Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I know u think I'm going to bash Fantasia and take sides with the media. Fuck no. I title it "typically honest" b/c not only has Fantasia kept it real to the industry since this 'scandal", she's our typical American story of a black woman in America. Love it or hate it, its the truth. She's STILL and American Idol. What she's going through, we ALL have been through or know someone who has.

By now we all now the basics. They met at a cell phone store, been seeing each other for 2 years and dude ended up not really being separated and now his wife trying sue, then one night fantasia decided to try and "sleep off the pain" on an overdose of aspirin and sleeping pills. We all keep talking bout her like she did something new. Like we havent seen this shit before. Like she's the 1st entertainer to do it. You know what the big problem is, and why its such a big deal in her case? She was white america's American Idol finalist. Oh no. They dont want an idol to be too real. You guys let the faggot dude do his little gay thing and still let him keep his title so why should we take her title away just because she got caught up in a typical mistress relationship. I think she was setup if u ask me. How convenient the dude and his wife back together adn now they tryna sue. Sue for what? He a cheater. The fact is this shit happens to everyone. Every black woman in America has experienced a similar situation or has a friend who has.

I support Fantasia not only b/c of her grind to get where she is but also b/c she's from NC and she put High Point on the map. She represented for the "little cities". I also support her because I'm one of those black women who has gotten caught in in a black man's affection so much I didn't care what strings were attached. In her case, he was still married. In my case, been there done that. So I fuckin feel her damn pain. Now-- I will say that I think it was a dumb and immature move she made in that closet. In no way have I ever felt my only last choice was to take a bottle of pills. So I cant take up for her on that. Sorry Fantasia, you had a "snapped" moment. I do, however, can understand why you might do something like that if you were THAT badly stressed. I mean, she got the whole damn nation talkin bout her. Sometimes you just wanna sleep away the pain instead of crying yourself to sleep. So with that said, I have had a spell of taking sleeping pills (AS DIRECTED ONLY) during my stress full times. Just never wanted to take a whole bottle. Never wanted to die. Im on a mission of world domination. lol

Black women already go through so much and its sad that there are so many of us that run into insecure and immature black men who are so lost within themselves that they drag us into their sad world with them. The point is, we don't KNOW the whole story. If you've never loved someone, you cant relate. I wonder how similar Fantasia and I story really is. I met a guy, I liked him. I found out after 2 months of dating he was still married and also found that out 5 days after my birthday. Did I stop talking to him? Lol. No. Why? I liked him. Liked everything about him. Went through 1 year and half of drama until I finally just stopped calling him, changed my number and never turned back. I'm sure her reasoning's for continuing to talk to dude was similar. She liked him. No matter how many songs she sung and wrote about heartbreak and bad love, she took a chance and what the heart wants, the heart wants.

Everybody wants to say "all that money she got this" and "all the fame she got that". It doesn't matter how much money or fame a person has. She's still a human being. if I'm not fuckin mistaken didn't Alicia Keys do the same shit? Only Alicia Keys isn't an "American Idol" and even worse Alicia got a kid from it. No one's bashing her character.

Fantasia got caught up. Point blank. All she can do is fuckin learn from it and move on best way she can. Maybe he made her more happy than she had ever been since all the shit she'd been through. Maybe their zodiac signs were compatible so their relationship was also a friendship. Maybe he gave great foot rubs. Maybe the sex was great. Maybe it was his smile. Whatever it was, she liked it enough for it to last 2 years. I bet she had more than 1 time where she told herself to "get out". Its just sad that the last time she told herself that she thought she would take a bottle of pills. She kept it real tho. She tells the media, "I knew exactly what I was doing. You can't accidentally take a whole bottle of pills." You cant tell me this chick is real. She couldve just stayed quiet and died out. This chick was raped at age 14, had an unexpected pregnancy at 17, had an abusive relationship with an ex, then bankruptcy issues and also has a health crisis (polyps on her vocal cords). The media don't wanna talk about the American Idol and her REAL problems, they wanna talk about the her and her fling with the guy with the good dick and a smile.

My opinion: she doesn't have the problem, the wife has the problem. Her husband cheated on her for 2 years straight with a celebrity. Instead of moving on and being mad at him, she just want to sue. Are you serious? I wish I was with a dude and he embarrasses me by cheating on me with an American Idol star for 2 damn years. Me, personally, if a guy doesn't want me, its on to the next one. I'm going to keep it real and tell u how I feel about u and if it doesn't go no where, oh well. At least I kept it real. And I wish I would've did all that and it end up good enough that we get MARRIED and have a child and you cheat on me so bad that the whole nation knows--- I'm not gonna be worried bout no damn money. I know some of yall are like "Tia, you dont have no kids so you dont know" or "Tia, you cant say that until you've been married". Boy bye. Cheating is cheating. You're single until you're married and i strongly believe that, so if i get married and u cheat, its my cue to move on. The wife is suing you all. And the dude got back with her. He done got a lil Fantasia wet set for 2 years and now just gonna leave her. NO WONDER Fantasia just wanted to die. That shits embarrassing. She prob felt played like BB King's guitar.

Tuesday night at 9pm she's supposed to be VH1 and I'm going watch it. You should too. This article is for all the chicks that got played by a dude at least once because he couldn't keep it real from the beginning. Its called playing with a woman's emotions. Playing with her heart. You scorn a woman's heart and the next man has to deal with that woman's trust issues. Guys wanna complain about a woman not trusting them and having attitudes and playing hard to get. Stop blaming us and blame your homeboy with the 10 girlfriends and 3 baby mommas. Fantasia, keep ya head up. Throw the damn bottles away and rep for NC. I swear if you had really died that would've been the worst shit ever. You survived because it wasn't your time to die. God gave u this second chance now use it and drop a hot ass album bout the dude. Use your anger to vent in a song dammit!!!

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