Sunday, December 26, 2010


We’ve all heard the quote “your network is your net worth” and “it’s not who you know, but who knows you”. So where does this all tie into the “numbers don’t lie” and “it’s in the numbers” hype?

This Industry was built and founded on a network and the team work within its circle. That was then. This is now. The Industrial Age of business was deeply rooted in those beliefs and was the key to many successfully opened doors. Now, we’re in the Information Age. Everything is about statistics and it’s very technical. You’re now no longer judged or looked on for who you know or what you know; from your experience record to the amount you’re worth, it’s all being looked at and they’re the numbers behind your name or brand.

There are those that are adapting and growing and those that are decaying and dying. It may sound a bit harsh but it’s the truth. Those that are adapting and growing are those willing to get out there to network and invest. They know some of everybody and everybody knows a little something about them. Those in decay are those stuck in old ways, waiting around for the business to come to them. They refuse to adjust with the ever-changing market and rely simply on what they’re comfortable with. Now, let’s attach how numbers can affect those that adapt and those that decay. Those that adapt have higher chances at increasing their numbers and those that decay are at a leveled amount and risk a fast decrease in their numbers at the slightest dissatisfaction (customers or fan base).

The numbers are your financial gain, your fan base, your financial worth of the product or person represented. The numbers are any and every way your brand or name can absorb statistics. If you can’t make numbers you’re not progressing, right? It would mean something is wrong with your marketing strategy. Or better yet, maybe your network isn’t worth much.

You might be a hard worker but if you are not good at networking and making a few good friends outside your comfort zone, you will not be successful unless you have invented something extraordinary. An artist can sell 1000 mixtapes out his trunk and be able to buy the bar out, but does his financial situation means he’s the best artist? Just because he actually sold more mixtapes than the other artist with an actual album, that’s possibly supported and sponsored (his network), does that mean he’s the better artist? How do you decide which artist or DJ or Promoter is the “best”? Especially when in this new Information Age, we now not only base our decisions on the Network but also the Numbers.

That’s when the problem starts. Your Network and your Numbers are two key components to successfully progressing your brand. If you have leveled them both out, you’re doing a great job, but the problem comes with which one can you do without? Which one will allow you to progress faster? Some would say numbers would, but which one would allow you to last longer? Even more would say your network. I’ll let you figure that one out on your own. Good luck!

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