Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Untitled? That is the question.

If you're on a quest for world domination, like myself, you would know you have to climb the "LADDER OF POWER" (i made that name up). ALSO, if your quest means to do this through talent & self taught skills, like myself, then you would know every move you make is being watched & criticized & you must be very assertive & optimistic... Very.

In order to progress, you have to achieve & succeed to the next step. In my quest, for example, my motivation isn't the money. The MONEY NEVER SLEEPS. It'll always be there. Especially in this country. Of course I want money, its a necessity, but NEVER let the money run your goals or plans otherwise your greed & problems, from fast money, will weigh your ass down. We all know what happens to a person who weighs too much trying to climb a ladder- cant pull your own weight!

Whats the motivation? The next TITLE. Its the "co-sign" to your brand, the co-sign to your reputation. Its the proof you're progressing. The proof you're reaching out. I mean, that's what i think. I mean, no matter what your current "title" is now, we all feel like we progressed when we reach a new "title". For instance, a rapper known for just freestyling gladly accepts the title as an artist once he's drops an official mixtape. The more achievements they make, the more labels are put onto his name. These labels are all titles given to him by the people informed of his name. Without these labels, his name has no brand. If he never gets labeled or branded by a title, he remains the freestlye rapper and will eventually feel no progression. Same way for anyone within any Industry. A promoter doesn't just want to be known as "the promoter". They want the "best Halloween party" label and the "best dressed" labels. Sure, they're not exactly titles but without these labels, his brand name is just average.

Which brings me to another point within the Music Industry: People who claim their own titles. Titles can NOT be taken. They are given. Just like taking credit for something you had nothing to do with, you cant take a title no one else gives you, otherwise its pointless. You haven't progressed if you take what's not yours. You cant take shit from the grocery store without paying for it? Otherwise, its stealing. That's a bad "label", right? Your title is "theif". So you cant take a job title without "paying" for it with your hard work. Otherwise its stealing and your name is stained with that bad title. Some muthafuckas don't get that.

Guys who call themselves a CEO but have no company, no partners, no affiliates, etc. Just because you have an entourage doesn't give you the right to fool others within this industry with your "CEO" title and you have no credentials or facts to back it up. or like guys who call themselves a Producer but cant even mix a track down. (Shout out to Manifest on that example lol). Then we got females who call themselves PR's or Managers but don't even know what their duty is as a PR or even what it means and it makes the real PR's look bad and that client looses trust in the title of any PR b/c of that one PR who didn't do their job. Or the Manager that gave the artist false hopes and fake dreams just to say she has artists and next thing you know, that artist looses trust in the title of a manager and no longer wants one to advise them. You cant take titles unless they are given and if you give yourself a title make sure you can fulfill it and back it up.

In conclusion, you can be average if you want and trust anyone you want but, the fact remains if you're on a real quest for "world domination" then you make sure you get your titles, get your labels and get your credit for what you have done. Just like everyone on these social sites saying they a pioneer. JUST BECAUSE you been in the Industry a long time, does not make you a pioneer. That title has to be given to you. You have to have made a difference, started new trends, created a brand for your name. It doesn't matter how much money you spent, how many mud ducks you've fucked or how many famous people you've worked with. its the numbers and the facts that matter. The NUMBER OF PEOPLE who consider you a pioneer and the FACTS ON YOUR RESUME. Ive been doing what i do for shit, like 8 years. Thats a long time. Im not a pioneer until Ive branded my name so well that it has a good reputation and my money speaks for it. If you have a bad reputation- SOMEWHERE down the line you fucked up your title. You fucked up your label. SO you CANT be a pioneer.

Titles lead to progression. Progression leads to a heavy fan base and successful exposure. Which eventually will lead to being a pioneer but only if you have a positive image. Even Scarface wasn't considered a pioneer, he was just considered infamous. There's a difference.

Smile, i love u too. You thought it- i just said it for you... xoxoxxx

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