Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"My Lover Told Me Too Many Lies"

His Strong hands gently caressing my thighs

Lay in his bed looking in his eyes

Feeling Tremendous Pleasure as he slowly enters inside

Draining all of my power so mesmerized

That night was magnificent take time to visualize

It all went away when I came to realize

My lover told me too may lies

Made me feel stupid not very wise

Nurse telling me three letters all capitalized

Doctors taking my blood which they now have to analyze

Sickness flowing through my veins like some kind of pesticide

Keep giving me medicine for my cells to stabilize

My friends never come around not even to socialize

He has taken everything I've been deprived

That man I hate do greatly despise

To take his life that I will authorize

Whatever he touch it soon dies

Will not stand at all no longer organized

I fell for his game, something he devised

My Soul now weeps do not patronize

My lover told me too many lies

Can't get out of bed at least I tried

Please listen while I try to advise

You look for this disease but it comes in disguise

Those who know me have begun to ostracize

Take heed of my sayings information otherwise

You too my friend will soon pulverize

Sitting with your family trying to rationalize

Like me a bed of sickness is where you'll reside

And he don't care has lost no pride

While I go day by day trying to survive

My sisters help me do their best to provide

Can't do anything soon became paralyzed

My mother helps me she's there to subsidize

My father stepped in the room he began to sympathize

As the months go by I loose Size after size

And hating that lover who told me too many lies

-by Denthia Wright


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