Friday, July 23, 2010

My 2010 CM Awards Review

Of course you knew i was gonna write a review! Uh duh!

Sunday, July 18, 2010 Myself along with 4 members of Wet Set Productions took our 1st trip to the 3rd Annual Carolina Music Awards. There had been so much promotion behind it, not to mention the high count nomination list of artists we currently do marketing & promotion for, that i simply couldnt turn it down. Of course, as the connect, my biz partner got connected to some really good tickets plus hotel deal. However, even though it took us 4 days to see our tickets after payment, we stayed positive and kept on splashing! We love you guys still lol

The arrival was good timing minus the traffic due to highway pavement. Our dearest fellow Moon Criket Joon Demery met us out front of the hotel w/ room key in hand and to the top floor of the Red Roof we went. May i note that the Moon Criketz had the whole top 4th Floor. Hell yea! We was deep. Drama Squad, GDA Music Team, Hugg E. Bear, Derty Den, Forward Progress, etc etc. All there. All prepared to take home at least one trophy. Our movement of the night consisted of 6 nominees. DJ Ike Gda, Manifest, Derty Den, Paradox, & Drama Squad. All nominated. So we KNEW we was taking home at least 1 trophy. My girls and I, acted a fool in the room, takin pics, layin out our outfits, joking, running from the 1st floor & back for irons and hair dryers… Then I pulled out the Jose Cuervo. lol Game Over.

I cant tell you all the pranks and jokes but lets just say a hall full of Moon Criketz can involved certain individuals gettin locked out of their rooms in balling shorts and a lil “Nikka Knockin”. Along comes the infamous GDA CEO Trent aka Ace of Ace Ent w/ the Black Crown Royal along with cases of Heinekin, Coronas and my Jose- we was all smiles. Countdown to 6:50pm.

Moon Criketz (and Wet Set ) all pull out the parking lot to arrive at the Progress Energy like 40+ deep. I even wore heels. Hell yea we was all sexified. Proud to be walkin with the big dogs as non-groupie status. May i note it was ALOT of them. smdh lol. Somehow we all managed to match wearing black, white and red. Our logo colors. Didnt even ask them too, we all just did. Shae, Airiell, Shaquanda, Sherika and myself behind the wolf pack as they approached the DJ Papi Chulo and his camera crew. As Derty Den spoke, we started the trend that would spread the rest of the night: “Everybody Workin!!’ We all chanted all the way up to the “red carpet”. {I quoted that because there wasnt a damn red carpet in site but at least there was the nice wall size CM Awards backdrop for pics.} We got our pic takin but PhotoDrew, got interviewed by “Stars of the WWW . Com “ then hugged and said hey to so many Facebook friends and even networked with some new friends.

Once we found our seats and repeatedly yelled “Everybody Workin” some more inside the venue. We waited for lke damn 45 minutes for it to start. They must have been on CP Time kuz it didnt start @ 8 like i read. We killed time Facebooking and going thru our cameras. Oh yea & did i mention they were sellin Skittles for $3! lol SMDH And White Zinfendal for $7 and i love my wine but i dont drink my wine in plastic cups. Next year, yall get glass cups or something. wtf.

Once it started- we got started: “EVERYBODY WORKIN! EVERYBODY WORKIN!” Let me just inform you that throughout the entire ceremony we shouted Everybody Workin EVERY chance we got. lol As I updated live each winner from the R&B and Rap sections on FB & Twitter, i noticed it was pretty much boring. I honestly believe if the MoonCriketz werent there, it would’ve been even worse. Shout out to A Roc. The founder of the slogan who had my laughin so hard all night. The R&B Category was pretty quick. Then some guy sounding a little like John Legend performed. Sorry i dont remember his name, it aint important for this review anyway. Almost NONE of the Rock winners were even there, they only had one announcer for the whole Rock category and he was some radio personality who tried to joke about our “Everybody Workin” motto. Talkin bout “i dont knw wat they talkin bout up there…” yet he continued to joke about wakin up in a pickup truck with a strange woman. Obviously sir, you just nasty, you aint workin. Go get checked out soon as possible. Smh, spreadin shit…

Country Category only got interesting when homegirl Madonna Nash performed. This woman can sing and i loved her song. Google her. She won also. Blah blah, highlight of that category is we had everybody that came to present or win quote our infamous slogan “EVERYBODY WORKIN!” Whats that? You said u tired of hearing it? Stop reading my shit then. BYE! lol Nah but EVERYBODY WORKIN! WET SET! We even had the male Country winner say “I dont know bout yall, but my ass is WORKIN!!!” Tell me that aint love. Country and Hip Hop are like so totally alike. Fuck wat ya heard.

Aint shit else to mention about the Hip Hop Category except the male hip hop winner. Somehow DJ Bobby Drake won over Dj Ike Gda. Not sayin Bobby aint good but shit, word on the block is dude from Virginia!! And Ike the Carolina Trendsetta!! How Ike aint win… “poor votes” is wat they tell us. Oh well. Drama Squad lost over Troop 41. I honestly believe if UK (GO BIG BLUE!!!) didnt have John Wall and if John Wall didnt like endorse the song they wouldve won but hey, its just my opinion. Dont NO GROUP ive ran across of their level go harder than them. Seriously. And i review alot of music so ive heard alot. Drama Squad lost to a “dance song”. Politics as usual. Aww everybody mad at me now for that statement… oh well fuck you. Mula Izzy won new artist which i was like, cool he was on 2nd Qtr Mixtape with “Wildin Out” so i liked it but then dude didnt even say EVERYBODY WORKIN!!! How u gon not say it and ive promoted for you and you worked with the MoonCriketz. So disrespectful. Of course my girl Mica Swain won best Female Hip Hop. They shouldve had her perform but guess they needed more time for Troop 41 to perform their dance song that everyone kinda left out on. I aint lying, no one was hardly in therei during their performance. No unity wat so ever. Everybody mustve been mad about something….

Highlight of the night and the most contraversial shit im say is about the Male Hip Hop winners. Smoke of K97 came out with a chick with 2 damn trophies. A damn tie. Word son? A tie? lol P Wonda and then he waited like a lifetime to say Derty Den. And the crowd goes wild. Now i love P Wonda’s “I do Numbers” single. It go hard. But you mean to tell me that he was tied with Derty Den. The Source Top 50, Mr. Top 50 in general himself, no need for me to say no more. When i was emailed his 26 page EPK listing so many Award winnings and Top 50 lists since 2008, i knew i had to work with him. And blast after blast i still dont regret a damn thing. Out of all the promotion ive done, Wet Set had done, his teams promotions, GDA promotions, Main Event promotions- have you seen his entourages? You mean to tell me that during the online vote counting he tied with P Wonda? Politics. I mean u know they couldnt just let him win again. Oh no, then that would look like- hush Tia… I mean, cant give a man too much power, right? Honestly if it was a fair count then thats whats up. I aint hatin. Shouts out to P Wonda but shit i gotta rep for my MoonCriketz. Just remember before you come attacking me that Carolina We Stand, Divided We Fall. Congrats to them both. Shout out to Dert tryna talk to his mom before he recieved his trophy. lmao Mommas boy.

Aint shit else that really happend after that. Bunch of random freestyles with Poppi Chulo. Shit i went home straight after, my Moon Criket loves called me wack but i dont think im that wack for missing and emplty club. Yep. heard Dolce was a ghost town. Fuck wat u read on Facebook. I got inside scoops that it was dead. I bet the Country Music spot was poppin tho. Everything else that happend afterwards stays in Raleigh :) Love you all! Muah! XoXo

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