Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Caroline: Daughter of Hip Hop.

We see and read it all the time. "Hip Hop lives in the South". Im not from nor ever been to New York but I hear that they also think that the state of Hip Hop is having a fling down here and hasn't went home yet. Now this article will be in a metaphorically speaking form, at times, so please keep your mind open wide so I cant splash all it in... pause.

Broken down, Hip Hop originally started having flings with the South in the late 80's probably around the same time he was seeing the West Coast. Its been down with the South since stocking caps and waves, real talk. You see, Hip Hop is a playa. He loves his music and he loves creativity but he like something new every once in a while. From what i remember, he made a kid first in mamcita Miami, Florida. 2 live Crew, if im not mistaken. At that time I lived in Italy and I remember it was one of the 1st albums I saw when we got back to the states and I was forever blinded by the view of the ass of 4 women. Lol. It was alot of controversy but it soon played out and put Florida on the map. Now we got Rick Ross holdin the title. Hip Hop left then for Tennesse like it was check out time, but he has at least went back. He always goes back to mami Florida.

He put out Arrested Developement in Tennesse, which I knew every word to "Tennessee". Put them on the map and showed the world he didnt just have controversal, sexual aspirations. To this day Tennesse, the state, is still gettin it in with Three 6 Mafia holdin it down. Already, he gave the industry a taste of nastiness, then some educational flows and quickly went to the infamous Atl where he dropped the Outkast seed. Now hip Hop must love him some Georgia Peaches b/c there is so much going on for Hip Hop there STILL! I think Atl is his main chick. She always has the best down here. I mean besides the Aquemini album, we still got Outkast bumpin on our radios to this day along with artists such as T.I and Jeezy holdin the titles.

Im teachin yall some real shit right now. Now if you really up on your Hip Hop history, you'll remember where he went next. See, i didnt research none of this. Southern Hip Hop grew up with me. Im an 80's baby but grew up in the 90's. Dont get me wrong, I love the classic Hip Hop frm up top but aint nothin like the creativity he raised down south. His next seed was his baby girl New Orleans. Didnt love her as much as Brooklyn, but she brought us 2 of the best indie labels. No Limit and Cash Money. My middle school days. Say what! Still got my Mystikal albums too- in mint condition. The N.O still going strong and now one of the Top 5- by the way, FREE LIL WAYNE.

Off top of my head some other spots Hip Hop laid his hat was St. Louis, Missouri (Nelly), Houston, Texas (Scarface and The Geto Boys, DJ Screw (RIP)), I even gotta mention Virginia Beach, Virginia (Missy Elliott, Timbaland, and The Neptunes). Anyways, the point of me timelining Hip Hops biggest flings was because he has a few seeds with some issues. One in particular is where i and may of you reside, North Carolina aka "Caroline".

Caroline has issues. Emotional issues. We've had some succesful artists. All R&B singers who sing of heart breaks and bad relationships. Sunshine Anderson, Anthony Hamilton, Fantasia are the main ones that come to my head. I love these artists, but they're not Hip Hop. Caroline does break top artists, but just not Hip Hop approved. She had it for a few years with Petey Pablo, but it just wasn't enough emotional connection to get him to stay with her. Yall know the story. Although, according to my research, the internet states two different stories. One site said he was from Greenville, NC. Wikipedia said he was from Raleigh but also lived in Pasquotank. Even the internet got confused about Petey's location. One thing i will give him props for and i admire him for, is that his 1st 2 albums were rated Gold Certified and had his "Freek A Leak" single go Gold single. He also made #1 on the charts as a feature with Ciara on "Goodies". His bio may be confusing but the numbers dont lie, and somewhere down the line Caroline couldnt hold on to him for leaving her.

To this very day, Caroline has struggled to get another artist to top Hip Hops's lists. Yea, we got J. Cole signed to Roc Nation but from my research he's #93 in on the US charts with the "Who Dat" single and #19 on US Rap Charts. Im a J. Cole supporting adn only hoping his album gets the best production possible to get him on the Billboard. Regardless, there's this problem going on with her thats keeping her from producing Chart Topping artists. Its like she's scared of messing up- again. The Music Industry in North Carolina has so much going on but the front liners are soo emotionally unstable. We're at a point of doing nothing productive but venting and finger pointing.

This brings me to POINT OUT all the random blaming, finger pointing, and gossiping ive been observing. The past 2 months within the online community alone everybody is starting to vent about their issues with the industry. Its funny b/c ive always ranted and raved about the problems i see and i just get a laugh or pat on the back but now its gettin ridiculous. Last Article I wrote was about one of the craziest "venting moments" in the underground scene. It seems to always be the ones who have been doing their job the longest venting on Facebook like they met Dr. Phil and he told them to release their tension for publicity. You just look immature and ignorant. Times change, you either go with the flow of the river or you boat tips over. Once your boat tips over, you only have one choice but to swim to shore and build another boat and get back in it. Otherwise, just sit on the river banks and shut the fuck up.

I think that all this bullshit is redundant. We waste so much time tryna find out what went wrong in the past, what was done to us in the past and what we did or didnt do in the past that we fuckin up the future cause we aint doing it for the future. Nobody cares about nobody but themselves and these are the same people claiming their own credit and the first ones to mention a movement. Hip Hop's history in the south has always had some sort of contraversy. Hip Hop stays moving. If we cant organize and straighten up soon, we're going to miss out. From the 2 Live Crew who took their artistic battles to the courtroom to Lil Boosie facing hard charges for murder at the height of his career, the south always has had its problems within Hip Hop. The point is why does NC have to have it worse of all. In my opinion.

In conclusion, Hip Hop didnt just come to live in the south. Hip Hop grew up and had some kids and this 1 particular daughter, North Carolina aka "Caroline", cant get her mind right. The bitch is like bipolar or something and each of her personalities have big egos fighting each other for no damn reason.

Its been 2 decades with only 1 success in the past 10 years. We watching J. Cole and I can only hope this state gets it shit together before hip Hop never comes back to vistit.

Fuck what you think, everyone has a leading roll. Get you ass off your shoulders, swallow your pride, and do it for Hip Hop. Even if you think you've got the best team around, if your team isnt reaching out and being the bigger person to join hands and sing kumbaya then fuck you. LMAO

Muah! XoXo

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