Stars of the WWW . Com “ then hugged and said hey to so many Facebook friends and even networked with some new friends.

Once we found our seats and repeatedly yelled “Everybody Workin” some more inside the venue. We waited for lke damn 45 minutes for it to start. They must have been on CP Time kuz it didnt start @ 8 like i read. We killed time Facebooking and going thru our cameras. Oh yea & did i mention they were sellin Skittles for $3! lol SMDH And White Zinfendal for $7 and i love my wine but i dont drink my wine in plastic cups. Next year, yall get glass cups or something. wtf.

Once it started- we got started: “EVERYBODY WORKIN! EVERYBODY WORKIN!” Let me just inform you that throughout the entire ceremony we shouted Everybody Workin EVERY chance we got. lol As I updated live each winner from the R&B and Rap sections on FB & Twitter, i noticed it was pretty much boring. I honestly believe if the MoonCriketz werent there, it would’ve been even worse. Shout out to A Roc. The founder of the slogan who had my laughin so hard all night. The R&B Category was pretty quick. Then some guy sounding a little like John Legend performed. Sorry i dont remember his name, it aint important for this review anyway. Almost NONE of the Rock winners were even there, they only had one announcer for the whole Rock category and he was some radio personality who tried to joke about our “Everybody Workin” motto. Talkin bout “i dont knw wat they talkin bout up there…” yet he continued to joke about wakin up in a pickup truck with a strange woman. Obviously sir, you just nasty, you aint workin. Go get checked out soon as possible. Smh, spreadin shit…

Country Category only got interesting when homegirl Madonna Nash performed. This woman can sing and i loved her song. Google her. She won also. Blah blah, highlight of that category is we had everybody that came to present or win quote our infamous slogan “EVERYBODY WORKIN!” Whats that? You said u tired of hearing it? Stop reading my shit then. BYE! lol Nah but EVERYBODY WORKIN! WET SET! We even had the male Country winner say “I dont know bout yall, but my ass is WORKIN!!!” Tell me that aint love. Country and Hip Hop are like so totally alike. Fuck wat ya heard.

Aint shit else to mention about the Hip Hop Category except the male hip hop winner. Somehow DJ Bobby Drake won over Dj Ike Gda. Not sayin Bobby aint good but shit, word on the block is dude from Virginia!! And Ike the Carolina Trendsetta!! How Ike aint win… “poor votes” is wat they tell us. Oh well. Drama Squad lost over Troop 41. I honestly believe if UK (GO BIG BLUE!!!) didnt have John Wall and if John Wall didnt like endorse the song they wouldve won but hey, its just my opinion. Dont NO GROUP ive ran across of their level go harder than them. Seriously. And i review alot of music so ive heard alot. Drama Squad lost to a “dance song”. Politics as usual. Aww everybody mad at me now for that statement… oh well fuck you. Mula Izzy won new artist which i was like, cool he was on 2nd Qtr Mixtape with “Wildin Out” so i liked it but then dude didnt even say EVERYBODY WORKIN!!! How u gon not say it and ive promoted for you and you worked with the MoonCriketz. So disrespectful. Of course my girl Mica Swain won best Female Hip Hop. They shouldve had her perform but guess they needed more time for Troop 41 to perform their dance song that everyone kinda left out on. I aint lying, no one was hardly in therei during their performance. No unity wat so ever. Everybody mustve been mad about something….

Highlight of the night and the most contraversial shit im say is about the Male Hip Hop winners. Smoke of K97 came out with a chick with 2 damn trophies. A damn tie. Word son? A tie? lol P Wonda and then he waited like a lifetime to say Derty Den. And the crowd goes wild. Now i love P Wonda’s “I do Numbers” single. It go hard. But you mean to tell me that he was tied with Derty Den. The Source Top 50, Mr. Top 50 in general himself, no need for me to say no more. When i was emailed his 26 page EPK listing so many Award winnings and Top 50 lists since 2008, i knew i had to work with him. And blast after blast i still dont regret a damn thing. Out of all the promotion ive done, Wet Set had done, his teams promotions, GDA promotions, Main Event promotions- have you seen his entourages? You mean to tell me that during the online vote counting he tied with P Wonda? Politics. I mean u know they couldnt just let him win again. Oh no, then that would look like- hush Tia… I mean, cant give a man too much power, right? Honestly if it was a fair count then thats whats up. I aint hatin. Shouts out to P Wonda but shit i gotta rep for my MoonCriketz. Just remember before you come attacking me that Carolina We Stand, Divided We Fall. Congrats to them both. Shout out to Dert tryna talk to his mom before he recieved his trophy. lmao Mommas boy.

Aint shit else that really happend after that. Bunch of random freestyles with Poppi Chulo. Shit i went home straight after, my Moon Criket loves called me wack but i dont think im that wack for missing and emplty club. Yep. heard Dolce was a ghost town. Fuck wat u read on Facebook. I got inside scoops that it was dead. I bet the Country Music spot was poppin tho. Everything else that happend afterwards stays in Raleigh :) Love you all! Muah! XoXo


I know you’re like, Tia, wats this all about? Well, Facebook Cafeteria is wat I call the actual Facebook News Feed section. Facebook reminds me so much of a high school cafeteria. Not college- high school. Why? Let me break it down.

