Friday, July 23, 2010

IF YOU CANT TAKE THE HEAT... Dont ask me for water.

Im definitely back.

A little heat from some unhappy promoters cant stop me from my sarcastic rampage. So I wanna address criticism.
For one thing, a human being will not go at least once in their life without being criticized about something. Everyone has an opinion, everyone is their own person. Take the chick w/ the bad quick weave for instance. She think its cute. All she know is that her real hair is covered & she’s good 2 go like Beenie Man for at least 2 weeks. In our heads we know that it looks ridiculous and that her real hair would prob look just fine with a relaxer & a few curls. That’s an example of criticism. We judging her of her own representation.

Job interviews. You get criticized & judged from your appearance to the way you speak. From your work experience to the people you hang around, you will be criticized by someone. The chick w/ the bad weave prob criticizing me right now. “She just mad cause she can rock it.” My reply, “word.” Please. Now this “chick” is not a real representation of any female. Just a sarcastic figment of my stereotyping. :)

Honestly from the day you were born you were being criticized! “Look at the baby’s ears. Now THATS his baby alright.” You feel me. Have any of you met me yet? Ive always been criticized and labeled as “cool”. No, im not being conceited (not right now anyway) but ive always been labeled that. The cool girl. The around the way Queen Latifah look-alike. Ive learn to accept that shit. If i took a person criticism seriously then i wouldnt be as cool as i am today (now im being conceited lol). So tell me why soon as i post MY OWN opinions on the CM Awards, im being criticized as “talkin shit” about the Awards, then have the Awards like director or lead promoter, whatever his position was, follow me around Facebook to comment behind me everywhere. Simply b/c i joked about the red carpet being hidden and that i just personally dont like drinkin my wine out of plastic cups. Im simply one person, if you cant even take my rantings from off of a blog then why are you even on the interent? Most importantly why are you even in teh Entertainment Industry. IM JUST SAYING.

With this said, let me say some good things about the Awards, since i guess my writings have a large effect on certain people. Shelly B was great! She’s probably gettin criticized for stuff kuz she was the host. Hosts of award shows always get criticized. I didnt get to mention much about her opening performance and all i really want to highlight on was the two sexy dudes on the right side of the stage. They was chillin, wont they. I mean, Shelly not only had these dudes carry her on stage but then their job was to stand they and just be lookin sexy… all greased up and drippin with oil with their strong shoulders and tattoos and glissenin chest… OH YEA so um yea, that was a good highlight. Im sorry but i got to say something else awful about it. The projector screen flashing these little ass logos of the sponsors, they shouldve just left the projector off. I mean, i love Budweiser but if i have to adjust my eyes to read even a Budweiser logo then damn. When Mica Swain won, that was a great highlight. When Derty Den won, another great highlight. The whole balcony level yellin EVERYBODY WORKIN every chance we got, was great also.

The last great thing i recall about the night that was prob best of all: when it was finally over.

Looking forward to next years Awards. Just be glad i mentioned no names.

P.S. Dont say im not about Carolina. Read my post on Movement Flu. My opinion is NOT bringing down Carolina. The Industry is. We’re so quick to point fingers. Look around in your own area. I support and work hard for any and every unsigned artist in this damn state. I cant talk shit about the Awards b/c i feel there were alot of artists that deserved a nomination and alot of artists who got nominations and i havent seen their grind. Im in 252 so watever is happening in the 336 aint the same. This IS directed at “336 Hustla” who commented on my Review Article yesterday. Its different out here. Respect my grind as i do yours.

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