Tuesday, September 28, 2010


You've been patiently waiting for this recap and probably are all waiting for me to bash the Summit because I didn't win. No, silly rabbit. Because for me, it was not about winning. It was about about recognition. So before I get into what went down over the SMES weekend in Myrtle Beach, let me clarify a few things...

I, along with Wet Set Productions was nominated with 3 other NC promoters. 4 out of SC and 4 out of VA. This was the 8th running year of the SMES. Not only did I make the cut out of the whole NC, but exposed as 1 out of 4 out of 3 states. My V.P and I, Shae Foote, have worked very hard since May 2009 to brand and exposure our names and the Wet Set name, which was originally formed in Summer 2007. I'll take any credited appreciation and recognition because it's proof of progression and that's winning to me. So, NO i was not disappointed to not get the trophy. The trophy STILL came to NC! Its kinda hard to be disappointed when you loose to a big time event promoter, which I also noticed shared heavy involvement in the SMES... as Ed Lover would say, "c'mon son". I knew it wouldve either been Duncan Hines or Jknow- im located outta Eastern NC lol compared to Charlotte and a dude from Detroit lol. Shouts to JKnow Truth, kuz this dude really do go hard in the paint with the events.

First off, crazy shit started happening from the very beginning. I didn't get to call car rental places until Thursday evening, we were late picking up the rental, we didn't get to money gram our room reservations in, THEN we didn't even realize Shae's car was on E, so soon as she crosses the Greenville Airport Gate, her car cut off!! Then my brolic ass ends up pushing her car like 20 feet into the National Armory Guard parking lot. This is within like the 1st hour before we got on the road! I didn't even know I could push a damn car and as long as Shae has had that car, why all of a sudden did it decided to run out of gas as much as she travels?!

Here's a tip: GPS sucks. GPS took us around for, it seemed, an extra hour just to get to US-17. Either way, I drove the way down for like three and a half hours enjoying double replays of Derty Den's "Tony Soprano", Hugg E. Bear's "Enjoy the Show" and a repeat of the "Everybody Workin" demo disc. Here's another tip; Myrtle Beach streets are fucked up. I conclude that Kings Highway takes you everywhere in that city. Fuck what GPS says if you ever go. Just keep straight, fuck a bypass. Notice all the cursing. I feel the frustration as I type.

We almost died looking for 14th Ave. I'm at a yield green light trying to turn left. Now, I swear I didn't see any cars coming and I will say that there was a line of 3 cars in the opposite side at the yield light so that probably blocked my view from seeing this speeding brown van. It had to swerve not to hit me and I had to slam on breaks not to hit it. All I remember was Shae yelling "Oh my Gosh!" and me biting my lip, pushing the brake and closing my eyes. We pulled into a gas station parking lot to breathe and pray then back on Kings Hwy we went. Why couldn't our fellow Moon Criketz just wait for us so we could follow them? We still got lost because the infamous Joon (Black Cak travel agent lol) gave us wrong address. I swear he gave us South Beach and we needed to find South Ocean Blvd. Oh yea, I almost hit a white boy on a bike too. That wouldn't have been good. lol.

As you can see, the Wet Set life is pretty hectic no matter what we do. When we finally got to the hotel the view was amazing. Hotel right on the beach and we got it for the L-O!!!

Friday Sept. 24... In the lobby is where we met up with Joon Demery (the travel agent lol), Derty Den and Hugg E Bear aka #TeamLightSkin (thats another article lol). Got our key to the 7th floor. We bumped into Sha'Linda Jeanine as well. Soon as we got to the room we ran straight to the balcony. View was great but the hotel was full of middle aged white people. In case you havent noticed about me yet, im one of those stereotype comedians so race is an open subject to me. Anyways, our floor was like the only floor with black people. Real talk. The first thing on agenda was to go register before 6. So we took a 6 block drive following DJ Ike Gda to the Holiday Inn. We were on Media Relation passes, got our bands and browsed the venue. We missed the artist showcase and 4 seminars about management, entertainment careers, production and publishing which we probably didn't need but i'm sure were very valuable in information. The current seminar was one with Kenny Burns, famously known as the Lifestyle Specialist residing from Atl. http://thekennyburnsshow.com We didn't stay for that so we went to a networking lunch with Dj Ike Gda and Lex Promotions of Miami. (http://lexpromotions.com

