Friday, July 23, 2010


What is the “movement flu”? Broken down, a Movement has 3 different main meanings within sociology, horology and music. I’m actually talking about a Social Movement. A social movement is a “group action”. Meaning the group involved in the movement all make actions. They carry out a specific issue together. I, for one, like to think of a movement to be compared to a family. Especially when talking about a movement within the Entertainment Industry. The “Movement Flu” is a, what I call, epidemic that I am constantly hearing and seeing being ranted and raved about. Everybody has a movement; everybody is the “angel” helping everybody out. Everybody claim to be working and making changes and no one is doing harm. False. Let me capitalize and bold that, FALSE.

How can any issue be “carried out” if there are like a thousand movements? I’m JUST saying. Matter of fact, I’m confining this article to my current home state: North Carolina, since this is where my work is mainly based. Right? Well, to re-phrase it, how can any issue be ‘carried out” if there are like a dozen “movements” in one state?

Everywhere I look on Facebook there’s some currently big underground artist or promoter or somewhere in between, claiming they running with the OFFICIAL MOVEMENT of NC. Really? Really? You are? Out of everybody else making moves, YOU the official movement. Now, let me put this on the table, I run with some “movements”. Notice I said SOME. But this movement thing is getting way out of hand because none of the actual movements are working together. The state is fucking segregated! (If u thought I wasn’t going to curse, GOTCHA!). Western NC do they thing. Eastern NC do there’s. Major cites in-between role with whomever. They just don’t give a fuck. And I just don’t give a fuck who doesn’t like this article. It’s the damn truth.

If u actually studied these movements, every single one of the main movements is involved in drama. No one is organized. No one communicates. No one uses good business tactics. No, I don’t have a degree in business and nor am I currently in college- ITS CALLED READING! It’s also called common sense. The worst part of it is everyone is using FACEBOOK to claim the credit they give themselves. You can’t give yourself credit. How can you give yourself credit? You can’t claim to be the leader of the movement if everybody else in the movement isn’t giving you the same credit!!! That’s like me saying I’m CEO of Wet Set Productions but the other 20 girls are saying I’m not AND they hate my guts and the only reason I’m in Wet Set is by default b/c the real boss f the company is like my cousin or some shit. LMAO. ROTFLAMO. You feel me?

In conclusion, aint no real fuckin movements in the entertainment industry in NC. There. I said it. Because every leader of each movement would get along with one another. People with power would use it wisely and use it to get benefits. People would treat bartering just like a cash exchange. Grown ass adults- we all are grown, would act in a mature manner and conduct business in a mature manner. I talk shit, but while I conduct business, I’m alert, aware, and full focus. You won’t find ANYONE to say I’ve done bad business. I claim that because I have references. If I call you out in any articles, you deserved your card pulled.

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