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Tia Taylor or Shae Foote
Wet Set Productions
(252) 227-0096

Wet Set Productions is one of the largest promotional and marketing companies in Eastern North Carolina and the numbers are increasing.

Greenville, NC – November 29, 2010-Before you finish coordinating your next event  or project, you should consider the most effective ways to get the message out to consumers without having to waste a lot of time and money.  You will need to evaluate your audience; your resources, your budget or you can contact Wet Set Productions for all of your marketing, coordinating and promotional needs. There is never an event to big or too small.

Educated and experienced, Wet Set Productions offers social media at its best with five years of experience and over 200 clients across eastern region of NC. We offer in-depth promotion with comprehensive range of packages to choose from which will directly target your intended audience and enable you to assemblage without the worries.  With a team that is constantly expanding, consumers will appreciate the availability and rapid response of the company.

According to the President/CEO, “We do what we love and we love what we do”. Devotion drives this company and your market is where it is headed.  Alongside online marketing and promotion, Wet Set Productions offers recording artists consultation and development classes and women empowerment.  Nominated for awards in categories like “Promoter of the Year” at the 2010 Southeast Music and Entertainment Summit and the “Grind Hard Award” in the North Carolina Underground Music Awards against other well established companies there is no shock why they are multiplying in numbers and outshining any competition by a long shot.

Wet Set Productions is currently working alongside top-rated Online Entertainment Media Sites in and outside of North Carolina like Got Haze, Grindin Magazine, Carolina Artist Magazine and Unsigned Giants. They also serve as the marketing team for GDA Music Firm and the NC G.O.O.D Music Project that features some of NC's Biggest Award-winning Underground artists like Derty Den and Shelly B. C2It Solutions based out of Atlanta, GA has hired the team as their southeast booking agents above other companies. Polls show that they are the most called upon promotion team in the state.

Accessibility is a unique and important aspect of Wet Set Productions services. Their expertise in marketing is available at any time. They do not work on a contingency fee basis and your initial telephone consultation is free.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sarcastic Renegade gets NOMINATED!!

Yep. Again. (SMES NOMINEE IN 2010 SMES) All thanks to hard work and dedication and my lovely team of hard workers and sexy ladies- Wet Set Productions. Although, this time Wet Set is not listed, there is never a "i" in team with me, so I win either way in my mind. Lol.

Here are my fellow Nominees under the Grind Hard category:
(I left the same spelling the way the people at NCUMAs did)





Friday, November 19, 2010


Right at the very mid of the 4th Qtr Crunch Time Madness, it couldn't have been a better time for North Carolina's notorious female lyrical assassin Shelly B to makes headlines as "Next to Blow".

Of course I had to embark on featuring this accomplishment in an article because I keep her mixtape "Queen" on replay. NOT just because she's Shelly B and she kills every beat that drops, or because Wet Set productions is one of her Online Promo Teams, but also because this mixtape features some of my favorite beats from the late 90's into the early past decade. Speaking of the decade, as we approach 2011, we must remember this is the start of a new one and the start of the "Branding" trend. If you had to put a face to original female artist branding, it could mos def be Shelly B. She stands out and she sticks to originality and positive imaging within her marketing. Shelly B's track record speaks for itself and I cant even try to mention them all off the top of the head. I will mention she brought home the 2010 SMES Award for Best Female Artist and over the summer she hosted and lead a spectacular Hip Hop for the Homeless event in Raleigh, which should go down in history books. #imjussayin

Her lyrics are real. They're deep, grungy, have attitude and seem to jump off the beat and slap you in the face. If you meet Shellz tho, this is one sweet voiced Diva. Lol. Did I mention her shoe game is mean? You get nothing but the best of energies, positive and negative. She's always supportive of everyone she crosses paths with and even this sarcastic renegade cant find anything to criticize her about. I COULD, but then I don't want her to lyrically murder me, sooo lol i'm just kidding. Listen to the Mixtape, its like the lyrical "monster"comes out and shows up track after track. This is the other side to Shelly B the female emcee and entrepreneur. She IS Hip Hop and it cant get no realer.




Wednesday, November 17, 2010




{Painting "Ego" Rex Meus Henry VIII 1491-1547 and Cardinal Wolsey bySir John Gilbert}


#LateThoughts: HEART OF THE CITY...

"Males shouldn't be jealous that's a female trait/ Whatchu mad cause you push dimes and he sell weight?/ Y'all don't know my expenses, I gotta buy a bigger place/
Hehehe, and more baggies, why you all aggie?/ Nigga respect the game, that should be it/ What you eat don't make me shit - where's the love?"

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I never do any features like this but i decided to feature Wiz in this site b/c he came to my city as a stop on his "Waken Baken" Tour.