Facebook was created by a Harvard student who wanted to keep in contact with his friends and affiliates at other Ivy League Schools. So yes, it started in college but college is just high school with more freedom and more stress and a bill at the end of each semester. Eventually every college was allowed to login and then BOOM. The Big Bang. EVERYBODY and they momma on FB- literally. My momma WAS on FB before. Lol. This site is full of students, teachers, mothers, fathers, and comes with its own cliques and bullies. We have Facebook Gangsters, Facebook hoes, Facebook actors/actresses and Facebook celebrities.

Facebook Gangsters or the FB Bullies. They are the ones who always got something gangsta to say. They’ll update their status to tell someone subliminally they gonna whoop they ass. Therefore preventing the actually fight making the beef last like FOREVER. They are the ones that decide to broadcast their “gang set” on a public website. Not realizing that police officers DO get on Facebook and create fake accounts. Dumb fucks. I won’t get into that much. Just watch the news a lil bit more guys. They’re the type to bring work drama or school drama onto a website JUST for attention. JUST to see who else they can get involved. These were the drama kids that sat in the back of the cafeteria in my day. They didn’t even eat lunch really. Just sat there talkin shit to everyone. They didn’t have a lunch break, it was a fight break. Only on Facebook you can’t get suspended you just irritating and people remove you from their list- unless they enjoy the drama.

Facebook hoes can be male or female. They’re the lames from Myspace, Mocospace, Tagged and Blackplanet tryna get a booty call on a better organized site. They the ones that gotta click “LIKE” on every damn picture in your profile or “POKE” u randomly out the blue. Then eventually if they get a response from you on your status, they inbox u to tell u how sexy you are. Females mostly just do the “POKING” hoping you msg them first unless that top notch hoe then they’ll msg you. Lol I crack myself up. These were the groups that mingled and traveled from table to table collecting numbers and spitting game.

The Faecbook actors and actresses are basically the fakers. They make up shit in they’re profiles. Update they status’ saying they’re in VA but sitting right in the room on the wkend. They the ones who only upload face pictures with shades on at night until u meet them then they look WAY different. They’re the ones who claim they from a certain place just to get cool points but really been in the same town born and raised. Basically they’re the pretenders. They lie to make themselves cooler than what they are. In the high school cafeteria, they’re the ones that be sitting irregular or standing randomly by the jocks and cool people tryna fit in or look like they part of that clique.

Finally you got the Facebook Celebrities. Comparable to Hood Celebrities and the Jocks/Cheerleaders and other cool people. Not quite as cool as the D-Boys but cool enough they didn’t have to do anything illegal. Famous for status, coolest pic uploads, basically they have some kind of talent they express on Facebook. Nothing much to say about them. The name said it all.

In conclusion, with all these cliques and titles the News Feed section of Facebook is the cafeteria noise. Whatever’s going on for the day will be mentioned. You find out wat happened the day before, what’s planned for the next day and all the beef in between. *sigh You’re welcome Facebook for the promo. ::WET3S::


What is the “movement flu”? Broken down, a Movement has 3 different main meanings within sociology, horology and music. I’m actually talking about a Social Movement. A social movement is a “group action”. Meaning the group involved in the movement all make actions. They carry out a specific issue together. I, for one, like to think of a movement to be compared to a family. Especially when talking about a movement within the Entertainment Industry. The “Movement Flu” is a, what I call, epidemic that I am constantly hearing and seeing being ranted and raved about. Everybody has a movement; everybody is the “angel” helping everybody out. Everybody claim to be working and making changes and no one is doing harm. False. Let me capitalize and bold that, FALSE.

How can any issue be “carried out” if there are like a thousand movements? I’m JUST saying. Matter of fact, I’m confining this article to my current home state: North Carolina, since this is where my work is mainly based. Right? Well, to re-phrase it, how can any issue be ‘carried out” if there are like a dozen “movements” in one state?

Everywhere I look on Facebook there’s some currently big underground artist or promoter or somewhere in between, claiming they running with the OFFICIAL MOVEMENT of NC. Really? Really? You are? Out of everybody else making moves, YOU the official movement. Now, let me put this on the table, I run with some “movements”. Notice I said SOME. But this movement thing is getting way out of hand because none of the actual movements are working together. The state is fucking segregated! (If u thought I wasn’t going to curse, GOTCHA!). Western NC do they thing. Eastern NC do there’s. Major cites in-between role with whomever. They just don’t give a fuck. And I just don’t give a fuck who doesn’t like this article. It’s the damn truth.

If u actually studied these movements, every single one of the main movements is involved in drama. No one is organized. No one communicates. No one uses good business tactics. No, I don’t have a degree in business and nor am I currently in college- ITS CALLED READING! It’s also called common sense. The worst part of it is everyone is using FACEBOOK to claim the credit they give themselves. You can’t give yourself credit. How can you give yourself credit? You can’t claim to be the leader of the movement if everybody else in the movement isn’t giving you the same credit!!! That’s like me saying I’m CEO of Wet Set Productions but the other 20 girls are saying I’m not AND they hate my guts and the only reason I’m in Wet Set is by default b/c the real boss f the company is like my cousin or some shit. LMAO. ROTFLAMO. You feel me?

In conclusion, aint no real fuckin movements in the entertainment industry in NC. There. I said it. Because every leader of each movement would get along with one another. People with power would use it wisely and use it to get benefits. People would treat bartering just like a cash exchange. Grown ass adults- we all are grown, would act in a mature manner and conduct business in a mature manner. I talk shit, but while I conduct business, I’m alert, aware, and full focus. You won’t find ANYONE to say I’ve done bad business. I claim that because I have references. If I call you out in any articles, you deserved your card pulled.