Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I never do any features like this but i decided to feature Wiz in this site b/c he came to my city as a stop on his "Waken Baken" Tour.

Here's my breakdown, Wiz left his Warner Brother label to take the indie route in like Feb or March then sets up a tour and it ridiculously sells out (reported in June). So on Saturday evening i find out good ol' Weed Supported Wiz Khalifa is making a tour stop in Greenville, but its like a campus only feature (lol). So everyone outside of ECU gets the news last minute and tickets are already sold out at the Wright Auditorium. Someone forget to remind him that there was a reason his concert was "limited" to a campus audience only. ITS GREENVILLE, NC. They didn't even respect Petey when he was topping the damn Billboard charts here!

So my sources tell me dude gets locked up. Of gate, I'm laughing and start sarcastically joking on him. I mean. Dude. Didn't nobody tell you weed was illegal? Oh yea, you too high to think. lol. But here's my other problem. Everybody wanna say "FUCK GPD". I dont like them neither kuz half of them don't care bout their job. But this wasn't one of the situations where he was illegally searched or harassed by the police. He tweeted repeatedly and dropped videos repeatedly since he started the damn tour. HE GAVE THE COPS A MOTIVE TO ARREST HIM. Its no one fault but his own. SO no, no "Free Wiz". This wasn't like the Jada Kiss or Freakey Zeakey drug incidents where cops just had a good hunch or a tip, WIZ TELLS PEOPLE HE ALWAYS HAS WEED. So he knew he was gonna get arrested. Duh people. Its called marketing. lol. I bet when his album drop he's gonna love every arrest.

He goes on stage with his "Taylor Gang" and the audience could smell the "aroma" soon as they came out. Good weed smoke stays in your clothes... guess he be to high too remember that neither. Through my sarcastic ranting on FB (#WIZKHALIFAINPCDC) i meet a guy in Kansas who told me that he had been arrested before at one of these tour stops before he even made it to the stage. My question to Wiz is "what do you expect when u post videos of your habit"? Did y'all read his last tweet?

According to AllHipHop, Wiz' last tweet was around 4:30 PM (which misspelled my city name and put "Greensville" instead of "Greenville") "Smoke outs greenville, nc tonight. fall thru wit ur finest plant life."

Which tells me, all the Internet cops in Greenville were more focused on arresting this rapper for publicity instead of all the drug dealers who were prob waiting outside in the parking lot. Wiz Khalifa made alot of drug dealers in Greenville a lil more rich if i may add. Greenville hates rappers, they hate clubs and they hate parties and concerts. Why do you think they were so happy when Club Dynasty finally closed down? (RIP Shawn Mack) Why you think there is NO big urban nightlife in Greenville? I'm surprised the City Commission didn't try to cancel the tour stop!

I was told his show was ended after 45 minutes and that soon as he walked out the PCDC Goons GOT HIM! lol Want proof???

THATS WIZ IN THE KHAKI'S!! (the red arrows should be easy to figure out lol)

Now the funniest thing about all of this is this is how NC gets represented. First we are notarized on WorldStar for a random chick fight after a concert, then Petey Pablo "forgets" he has a gun and extra clips in his suitcase and now Wiz forgets he's in the south- not only that, but in a state where our ABC stores are the liquor stores!! That should tell you what kind of area you're in. Lol

No, I'm not gonna say Free Wiz. Matter fact, keep his ass in there so he can network with all the rappers in there then I can get some promotion. #FUCKIT I don't smoke weed. I'm an alcoholic. I bet if he was an alcoholic he'd still be on stage til 3am! He can smoke his $10,000 weed. I hope he had some money leftover to bail his ass out. The court system don't play here in Greenville.

Irma stop being sarcastic. Really, i feel sorry for him.... KUZ I KNOW HE PROB DIDN'T EVEN TRY TO HIDE HIS WEED!! It was right on the table when they walked on the bus. I bet all the Wiz Khalifa groupies are pissed off. They was gon be happy to get that good weed. They should be thankful tho! If they had smoked that high grade, when he left they wouldn't been switching to crack because the weed around here ain't shit- not that I know anything about it...


#wizkhalifainpcdc happy because he does everything he do for the negative publicity. In some cases, the negative publicity works. This incident gets so bad that he closes his Twitter Acct early like 2-3am. Hope its not "too much" for him and his team. He technically asked for it. This a dude from PA who came to the south. Basically sets himself up for it. He already has mad tattoos & left his last label. He ain't got no other choice but to rap. So he better rap and be good at it and make these headlines lol, because he cant get a regular job with all those tattoos.

In the meanwhile, thank you Wiz for adding on to NC's negativity. "Hey Mom, I gonna make it! First Petey, now Wiz! Greenville Rocks". smdh. And now we're on WorldStarHipHop... #kanyeshrug

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