Here's my breakdown, Wiz left his Warner Brother label to take the indie route in like Feb or March then sets up a tour and it ridiculously sells out (reported in June). So on Saturday evening i find out good ol' Weed Supported Wiz Khalifa is making a tour stop in Greenville, but its like a campus only feature (lol). So everyone outside of ECU gets the news last minute and tickets are already sold out at the Wright Auditorium. Someone forget to remind him that there was a reason his concert was "limited" to a campus audience only. ITS GREENVILLE, NC. They didn't even respect Petey when he was topping the damn Billboard charts here!

So my sources tell me dude gets locked up. Of gate, I'm laughing and start sarcastically joking on him. I mean. Dude. Didn't nobody tell you weed was illegal? Oh yea, you too high to think. lol. But here's my other problem. Everybody wanna say "FUCK GPD". I dont like them neither kuz half of them don't care bout their job. But this wasn't one of the situations where he was illegally searched or harassed by the police. He tweeted repeatedly and dropped videos repeatedly since he started the damn tour. HE GAVE THE COPS A MOTIVE TO ARREST HIM. Its no one fault but his own. SO no, no "Free Wiz". This wasn't like the Jada Kiss or Freakey Zeakey drug incidents where cops just had a good hunch or a tip, WIZ TELLS PEOPLE HE ALWAYS HAS WEED. So he knew he was gonna get arrested. Duh people. Its called marketing. lol. I bet when his album drop he's gonna love every arrest.

He goes on stage with his "Taylor Gang" and the audience could smell the "aroma" soon as they came out. Good weed smoke stays in your clothes... guess he be to high too remember that neither. Through my sarcastic ranting on FB (#WIZKHALIFAINPCDC) i meet a guy in Kansas who told me that he had been arrested before at one of these tour stops before he even made it to the stage. My question to Wiz is "what do you expect when u post videos of your habit"? Did y'all read his last tweet?

According to AllHipHop, Wiz' last tweet was around 4:30 PM (which misspelled my city name and put "Greensville" instead of "Greenville") "Smoke outs greenville, nc tonight. fall thru wit ur finest plant life."

Which tells me, all the Internet cops in Greenville were more focused on arresting this rapper for publicity instead of all the drug dealers who were prob waiting outside in the parking lot. Wiz Khalifa made alot of drug dealers in Greenville a lil more rich if i may add. Greenville hates rappers, they hate clubs and they hate parties and concerts. Why do you think they were so happy when Club Dynasty finally closed down? (RIP Shawn Mack) Why you think there is NO big urban nightlife in Greenville? I'm surprised the City Commission didn't try to cancel the tour stop!

I was told his show was ended after 45 minutes and that soon as he walked out the PCDC Goons GOT HIM! lol Want proof???

THATS WIZ IN THE KHAKI'S!! (the red arrows should be easy to figure out lol)

Now the funniest thing about all of this is this is how NC gets represented. First we are notarized on WorldStar for a random chick fight after a concert, then Petey Pablo "forgets" he has a gun and extra clips in his suitcase and now Wiz forgets he's in the south- not only that, but in a state where our ABC stores are the liquor stores!! That should tell you what kind of area you're in. Lol

No, I'm not gonna say Free Wiz. Matter fact, keep his ass in there so he can network with all the rappers in there then I can get some promotion. #FUCKIT I don't smoke weed. I'm an alcoholic. I bet if he was an alcoholic he'd still be on stage til 3am! He can smoke his $10,000 weed. I hope he had some money leftover to bail his ass out. The court system don't play here in Greenville.

Irma stop being sarcastic. Really, i feel sorry for him.... KUZ I KNOW HE PROB DIDN'T EVEN TRY TO HIDE HIS WEED!! It was right on the table when they walked on the bus. I bet all the Wiz Khalifa groupies are pissed off. They was gon be happy to get that good weed. They should be thankful tho! If they had smoked that high grade, when he left they wouldn't been switching to crack because the weed around here ain't shit- not that I know anything about it...


#wizkhalifainpcdc happy because he does everything he do for the negative publicity. In some cases, the negative publicity works. This incident gets so bad that he closes his Twitter Acct early like 2-3am. Hope its not "too much" for him and his team. He technically asked for it. This a dude from PA who came to the south. Basically sets himself up for it. He already has mad tattoos & left his last label. He ain't got no other choice but to rap. So he better rap and be good at it and make these headlines lol, because he cant get a regular job with all those tattoos.

