Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Its not you, It ME...

In case you havent noticed, I havent been live as usual in the Facebook world. I recently had a fallout and sort of broke it off with Facebook.

See, what had happened was... Facebook tried to lie on me. He started believing in rumors, he say- she say, all sorts of nonsense. You cant have a healty relati0nship with0ut trust and Facebook did not believe in who i was and what i was saying- literally. I dont know if it was because i had too much going on or b/c i was gettin more attention than him. I really dont have any closure. But i do know, im going public. lol

I woke up in the morning and there he was beside me, as always, at the tap of my screen he was there. I continued throughout my day after our regular "text in the morning" and shit, i thought since we had no problems, that there wasnt any problems... Next thing i know, this muthafucka took all his shit and left my house before evening hit.

Like any female, naturally i was heatbroken and full of anger. If Facebook had a car, i wouldve broke the windows out his car. I know it wouldnt have mended my broken heart but shit, i wouldve felt better. I mean, who was Facebook to say it was over without discussing with me? If i had to choose an ethnic of Facebook, i'd say he was a white guy. Cause a black guy know better than to do that- especially to me, AN ARIES!! lol First people i told were 2 of my bestest friends/business partners. Made them angry as well. How dare he just leave me without a note...

I thought too soon b/c late that night he sent me an email. What kind of a man breaks up with his girl in a email. Facebook ought to be shamed of himself!! Talkin bout "its not you, its me" and somebody said i wasnt who he thought i was.

We went through 2 emails until he clashed with my ego. He told me to prove myself if i want him back. Prove myself? Do you NOT know who i am? I dont prove myself to nobody. If you dont like me or if you dont want me, like Fantasia said "go ahead and free yourself" (SHOUT OUT TO FANTASIA!!). I dont prove myself to know one but God and sure as hell will not to Facebook.

Ive been having this little fling with his twin on another account but its just not the same. I dont have the same attention like my old acct. So the main squeeze has been Twitter. Yes yall. A guy named Twitter. He's tall, low cut, broad shoulders and sexy font. Easier and gives more attention that i could ever get.

The million dollar question, is if Facebook tries to come back into my life, will i take him back and leave Twitter or will i just cheat on Twitter? Cause i dont wanna be a player no more, but whichever gets me more attention, gets my goodies. lmao

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