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"MIXTAPE- An underground music CD that usually contains freestyles or remixes;
sometimes containing the use of instrumentals already used by other artists,
to show creativity and versatility"

"REVIEW- A critical evaluation; A retrospective view or survey"


Within any Industry of the Entertainment Business, some say the hardest part is criticism. Yes. Aside from the networking and paperwork and studio sessions and promotions, criticism will make or break you. In this business, all eyes are on you whether you're in the spotlight or not. Everybody's watching, everybody's talking.
Mixtape Reviews are similar to a Movie Review. Everyone wants to know what the movie critic thinks before going to see a movie to know whether its worth going to see in theatre, waiting for its video release or not seeing it at all. The movies are rated on a 5 star scale and NOTHING IS LEFT UNSAID.
On an average day I will always accumulate emails from artists wanting me to listen to their song or listen to their mixtape. All any artist wants is for someone to listen to their words. They want attention and recognition for their hard work. For someone to listen to their what they're good at. Sure, there are open mics here and there, I've even ran a few open mics (R.I.P Industry Night @ Faces and Phoenix) and all these artist wanna do is show people they have some of the nicest lyrics and most creative skills on a beat.
At least twice a month, I chose to do a mixtape review to, not only excel my "quest for world domination and entertainment greatness", but offer more artist a chance at more exposure and a lesson in criticism. I will be keeping it 100% with all artists. Nothing left un-criticized and nothing left unsaid.

"TONY SOPRANO" By Derty Den Release Date 09/8/2010

INTRO--- Soon as this track starts you are guaranteed to bop your head. He calls this an intro- i call it a "i want to hear more-tro". This is definitely a different delivery from Dert. One you rarely here from him and one of which I like. His signature voice in full speed flow goes real well with this beat. The song starts slow driven to make you think its gonna be a typically skit but then turns into song. Delivery is amazing and clean. A "hype" song that i wish was just longer... *hint hint

Bun B for President Rmx f/ J. Cole --- For starters, the beat is crazy. This is one of 2 widely known remixes. The other is with Killa Kyleon, which I think is horrible because he just rambles on the beat. Sorry Kyleon music fans, I like Third Coast music too but just not his remix. J. Cole's unfinished single, which didn't make Bun B's album, is good but it did sound like he needed Bun B or another feature on it. This version is actually better. The lyrics roll smoothly with great delivery. Dert's voice balances out with J. Cole's verse. Not only is this track with 2 of NC's top artists, but its a good track. I don't think it could be a single but maybe it'll get Dert and Cole together on a project soon. This is my most favorite track.

I See Paper--- The beat reminds me of a g-unit style. Delivery is good, as usual. I wish there was a breakdown for the hook instead of it merging with repeated words. Not too many artists can pull of a repeated hook, so gotta give Dert props on pulling that off. This could be an anthem single. Great punchlines and all in all I can listen to this more than once so I like it.

Hot Tottie Rmx f/ Jay Z--- This is Dert's remix version of the Usher & Hov single. I dont really like the original Hot Tottie, besides the beat, so its hard for me to get into this. Question, wtf is a tottie? My least favorite track on this mixtape. I like how he starts at the drop of the beat. Good "promo bars" with some good punch lines. Its good for the mixtape but just not a "repeater song" in my opinion.

Paper Chaser f/ Bobby Valentino--- This beat/song has 2 past remixes with Bobby V. done. One with artist Ace Porter and one with Pinney Woods, which a video was made for Ace's is not ear catching at all and between Pinney and Dert... Dert did better job lyrically. The skit talkin in beginning of song wouldve actually matter if it was track 2, otherwise by track 5 you kind of already know who mixtape you're listening too. Sorry Dert, had to say it. So glad there were no extra adlibs on top of Bobby's outro!!! Many of you other artist mess up doing that. Adlibs do make songs interesting but do not over indulge on adlibs. This could possibly be another radio single. Who doesnt like money? Derty Den definitely made this remake worth my time.

Block Boys--- The beat sound Rocafella-ish. I love a beat with some live instruments and I think Dert did a good job puttin the right lyrics on this. I had to listen to it twice before the hook caught on. Definitely could hear this in the club. Could've used some adlibs in beginning. it sounds like a "toast song" so this will go on my phones playlist. One of the verses contains a Classic Dert quote "I got now, dont care who got next" haha. Take that haters!!! love it. I could hear this in the club. This track really got me hype.

All I Need--- This is the current single from Derty Den f/ Hugg E. Bear. I love the Soprano skit in beginning and the beat is bananas. When Hugg E. starts singing i literally start undressing. Haha sike. This is one of those songs where as a female you think the rapper is talkin bout you. Ladies yall know what I mean!!! All J. Holiday songs be about me. Haha. Lyrically he made sure to keep it classy & basic as he stayed in a "safe zone" lyrically. Wasnt Trey Songz nasty or Usher freaky but sexy enough in between to get you moving your hips. I preferably dont like the "I love all my bitches and they all love me" in the hook by Hugg E. Shouldve said "I love all my women" for the fact Dert's lyrics are "safe" and radio worthy, then Hugg come in and call them bitches... All in all, i love this single. I put it on repeat when I was finished.

Cashmere Thoughts--- Now THIS intro into the song I like. It brings you into the beat. LOVE the beat. Lyrical content definitely defines the title of the song. Reminds me of some Biggie Smalls shit. Original, real, and as the Industry may call it, its "Maybach Music Approved" haha.

She Nice--- The Soprano skit before this drops is great. Funny actually. I think I like this more than "Hey Shawty". His intro is definitely Usher freaky. This track speaks for itself. At a loss for words. Ladies, he's a NC Hearthrob with this one. Stop playin!! Haha but good job. (Hey Dert, call me *wink wink lmao)

Say Goodbye--- Great outro title and of course one of the best beats off a Jay Z album. This is one of those tracks that show the personality of an artist. Im not a fan of re-made songs where the artist will re-word in the same rhythm, but I give this an exception because of the purpose. It finishes off the mixtape with a message and serves its purpose as the last track of the mixtape. I think it couldve used another movie quote from Soprano. Something cocky but meaningful.

4.5 stars

1 star: NOT WORTH IT up to 5 stars: CLASSIC INDIE MIX

Overall, you will not get another collection of good remixed songs from an indie artist in NC with such duversity and such risk. A remix with J. Cole? A remix with Jay? Those are attempts that have rules and regulations to be met. Derty Den met the criteria. In a recent conversation with him he said, "I didnt have like 30 tracks... I didnt have 100 features!!!" Yea, he was right too. Im not gonna review 30 tracks unless its Kanye and too many features can overshadow the originality and purpose for an artist's mixtape. Dert stayed right on line with the procedures but out of the box with originality and meaning.



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