Saturday, October 2, 2010


Public Relations (or PR) is a field concerned with maintaining public image for high-profile people, commercial businesses and organizations, non-profit associations or programs.

An earlier definition of PR was "the art and social science of analyzing trends, predicting their consequences, counseling organizational leaders, and implementing planned programs of action, which will serve both the organization and the public interest."

Others define it as the practice of managing communication between an organization and its publics. Public relations provides an organization or individual exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest and news items that provide a third-party endorsement and do not direct payment. Once common activities include speaking at conferences, working with the media, crisis communications and social media engagement, and employee communication.

The European view of PR as practice notes that besides a relational form of interactivity there is also a reflective paradigm that is concerned with publics and the public sphere; not only with relational (which can in principle be private), but also with public consequences of organizational behaviour. A much broader view of neo-ubiquitous interactive communication using the Internet as outlined by Phillips and Young in 'Online Public Relations' Second Edition (2009) which describes form and the nature of Internet-mediated public relations. It encompasses social media and other channels for communication and many platforms for communication such as personal computer (PC's), Laptop, mobile phone and other mobile devices and online games machines.


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