Saturday, November 6, 2010

NC G.O.O.D MUSIC Introduction

Five years ago, the NC Coastal region was merely “Rural NC”. Five years ago, if I told someone I was located in Washington, they thought I was meant D.C. Then, when I said that was located 20 minutes from Greenville, they thought I meant in SC. I was then stuck explaining either that it was an hour and 30 minutes from Raleigh or had to say “the city Petey Pablo was from”. No, I’m not lying. Five years ago, the most known cities on the inner banks were Rocky Mount, Goldsboro, Wilson, Greenville, and Wilmington. Rocky Mount was known for having the best mall, the Amtrak Station, the best Jamaican food spot and where not to hang out after the club. Goldsboro, was known for, well, just not to hang out at anytime at night. Wilson and Greenville was known as the party spots and Wilmington had the best beach and most cultured nightlife. Five years ago, the inner & outer banks were only known for “where not to go during Hurricane Season”. Five years ago, I was just an ENC Rep for numerous companies and labels and managed a local group of 8 stubborn artists (RIP T-Dash). Now, the heart of Eastern NC seems to be bringing more positive energy, every quarter, to the unsteady NC Music Scene and I’m proud to be a part of it.

No Sarcasm here, simply thoughts...
Combined with the love and inspiration for artist, Kanye West, and the respect and motivation from teammate and client, Derty Den, there was no way I could resist publicizing and acting upon an idea that sparked in my sarcastic mind after reading a posted comment that stated, “We pullin’ a page out of the G.O.O.D music play book! Big remixes Carolina style… pow!” from Derty Den’s Facebook profile. The idea of unity. The idea of actually participating in everything I’ve worked hard to see happen in this state is appalling. It’s fucking ridiculous. But it’s happening. It’s not going to completely unite the whole state but why can’t we try to start it again? For nearly 7 years my main task each day has been to network and work my way to world domination and marketing greatness. Anybody I’ve worked with will tell you that I connected with them through an email, worked with them, earn my key and open doors to more work. It all started before Facebook with Yahoo Groups. It all started with footwork as a street team member for Rocafella and a rep for Nitram Knarf & Affishaul Ent. My work is G.O.O.D and I deserve to work with G.O.O.D music and help put this Underground Scene in a positive G.O.O.D position. Every little bit counts. I’m just one ant in this ant pile and it takes a colony to survive the winter.

This article is not to rant about Derty Den’s accomplishments or for me to talk you to death about how much I love Kanye West’s music. That’s what you may have thought, but I’m always one step ahead of what you think. What you think, I’ve already forgot like, last week. I’m actually here to inform much of North Carolina who are overlooking the teamwork of Eastern North Carolina. Never before have I ever seen or heard of so many collaborations of artists, in the NC Underground scene, than I have this past year. Now, mind you, I am just 24. So before you go shouting at your computer beginning to hate me because I forgot a big collaboration back in 2003 or something, please, kill the negativity. I’m simply focusing on the NOW and the progression I’ve witnessed and been a part of within this market the past 3-4 years.

#MUSICTIP101: Leave the past in the past.

In the beginning...
In my opinion, it all started coming together after the “Everybody Workin” single collaboration, produced and mixed at Main Event Studios in Rocky Mount, NC. I like to think of Rocky Mount as the esophagus of ENC. The voice of the music scene in ENC. This track featured 9 artists from all over NC; Derty Den, Marc Law, Forward Progress, Ozone, Mica Swain, Shelly B, Ike & Shyst and Hugg E Bear. It had legend duo group Ike & Shyst on it! They killed it. The track started off causing your face to frown with the bars of Forward Progress and Marc Law, to the grungy, hard lyrics of Derty Den then to the most quoted and noticeable words of Ozone. The hook sends chills down your spine from the soulful voice of Hugg E Bear with along the hardest, tough lyrics from the sweet voice of Mica Swain and I can NOT forget my favorite verse by Shelly B who killed it at full speed with so much attitude and heart, almost made me want to knock a mutha- well, you get what I mean. It became an epidemic. Took over the 2010 CM Awards in Raleigh and spread into 2010 SMES Awards in Myrtle Beach. The teamwork behind the artists, producers, promoters and writers has brought the streets T-shirts and even panties. It’s on the radio stations and it all over the Internet. Everyone really is working and we’re working together.

It didn’t stop there, which brings me to the purpose of this article. “This press right here! This press right here (Kat Williams voice)!” Marks the beginning of NC G.O.O.D Music through the rebirth of exclusive remixes. Not only as a Black Cak Professional do I vow to reach out and connect and help artist grinding in NC, but I vow to honor the code of the Black Cak motto, “Each one, teach one”. Team work is loyalty and respect and team work take maturity. The ENC’s, and what many journalists have called the Boss of NC, most influential and most watched artist is taking his songs and asking fellow artists to collaborate and produce hits. You’ll consistently see drop after drop of tracks featuring some of NC’s best of the best, old and new. It’s not a Derty Den thing, it’s not a Black Cak thing, and it’s not a Wet Set thing. It’s a Carolina thing and we hope we can involve everybody wanting to be involved. NC has no excuse not to be on the “on the map”. Stop scheming to obliterate somebody’s accomplishments and instead, scheme on making your own accomplishments through your own honest work.

Following this article starts the publicity of teamwork through collaborations. First up to plate, the "I See Paper" single off of the Derty Den Tony Soprano Mixtape. Which was premiered and featured on just a few weeks back. Now, a remix has been set in place and we present to you G.O.O.D MUSIC: CAROLINA EDITION.

Everybody workin! #TEAMNC “Each one, teach one.”

"Build Ya Brand" Mixtape Review coming next week.

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