In the meanwhile, thank you Wiz for adding on to NC's negativity. "Hey Mom, I gonna make it! First Petey, now Wiz! Greenville Rocks". smdh. And now we're on WorldStarHipHop... #kanyeshrug

Saturday, November 6, 2010

NC G.O.O.D MUSIC Introduction

Five years ago, the NC Coastal region was merely “Rural NC”. Five years ago, if I told someone I was located in Washington, they thought I was meant D.C. Then, when I said that was located 20 minutes from Greenville, they thought I meant in SC. I was then stuck explaining either that it was an hour and 30 minutes from Raleigh or had to say “the city Petey Pablo was from”. No, I’m not lying. Five years ago, the most known cities on the inner banks were Rocky Mount, Goldsboro, Wilson, Greenville, and Wilmington. Rocky Mount was known for having the best mall, the Amtrak Station, the best Jamaican food spot and where not to hang out after the club. Goldsboro, was known for, well, just not to hang out at anytime at night. Wilson and Greenville was known as the party spots and Wilmington had the best beach and most cultured nightlife. Five years ago, the inner & outer banks were only known for “where not to go during Hurricane Season”. Five years ago, I was just an ENC Rep for numerous companies and labels and managed a local group of 8 stubborn artists (RIP T-Dash). Now, the heart of Eastern NC seems to be bringing more positive energy, every quarter, to the unsteady NC Music Scene and I’m proud to be a part of it.

No Sarcasm here, simply thoughts...
Combined with the love and inspiration for artist, Kanye West, and the respect and motivation from teammate and client, Derty Den, there was no way I could resist publicizing and acting upon an idea that sparked in my sarcastic mind after reading a posted comment that stated, “We pullin’ a page out of the G.O.O.D music play book! Big remixes Carolina style… pow!” from Derty Den’s Facebook profile. The idea of unity. The idea of actually participating in everything I’ve worked hard to see happen in this state is appalling. It’s fucking ridiculous. But it’s happening. It’s not going to completely unite the whole state but why can’t we try to start it again? For nearly 7 years my main task each day has been to network and work my way to world domination and marketing greatness. Anybody I’ve worked with will tell you that I connected with them through an email, worked with them, earn my key and open doors to more work. It all started before Facebook with Yahoo Groups. It all started with footwork as a street team member for Rocafella and a rep for Nitram Knarf & Affishaul Ent. My work is G.O.O.D and I deserve to work with G.O.O.D music and help put this Underground Scene in a positive G.O.O.D position. Every little bit counts. I’m just one ant in this ant pile and it takes a colony to survive the winter.

This article is not to rant about Derty Den’s accomplishments or for me to talk you to death about how much I love Kanye West’s music. That’s what you may have thought, but I’m always one step ahead of what you think. What you think, I’ve already forgot like, last week. I’m actually here to inform much of North Carolina who are overlooking the teamwork of Eastern North Carolina. Never before have I ever seen or heard of so many collaborations of artists, in the NC Underground scene, than I have this past year. Now, mind you, I am just 24. So before you go shouting at your computer beginning to hate me because I forgot a big collaboration back in 2003 or something, please, kill the negativity. I’m simply focusing on the NOW and the progression I’ve witnessed and been a part of within this market the past 3-4 years.

#MUSICTIP101: Leave the past in the past.

In the beginning...
In my opinion, it all started coming together after the “Everybody Workin” single collaboration, produced and mixed at Main Event Studios in Rocky Mount, NC. I like to think of Rocky Mount as the esophagus of ENC. The voice of the music scene in ENC. This track featured 9 artists from all over NC; Derty Den, Marc Law, Forward Progress, Ozone, Mica Swain, Shelly B, Ike & Shyst and Hugg E Bear. It had legend duo group Ike & Shyst on it! They killed it. The track started off causing your face to frown with the bars of Forward Progress and Marc Law, to the grungy, hard lyrics of Derty Den then to the most quoted and noticeable words of Ozone. The hook sends chills down your spine from the soulful voice of Hugg E Bear with along the hardest, tough lyrics from the sweet voice of Mica Swain and I can NOT forget my favorite verse by Shelly B who killed it at full speed with so much attitude and heart, almost made me want to knock a mutha- well, you get what I mean. It became an epidemic. Took over the 2010 CM Awards in Raleigh and spread into 2010 SMES Awards in Myrtle Beach. The teamwork behind the artists, producers, promoters and writers has brought the streets T-shirts and even panties. It’s on the radio stations and it all over the Internet. Everyone really is working and we’re working together.

It didn’t stop there, which brings me to the purpose of this article. “This press right here! This press right here (Kat Williams voice)!” Marks the beginning of NC G.O.O.D Music through the rebirth of exclusive remixes. Not only as a Black Cak Professional do I vow to reach out and connect and help artist grinding in NC, but I vow to honor the code of the Black Cak motto, “Each one, teach one”. Team work is loyalty and respect and team work take maturity. The ENC’s, and what many journalists have called the Boss of NC, most influential and most watched artist is taking his songs and asking fellow artists to collaborate and produce hits. You’ll consistently see drop after drop of tracks featuring some of NC’s best of the best, old and new. It’s not a Derty Den thing, it’s not a Black Cak thing, and it’s not a Wet Set thing. It’s a Carolina thing and we hope we can involve everybody wanting to be involved. NC has no excuse not to be on the “on the map”. Stop scheming to obliterate somebody’s accomplishments and instead, scheme on making your own accomplishments through your own honest work.

