Monday, July 26, 2010

EVERYBODY WORKIN: Who's Everybody Workin with?


If u attended the CM Awards, you're a liar if you say you didnt hear it at least 5 times. AT LEAST. If you've been to any showcase of club event behind any Moon Cricket (Derty Den, Hugg E Bear, Forward Progress)artist, then im sure u've heard it. When I first heard it, i was like "what u mean?" of course I didnt get it. Im a nerd. I mean, i would quote "Everybody Workin, but sometimes workin aint for everybody". But still never fully understood where it all came from. Now i completely know what this means, why i say it, and why its such a big movement.

To help me understand, i sat down on June 25, in my lovely city of Greenville, NC, 45 minutes from the nesting grounds of the Moon Criketz movement, with a man by the name of Adrian "A-Roc" Flythe. Now not only was I going to conduct an interview with him but, of course, to go over some business plans with some of his projects and plan out some marketing ideas for his mixtape. Which, by the way, is titled "Everybody Workin: Loyalty First Vol. 1".

Everytime i bumped into this dude or talked to him via phone, my stereotypical, "people-reading" mind looked at this dude as a street smart, street hustler who prob knew more about the hustle game more than the rap game. I mean he even showed up in a Chrystler 300 Factory Edition. lol You know the type. I aint the only one who think that. He has this deep, ear catching voice and stay rockin an "Everybody Workin" shirt (dont forget mine btw). With a friendly smile, a little smirk to the side and even to the scar under his right eye, there was one thing about him that caught my eye that i knew he wasnt just a "thug". He had clean nails. You laugh, but you can tell alot about a man by his nails. There's nothing like a guy with clean, cut nails. When i saw his hands, i knew this guy had a story and he definitely got some stories.

The scar- from a bad car accident where his bubble Caprice on rims flipped and caused him to be in a coma for 4 days. A coma. Nothing compared to a gunshot wound. He was considered dead for 4 days. What was he doing around the time? Workin. How has this man created such a trend with 2 simple words that people do everyday? Workin. Want to know what this man was doing fresh outta high school? Fayetteville State University. What was his major? Business. Thats work. So there's your answer to why this phrase and song is such a successful marketing tool. I should end the interview right there. Thats all yall really need to know.

Many of you expect me to just talk shit on this article or think that since i work close as a main marketing promoter for the movement here in 252, Everybody Workin, Wet Set, Moon Criketz, etc etc, that im just gonna praise and promote this guy. Think im sell him out or think ima make him look soft. I cant. Everything this man said to me, made so much sense. Everybody Workin means u got to go hard. "If u aint going hard, you aint workin". Quote from his mouth. Think about it. Anybody can be doing something. Just like anybody can rap,(Esp now and days), anybody can promote, and everybody doing blogs but unless you going hard and unless you grindin, you aint really workin. The people A-Roc surrounds himself with be WORKIN.

During my listening, Mr. Everybody Workin pulled out a camera and asked me a question. Not only did this dude piss me off with the camera but then he asked me "What do you think about the Carolina Movement?" Ah hell... you know i talked and talked. Tried not to imply any statements about certain people in what i was sayin but.... look who he asked. lol I hate cameras. So im sure you might see the video, i never make eye contact with the camera lol like really but i get my point across and i answer his question. That's for another Article tho.

By the end of our meeting, we were a perfect example of the phrase. We multi-tasked like a bitch. Excuse my language. Not only did i interview dude, but we planned some projects and i officially signed onto the Everybody Workin campaign. Of course, just like my work with Wet Set Productions on some of the Moon Criket artists projects like Drama Squad, Hugg E Bear, Forward Progress, Paradox and the 2yr in a row CMA Male Hip Hop Best Artist winner Derty Den (you know i had to throw that in there. Im proud of the artists i work with. LOVE YOU GUYS!), ima work as hard on his project.

So if i come of cocky or negative, its not because im taking anything to the head, its b/c the 252 has always been in the shadows off 919 and 910 and this team i work with this year has really shown me what its like to work on a cooperative team. Dont get me wrong, sometimes i wanna slap the shit out of them but like my 1st Article, a movement is like family and in this family Everybody Workin. Anybody who wants in just get at us. This is a movement that nobody can collab with or work with. If it seems that way, its kuz we just suckin it all in. I knw i am. #pause lol

This man of 2 kids, girl & boy, with the gangsta scar and dirt free nails is a college educated business major, attempting his masters soon. Not only has he started widely known catch phrase but he taught me the meaning behind it. Until you sit down with A-Roc himself and find out who Adrian Flythe really is, only then you wiil understand his struggles and his dedication to EVERYBODY WORKIN.

Get familiar. Carolina we stand, divided we fall. Everybody workin.


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