Friday, July 23, 2010


I know you’re like, Tia, wats this all about? Well, Facebook Cafeteria is wat I call the actual Facebook News Feed section. Facebook reminds me so much of a high school cafeteria. Not college- high school. Why? Let me break it down.

Facebook was created by a Harvard student who wanted to keep in contact with his friends and affiliates at other Ivy League Schools. So yes, it started in college but college is just high school with more freedom and more stress and a bill at the end of each semester. Eventually every college was allowed to login and then BOOM. The Big Bang. EVERYBODY and they momma on FB- literally. My momma WAS on FB before. Lol. This site is full of students, teachers, mothers, fathers, and comes with its own cliques and bullies. We have Facebook Gangsters, Facebook hoes, Facebook actors/actresses and Facebook celebrities.

Facebook Gangsters or the FB Bullies. They are the ones who always got something gangsta to say. They’ll update their status to tell someone subliminally they gonna whoop they ass. Therefore preventing the actually fight making the beef last like FOREVER. They are the ones that decide to broadcast their “gang set” on a public website. Not realizing that police officers DO get on Facebook and create fake accounts. Dumb fucks. I won’t get into that much. Just watch the news a lil bit more guys. They’re the type to bring work drama or school drama onto a website JUST for attention. JUST to see who else they can get involved. These were the drama kids that sat in the back of the cafeteria in my day. They didn’t even eat lunch really. Just sat there talkin shit to everyone. They didn’t have a lunch break, it was a fight break. Only on Facebook you can’t get suspended you just irritating and people remove you from their list- unless they enjoy the drama.

Facebook hoes can be male or female. They’re the lames from Myspace, Mocospace, Tagged and Blackplanet tryna get a booty call on a better organized site. They the ones that gotta click “LIKE” on every damn picture in your profile or “POKE” u randomly out the blue. Then eventually if they get a response from you on your status, they inbox u to tell u how sexy you are. Females mostly just do the “POKING” hoping you msg them first unless that top notch hoe then they’ll msg you. Lol I crack myself up. These were the groups that mingled and traveled from table to table collecting numbers and spitting game.

The Faecbook actors and actresses are basically the fakers. They make up shit in they’re profiles. Update they status’ saying they’re in VA but sitting right in the room on the wkend. They the ones who only upload face pictures with shades on at night until u meet them then they look WAY different. They’re the ones who claim they from a certain place just to get cool points but really been in the same town born and raised. Basically they’re the pretenders. They lie to make themselves cooler than what they are. In the high school cafeteria, they’re the ones that be sitting irregular or standing randomly by the jocks and cool people tryna fit in or look like they part of that clique.

Finally you got the Facebook Celebrities. Comparable to Hood Celebrities and the Jocks/Cheerleaders and other cool people. Not quite as cool as the D-Boys but cool enough they didn’t have to do anything illegal. Famous for status, coolest pic uploads, basically they have some kind of talent they express on Facebook. Nothing much to say about them. The name said it all.

In conclusion, with all these cliques and titles the News Feed section of Facebook is the cafeteria noise. Whatever’s going on for the day will be mentioned. You find out wat happened the day before, what’s planned for the next day and all the beef in between. *sigh You’re welcome Facebook for the promo. ::WET3S::

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