Following this article starts the publicity of teamwork through collaborations. First up to plate, the "I See Paper" single off of the Derty Den Tony Soprano Mixtape. Which was premiered and featured on AllHipHop.com just a few weeks back. Now, a remix has been set in place and we present to you G.O.O.D MUSIC: CAROLINA EDITION.

Everybody workin! #TEAMNC “Each one, teach one.”

"Build Ya Brand" Mixtape Review coming next week.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010



I guess Hammer thought "hey, not only can i try to make a comeback and try to get endorsements and be famous again, but it'll look good b/c I'm supporting my country".

WRONG. The fast lyrics, the beat, the damn fur coat DID NOT make me feel good nor uplifted me during those troubled times. As i watched friends get drafted and shipped off overseas, there was no way in hell that hearing Hammer rap about America in a fur coat (which promotes the killing of harmless polar bears) made me appreciate my country more than already being a Navy Brat. It was a waste of money and I feel sorry for anyone who had their names tied to it.

Now THIS video made me wanna scream "U.S.A!!!"

America. Fuck Yea. Hammer. Sit your ass down. C'mon son.

Obviously, it wasn't over and it wasn't his last risk at stardom again. He does make show appearance and other shit but we don't care about none of that.

Now let me state, Hammer was THE SHIT back in the day. I remember when "Cant Touch This" came out. 1990 and my fam was living in La Maddelena, Italy (small town on the island of Sardina Italy off the coast near Corsica). All I listened to was Bob Marley and Third World and dabs of Madonna and Luther Vandross. So from what i remember that's the closest i got to rap music at age 4 other than Positive K lol. Being in another country i had like few friends so to keep active, MC Hammer and Black Box kept me active in the house. So, shit 2 decades ago Hammer was the man.

Now the message from this article is that ALL PUBLICITY IS NOT GOOD PUBLICITY.


So below is the song that made Hammer hype AGAIN and got him to even make an appearance on the 2010 BET Hip Hop Awards. SMH.

As you hear, it wasn't too much publicity for Hammer but Rozay portrayed Hammer as a Dreamer (which is true) but now things have gotten way out of hand.

Next event of "Hammer Actions" are entirely fucking ridiculous. Kanye releases a song titled "So Appalled" featuring RZA, Jay Z, Pusha T, Swizz Beats and Cyhi the Prynce. Jay usually picks his battles very carefully and as a Jay fan, I must say that Jay obviously didn't think that Hammer would've taken the bar to heart- he wasn't the first rapper to diss Hammer or sarcastically make fun off his bankruptcy. Jay states, "Hammer went broke so you know I'm more focused /I lost 30 mil' so I spent another 30/ 'Cause unlike Hammer 30 million can't hurt me". It does seem out of character for Jay at this level in his career but that's the Jay we grew to love. That's a real Jay bar right there. The so IS called "So Appalled"and the hook is "Fuckin ridiculous"... Jay did is job. Now here comes Hammer trying to get it in again. its been 2 decades Hammer. I'm almost 25 now!! Stop trying to come back!!! lol

Here's an excerpt from Rolling Stones website with some quotes from and Interview with Jay Z following the Hammer video diss to Jay;

"In an interview with BBC's DJ Semtex this week, Jay said he didn't mean the verses as a personal attack.

"I didn't know that [Hammer's financial status] wasn't on the table for discussion!" he said (he laughs or sounds like he's smiling throughout nearly the entire interview). "I didn't know I was the first person ever to say that — I'm not, am I?"

He continued a bit more seriously, "When I say things, I think people believe me so much that they take it a different way — it's, like, not rap anymore at that point."

Here's the song the made Hammer so upset:

Now, yea, maybe it did hit a soft spot but Hammer is a grown ass man and that he has to realize his time was 2 decades ago. Now he's accusing Jay of worshiping the devil and visually challenging Jay to get baptized. Last time i heard, those who are quick to condemn are sinning themselves. All sin is equal sin people. SMDH.

So here's the Hammer diss video. Oh yea, its King Hammer now. Let me give the definition of "King" first and lets see if Hammer fits the description.

(a) a male monarch of a major territorial unit; especially : one whose position is hereditary and who rules for life (b) a paramount chief

Now, obvious Hammer is still alive, he's not a monarch or head of any MAJOR territorial unit or company, he's not an ancestor of a any Kings and he obviously has not ruled for life. Kings don't go bankrupt. Period.

Please understand this is just as bad as Antoine Dodson's record deal. What is our culture coming too. We're too busy pointing fingers and trying to take someone at a high position. Its not just NC, its America.

Fuck your feelings, build ya brand. Wet Set!