Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Yes. I'm going there. All the way there. No subject is off limits- I told you. Even porn stars.

If you're an open minded person then you'll understand my point of view. Mostly guys only know about the name Pinky. But there are a some females (aside from lesbians) that know the name as well. I'm going to speak from a female point of view. Pinky is beyond "just a porn star". She's the newest visual to sexual marketing and to the meaning "sex sells".

Now men often watch porn for sexual pleasure or just because they're perverts and like watching people have sex. There are women who could possibly watch it for either of those reasons as well. There are also the group of people who watch porn for tutorial reasons. You laugh but its true. I wont get into my personal life but I do know from the 1st time I was accidentally exposed to a VHS Tape of porn featuring a man named "Mad Max" I wanted to see more. I'm one of the few open minded people who can freely talk about sex like its a regular conversation. Obviously. You read, research, and study but nothing is better than when there's a video to watch when it comes to a school report, job assignment or job interview. Porn is THAT video guide to sex. Sex is a human art form. Porn is a good tutorial. My point is, Pinky takes that meaning & doesn't just "act" or role play in these videos. She takes the meaning and brings whole new definition to porn, a whole new definition to the word "freak", and does what she is titled as. Anything and everything from the position to the toy use, I bet you this woman has done it. Some of her acts are maybe too "nasty", but #'s don't lie & I'm not gonna hate. She can do them all she want. Its entertaining to watch her do what you never thought anyone would or could never possibly do.

We've seen her go from co-starring pornstress to star pornstress to recruiting rookies & just taking control- literally. Then we started seeing her do more club appearances, beside strip clubs, and became one of the top sex stars to book for a showcase or concert, aside from Cherokee, Elk the Stallion, or Stacie Lane etc. etc. (I follow them all on Twitter lmao). She's really crossed the controversial line recently. Now, she's made a mix tape. I knew it was a matter of time before she would. You caught her glamoring club flyers, at indie showcases & in PLENTY of rookie footage on YouTube rolling up backstage w/ some rappers & bouncers. It was obvious & I knew it.

Her 1st single, "Bad Bitch" is self explanatory, right? Now & days any chick with a fat ass calls themselves a "bad bitch" or "bad chick". Although, its not just about the ass ladies, its the attitude. Look, aside from your stereotypical thoughts on Pinky, she's a hustler. She's got this attitude that said she's in charge. Not just in charge of the sex but in charge of her career. I'm not glorifying her but its the damn truth. She's the porn version of Trina mixed w/ Nikki Minaj. Now I've contacted her management & tried to get a interview, a phone call, shit, I'd take an autographed picture, but little ol' ENC Connect Tia didn't have any luck. If I get contacted after this posting, I promise you'll get an article interview. The video for it was released some weeks back & I've posted it below this article.

My review is she has weak lyrics, which you can tell she wrote, but shows she's confident. Shows plenty of positive characteristics of a female rapper. You almost forget she's a porn star. She could use a choreographer because you catch her doing her porn booty poppin but then she'll try a dance move or two. She got the all male entourage & even lets us see her with a real hair color besides Pink. Her fans will buy this mix tape & she's getting new fans as we speak. Guaranteed. Sex sells if you sell right.


  1. Whatever happened to talent? Artistry? SKILLS? I'm through glorifying people for being a hustler. Hell, crackheads can hustle their asses off and that doesn't make them special. She will hustle her music just as hard as she hustles her porn. Only problem is, she has skills in porn and nothing to offer lyrically or musically. I'm tired of being hustled!!! Everybody thinks there brand of dope should be mass produced. It would have really been dope if she had something valuable to say. However, "Bad Bitch" it what I expected and I am not impressed. Tell Pinky I'm her biggest fan EVER!!! But, its never gonna be because of Hip-Hop.

  2. Woooow Tia. This chick is officially the biggest loser. Being a porn star is the most degrading thing in the world. If anybody can talk about it I can talk about it. She gets no cool points for trying to be a lame ass rapper. She can not pass go, and she can not collect $200. She and her croonies is the main reason why our Mothers, Daughters, Sisters & Aunts are over sexed and don't have a clear understanding of what love really is.

  3. Im not really big on Pinky and chopped and screwed music, but this song is alot better than Brian Pumper's song Oh and Its Shaved!......Also, I think she look better with here real black hair. Like I said, Im not really on her like that, but it was alright/pretty good. 6.5/7 out of 10.