"SMES KING OF THE RING" was the event we attended after we went back to hotel and took shots of Jose, which by the way wasnt a sponsor but a Wet Set sponsored drink lol. It was hosted by JKnow Truth (c'mon son) along with Venom and Dj Skillz. We walked in a little late. The freestyle battle was going on between SMES Artist Bobby Baggumz and Flames (there are too many rappers named Flames). The 2 rounds i saw between the 2 artists should've been won by Flames in my opinion plus dude had mad fan base in the room but he didnt win. Judges chose the SMES Artist Bobby Baggumz. Next thing i know, a fat dude start going wild taking the thought out of my head "its rigged!" lol. Yea, i thought it was too. Sorry but im not gonna lie. I mean, the last round the artists had to use JKnow Truth name within their freestyle and Bobby did kill that round but I thought Flames actually won under the basic terms of "FREESTYLE BATTLE". Doesn't matter either way, I wasn't a judge. I just sat back and watched all these guys yell and jump around until JKnow called a special battle between Bobby and the audience member, which was an artist also who later performed a song at the Awards.

The Beat Battle was hosted by same hosts and was better than the freestyle battle. Like OMG Becky, this really made my Friday night. First match was between "P Rukus" and "Unison", they tied 2 rounds and Unison moved on. Second match was between "Precise" and "Smiles". Precise killed bout rounds, Smiles was good the last round but Precise won. Which lead to the next match between "G Wiz" and "Unison". G Wiz won and went on to battle Precise and even tho Precise was hot as hell, Precise had the extra touch to win the Beat Battle. My favorite was "Precise" from Myrtle Beach, this white boy got skills.

After some networking and "Happy Juice" promotions, we watch Four Loko sponsored producer "Speedy" make a video in Holiday Inn parking with the SMES Models, took pics with JKnow and some other random guys and left for the room.

Once at the room, my alcoholic ass just wanted SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! Moon Criketz celebrated the small vacation in and out of like 3 different rooms joking drinking and enjoying the view. We all have worked very hard and deserved the weekend break. We were most definitely prepared for the Awards Show the next night. Not a nervous vein in any of us. Afterparties were at the Afterdeck with Dj B.Lord or at The Tunnel with DJ Skillz and K. Michelle. Everything else that happened in Myrtle Beach, STAYS on Myrtle Beach... lol

Saturday, Sept. 25... I awoke to business, anyway, with a hangover. Sound check for the guys "Everybody Workin" performance was at 10am and obviously no one knew. Derty Den pacing around in his business zone carrying a laptop & Joon there one minute and turn your head and he was gone. None of the other performers had even got in town yet but they pulled it all together. They rock. :) Somehow I fell back to sleep after they left. I obviously missed the Artist Showcase and a seminar about marketing records but I still got some contact information. Shae made it to network and get contacts down at the hotel and was back by 1:30pm.

As we checked email, got ready for the day and cleaned up we were face with bad news in a phone from here back in Greenville. A good friend of ours had passed away at a very young age. I wanna ask for a special moment of silence after you read this for Tyrone "Sick Ty" Bell Jr. I knew Sick as one of the funniest and inspirational guys in Greenville. I first met him when i worked with him at Faces Ultra Bar & Lounge from March 2009 to February 2010. He used to always get the mic sometimes during our Industry Night Wednesdays and freestyle his ass off. Sometimes they were serious and sometime just hilarious. He used to always give you this look or a stare then say something sarcastic. Especially if you didn't speak and i was good for walking around the club and not speaking because I'd be in the business zone. After finding out that news, there was no way I could make it to the Power Panel.

Shae and I basically sat on the balcony trying to accept that we were getting these texts and phone calls about his death. Definitely an unexpected moment. Eventually the guys got back and we started prepping for the Awards. Red Carpet started @ 5pm and it was time to put on for NC... Black Cak style.

Point black. All black. All focused. Happy Juice on deck. Makeup, check. Earrings, check. We were out. Shae and I got there first and observed the scene. Met a rapper out of VA and another one out of Florida named "Sauce". He asked who we came with and she told him we were nominated for Promoter of the Year and he hit her with a corny comeback, "you said model of the year?". SMH. He told us he'd buy us a drink once inside... we never got that drink.

Walking up towards The Afterdeck, which may I add is connected to a strip club, first thing I noticed was no red carpet. I was like "NOT AGAIN!" and Shae laughed. By the time our guys got there we all not only just walked in but, walked in front of the long line behind Derty Den and POW! I saw my Red Carpet. Good Job SMES.
We took our Red Carpet pictures ON ACTUAL Red Carpet then slid over to a "Paparazzi Stand" for free pics. It was a nice venue. It was actually on an actual Deck overlooking some water. Wasnt as big a crowd as i would expect. You would think that being its in its 8th year and having nominees from VA, NC & SC it would've been packed like sardines but it wasn't. It was a very good crowd although and from the comments of other guests, last year was supposedly more packed.

As we waited, I observed, met Facebook friends and took a few pictures. There were no drink specials so I asked for a gin and juice and they only had Tanqueray and some cheap ass bottom shelf gin. No Seagrams? Damn. I thought Burnetts and New Amsterdam were Gin Sponsors... If you know me, you know I love New Amsterdamn. Shit, I got the glass set but couldn't get it in my gin and juice. Eventually after a bunch of mingling and picture taking they finally announced it would start in 10 minutes. Those 10 minutes turned into like 30 minutes. Not to worry because I ended up networking with the Marketing Director of a website out of Greensboro. Now I swear she told me "Carolina Underground" was the name of the website but I can not find it. I do have her Twitter so here's some free promo Zuri, @diamondzuri. Follow her, tell her Wet Set sent you.

First category of the night: Video of the Year. All eyes on Drama Squad (#TEAMDUCE lol). Guess what? They won. They were all standing to the left of us and Shae and I will never forget the face of member "Smash". His facial expression and saying "Us?" repeatedly. YEA YOU DUDE!!! Finally got one. Nice how you gotta go out of state to bring one home. Oh, you don't like that comment? Its the truth. These guys have worked hard as hell and have been nominated in past NC Award shows but it took for them to travel out of state to take one back to Enfield, NC. Everybody Workin. And so started the chanting!! "EVERYBODY WORKIN!!" "EVERYBODY WORKIN!!"

Long story short, Black Cak took home 6 trophies. Derty Den won Best Male Recording Artist, Shelly B won Best Female Recording Artist, Manifest won Best Producer, Gettin It Together (G.I.T.) won Label of Year, Drama Squad won Video of the Year and DJ Ike Gda won the biggest award with the Bridging the Gap award. EVERYBODY W0RKIN!!! The host was comedian Marvin Dixon, and he pointed out the funniest thing at one point, "here he come again!". He was referring to Derty Den. Hugg E Bear accepted Shelly B's award. She couldn't make it due to a family emergency, and we definitely held it down for you Shellz!! I was most happy not just about Drama Squads win but for Manifest's win!! Let me quote what Hugg said after Mani's acceptance speech, "THATS MY MUTHAFUCKIN PRODUCER!!" #CLASSIC Hugg's... I love these guys.

There's nothing else to say. I could tell you what else happened afterward but I'll conclude that the strip club next to the Afterdeck is semi-racist. They employees of that venue made certain comments about the crowd out front of the Afterdeck and one of them made a statement to Shae.... but that's another article.

Everything else that happened in Myrtle Beach, stays in Myrtle Beach. Lol (psst... we partied)


Special thanks and shout out to everyone who rocked out with us, PhotoDrew and the Perfection Models (the Black Cak Photographer), to all the guys who put up with Shae and I's "Kat Stacks" acting and room raiding... XOXO

Monday, September 27, 2010

"OH #@&% THESE FEELINGS!!" by Dr. Jae


Many of times we make the wrong decisions, because of how we feel at the moment. Feelings are tricky, they only last a moment, but when you are in the moment, it feels like a lifetime. These can be good or bad feelings. Everybody feels something, men and women. Yes, women are "emotional creatures," but so are men. Women show their emotions, but do men really hide theirs? Not necessarily. Men have a different way of showing their emotions. Some withdraw, and some get angry, and some of them don't say anything at all. They don't want to talk because they know that means argument. Many times people refer to arguments like their in court. Either you won or you didn't. Instead of looking at it in a win-lose situation, look at it from a win-win situation. You are going to argue, but who is going to take their emotions out of it and be logical? If you are being logical about certain things, everybody becomes a winner. Instead of arguing, refer to it as an discussion.

Another feeling that men and women struggle with is CONTROL!. That's right I said it. I'm going to say it again, CONTROL!

EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE IN CONTROL!. Don't worry, its not your fault you want to be in control. We experience this at an early age, we want to make our own decisions, we want to have control over our own lives, we want to be in control. When you are in a relationship, it always start off great. You both make decisions together, but some where down the line its gets screwed up. Being in control and being controlling is two different things. Being in control doesn't have to mean that you hold all the power. It simply means that if an issue should arise you know how to handle it logically where everybody wins. Now if someone is being controlling, then they are out of control. I believe that people who are controlling don't have any self control. They can't control themselves so they try to control others. (Again this is just my opinion) Money, Power, and Respect. These are factors that contribute to controlling attitudes. Nothing wrong with having money, power, and respect but don't abuse it.

A relationship involves two people, who become one. You share the control. Love is a two way street. What you want in a relationship, you have to be willing to give the same things. I did a study a while ago, and men and women both listed TRUST AND COMPROMISE as things they wanted in their relationship. If you give nothing (emotionally) you get nothing (emotionally). Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. In closing, remember to be logical. You may not get everything you want but you will get most of what you need. And it leaves the relationship (the both of you) in good standing.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Yes. I'm going there. All the way there. No subject is off limits- I told you. Even porn stars.

If you're an open minded person then you'll understand my point of view. Mostly guys only know about the name Pinky. But there are a some females (aside from lesbians) that know the name as well. I'm going to speak from a female point of view. Pinky is beyond "just a porn star". She's the newest visual to sexual marketing and to the meaning "sex sells".

Now men often watch porn for sexual pleasure or just because they're perverts and like watching people have sex. There are women who could possibly watch it for either of those reasons as well. There are also the group of people who watch porn for tutorial reasons. You laugh but its true. I wont get into my personal life but I do know from the 1st time I was accidentally exposed to a VHS Tape of porn featuring a man named "Mad Max" I wanted to see more. I'm one of the few open minded people who can freely talk about sex like its a regular conversation. Obviously. You read, research, and study but nothing is better than when there's a video to watch when it comes to a school report, job assignment or job interview. Porn is THAT video guide to sex. Sex is a human art form. Porn is a good tutorial. My point is, Pinky takes that meaning & doesn't just "act" or role play in these videos. She takes the meaning and brings whole new definition to porn, a whole new definition to the word "freak", and does what she is titled as. Anything and everything from the position to the toy use, I bet you this woman has done it. Some of her acts are maybe too "nasty", but #'s don't lie & I'm not gonna hate. She can do them all she want. Its entertaining to watch her do what you never thought anyone would or could never possibly do.

We've seen her go from co-starring pornstress to star pornstress to recruiting rookies & just taking control- literally. Then we started seeing her do more club appearances, beside strip clubs, and became one of the top sex stars to book for a showcase or concert, aside from Cherokee, Elk the Stallion, or Stacie Lane etc. etc. (I follow them all on Twitter lmao). She's really crossed the controversial line recently. Now, she's made a mix tape. I knew it was a matter of time before she would. You caught her glamoring club flyers, at indie showcases & in PLENTY of rookie footage on YouTube rolling up backstage w/ some rappers & bouncers. It was obvious & I knew it.

Her 1st single, "Bad Bitch" is self explanatory, right? Now & days any chick with a fat ass calls themselves a "bad bitch" or "bad chick". Although, its not just about the ass ladies, its the attitude. Look, aside from your stereotypical thoughts on Pinky, she's a hustler. She's got this attitude that said she's in charge. Not just in charge of the sex but in charge of her career. I'm not glorifying her but its the damn truth. She's the porn version of Trina mixed w/ Nikki Minaj. Now I've contacted her management & tried to get a interview, a phone call, shit, I'd take an autographed picture, but little ol' ENC Connect Tia didn't have any luck. If I get contacted after this posting, I promise you'll get an article interview. The video for it was released some weeks back & I've posted it below this article.

My review is she has weak lyrics, which you can tell she wrote, but shows she's confident. Shows plenty of positive characteristics of a female rapper. You almost forget she's a porn star. She could use a choreographer because you catch her doing her porn booty poppin but then she'll try a dance move or two. She got the all male entourage & even lets us see her with a real hair color besides Pink. Her fans will buy this mix tape & she's getting new fans as we speak. Guaranteed. Sex sells if you sell right.

Monday, September 13, 2010


"MIXTAPE- An underground music CD that usually contains freestyles or remixes;
sometimes containing the use of instrumentals already used by other artists,
to show creativity and versatility"

"REVIEW- A critical evaluation; A retrospective view or survey"


Within any Industry of the Entertainment Business, some say the hardest part is criticism. Yes. Aside from the networking and paperwork and studio sessions and promotions, criticism will make or break you. In this business, all eyes are on you whether you're in the spotlight or not. Everybody's watching, everybody's talking.
Mixtape Reviews are similar to a Movie Review. Everyone wants to know what the movie critic thinks before going to see a movie to know whether its worth going to see in theatre, waiting for its video release or not seeing it at all. The movies are rated on a 5 star scale and NOTHING IS LEFT UNSAID.
On an average day I will always accumulate emails from artists wanting me to listen to their song or listen to their mixtape. All any artist wants is for someone to listen to their words. They want attention and recognition for their hard work. For someone to listen to their what they're good at. Sure, there are open mics here and there, I've even ran a few open mics (R.I.P Industry Night @ Faces and Phoenix) and all these artist wanna do is show people they have some of the nicest lyrics and most creative skills on a beat.
At least twice a month, I chose to do a mixtape review to, not only excel my "quest for world domination and entertainment greatness", but offer more artist a chance at more exposure and a lesson in criticism. I will be keeping it 100% with all artists. Nothing left un-criticized and nothing left unsaid.

"TONY SOPRANO" By Derty Den Release Date 09/8/2010

INTRO--- Soon as this track starts you are guaranteed to bop your head. He calls this an intro- i call it a "i want to hear more-tro". This is definitely a different delivery from Dert. One you rarely here from him and one of which I like. His signature voice in full speed flow goes real well with this beat. The song starts slow driven to make you think its gonna be a typically skit but then turns into song. Delivery is amazing and clean. A "hype" song that i wish was just longer... *hint hint

Bun B for President Rmx f/ J. Cole --- For starters, the beat is crazy. This is one of 2 widely known remixes. The other is with Killa Kyleon, which I think is horrible because he just rambles on the beat. Sorry Kyleon music fans, I like Third Coast music too but just not his remix. J. Cole's unfinished single, which didn't make Bun B's album, is good but it did sound like he needed Bun B or another feature on it. This version is actually better. The lyrics roll smoothly with great delivery. Dert's voice balances out with J. Cole's verse. Not only is this track with 2 of NC's top artists, but its a good track. I don't think it could be a single but maybe it'll get Dert and Cole together on a project soon. This is my most favorite track.

I See Paper--- The beat reminds me of a g-unit style. Delivery is good, as usual. I wish there was a breakdown for the hook instead of it merging with repeated words. Not too many artists can pull of a repeated hook, so gotta give Dert props on pulling that off. This could be an anthem single. Great punchlines and all in all I can listen to this more than once so I like it.

Hot Tottie Rmx f/ Jay Z--- This is Dert's remix version of the Usher & Hov single. I dont really like the original Hot Tottie, besides the beat, so its hard for me to get into this. Question, wtf is a tottie? My least favorite track on this mixtape. I like how he starts at the drop of the beat. Good "promo bars" with some good punch lines. Its good for the mixtape but just not a "repeater song" in my opinion.

Paper Chaser f/ Bobby Valentino--- This beat/song has 2 past remixes with Bobby V. done. One with artist Ace Porter and one with Pinney Woods, which a video was made for http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkbJx8rSk-s Ace's is not ear catching at all and between Pinney and Dert... Dert did better job lyrically. The skit talkin in beginning of song wouldve actually matter if it was track 2, otherwise by track 5 you kind of already know who mixtape you're listening too. Sorry Dert, had to say it. So glad there were no extra adlibs on top of Bobby's outro!!! Many of you other artist mess up doing that. Adlibs do make songs interesting but do not over indulge on adlibs. This could possibly be another radio single. Who doesnt like money? Derty Den definitely made this remake worth my time.

Block Boys--- The beat sound Rocafella-ish. I love a beat with some live instruments and I think Dert did a good job puttin the right lyrics on this. I had to listen to it twice before the hook caught on. Definitely could hear this in the club. Could've used some adlibs in beginning. it sounds like a "toast song" so this will go on my phones playlist. One of the verses contains a Classic Dert quote "I got now, dont care who got next" haha. Take that haters!!! love it. I could hear this in the club. This track really got me hype.

All I Need--- This is the current single from Derty Den f/ Hugg E. Bear. I love the Soprano skit in beginning and the beat is bananas. When Hugg E. starts singing i literally start undressing. Haha sike. This is one of those songs where as a female you think the rapper is talkin bout you. Ladies yall know what I mean!!! All J. Holiday songs be about me. Haha. Lyrically he made sure to keep it classy & basic as he stayed in a "safe zone" lyrically. Wasnt Trey Songz nasty or Usher freaky but sexy enough in between to get you moving your hips. I preferably dont like the "I love all my bitches and they all love me" in the hook by Hugg E. Shouldve said "I love all my women" for the fact Dert's lyrics are "safe" and radio worthy, then Hugg come in and call them bitches... All in all, i love this single. I put it on repeat when I was finished.

Cashmere Thoughts--- Now THIS intro into the song I like. It brings you into the beat. LOVE the beat. Lyrical content definitely defines the title of the song. Reminds me of some Biggie Smalls shit. Original, real, and as the Industry may call it, its "Maybach Music Approved" haha.

She Nice--- The Soprano skit before this drops is great. Funny actually. I think I like this more than "Hey Shawty". His intro is definitely Usher freaky. This track speaks for itself. At a loss for words. Ladies, he's a NC Hearthrob with this one. Stop playin!! Haha but good job. (Hey Dert, call me *wink wink lmao)

Say Goodbye--- Great outro title and of course one of the best beats off a Jay Z album. This is one of those tracks that show the personality of an artist. Im not a fan of re-made songs where the artist will re-word in the same rhythm, but I give this an exception because of the purpose. It finishes off the mixtape with a message and serves its purpose as the last track of the mixtape. I think it couldve used another movie quote from Soprano. Something cocky but meaningful.

4.5 stars

1 star: NOT WORTH IT up to 5 stars: CLASSIC INDIE MIX

Overall, you will not get another collection of good remixed songs from an indie artist in NC with such duversity and such risk. A remix with J. Cole? A remix with Jay? Those are attempts that have rules and regulations to be met. Derty Den met the criteria. In a recent conversation with him he said, "I didnt have like 30 tracks... I didnt have 100 features!!!" Yea, he was right too. Im not gonna review 30 tracks unless its Kanye and too many features can overshadow the originality and purpose for an artist's mixtape. Dert stayed right on line with the procedures but out of the box with originality and meaning.



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