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We all have a Stall and Dean story. Oh, you don't? Well, that's sad, you should. If you claim anything about style or "swag" you would know Stall and Dean is the foundation of many fashion trends. Lets go back to 2001-2003. I brought my first Stall and Dean for my brother. I always made sure my brother was fly. See, it was just 2 of us and we were still fresh in North Carolina so we had a reputation to up-keep since we were the "new kids". We represented each other and I was not gonna let him look bad in Middle School while I claimed my "cool as hell" title in high School.

One word: Throwback. While others worried about getting all the Jordan, Barkley, Bird or Ewing throwbacks, I brought him Dominique Wilkins and the Lebron High School Jersey. They got the NBA or New Era brands, I got him the Stall and Dean exclusives. See what they failed to realize was that it wasn't how many you had, it was how exclusive and rare the jersey on your back or the fitted on your head.

Another thing I love most about Stall and Dean is how damn sexy it can make a guy by just putting on a letterman jacket. Most women say "take it off", I say "Put on a letterman!" lol. My first Stall and Dean letterman was brought once upon a time when I went with this guy and he spoiled me rotten. So for his birthday I dropped a few big bucks on a Brown Bears Jacket and matching fitted. I aint never let him take his coat off... Ok, im lying, I did allow him to take it off but my point is if you respect original, classic and different, you gotta respect the Stall and Dean. Their brand really makes you stand out.

Founded in 1898, the Stall and Dean Company is one of the oldest sporting goods manufacturers in America. Their first catalog offered baseball and basketball uniforms, footballs, and football helmets. Soon they expanded into producing athletic shoes, baseball gear, boxing gloves, tennis and volleyball gear and protective equipment.

Here's a history lesson: They were the first American company to manufacture hockey jerseys and equipment, outfitting the original six member teams of the National Hockey League. Many Hall of Fame athletes from many sports wore Stall and Dean uniforms, including Jim Thorpe, Babe Ruth, Bobby Orr and Ted Williams, Satchel Paige, Roberto Clemente, Lou Gehrig, to name a small few. They manufactured uniforms and equipment for high schools and colleges as well as for the professional athletes.

Now remember early how I said 2001-2003? Their press release states,
"Since 2000, Stall and Dean has been favored as a popular and trendy brand... Its an athletic brand, favored by the Urban community."
Thats a #CoSign! Lol.

Stall and Dean was one of the first brands to wardrobe 50 Cents and the Diplomats, as well as dressing countless celebrities from Jay Z, Kanye West, TI, Chamillionaire, DJ Drama, Ludacris, Styles P, Eminem, Tony Parker, Lil John, Diddy, Shaquille Oneal, Lebron James, Lil Scrappy, Vince Carter, Carmelo Anthony, Derty Den, Young Jezzy and countless other in entertainment.

Did you notice a Carolina favorite in the mix? Boss Gates, Derty Den out of Eastern North Carolina has been sponsored and supported by Stall and Dean for a couple of years.

"It was important to work with an artist on the rise such as Derty Den when we agreed to a sponsorship. Carolina has always been rich with talent and an artist such as Derty Den understood his market and understand the importance of name recognition." -Rikers, Marketing Director of Stall and Dean

What better time, than now, then to do a photo shoot for the brand? If you haven't noticed, Stall and Dean has been dressing Dert for many of his major event appearances and video shoots. Recently he did a Photoshoot with newcomer, Carolina Photographer, "PhotoDrew" of Perfection Photography.

Behind the scenes video:

The pictures are available on his website and all other media outlets he is currently featured on.


Each outfit showcases the variety and great vintage style of Stall and Dean. If you are interested in purchasing anything, you need to hurry and get to the Stall and Dean website fast. They're currently running a "BUY ONE JACKET GET A HAT FREE". Ladies, I promise, once you see your man in a Stall and Dean jacket you'll appreciate reading this article. They go great with Timb's or Nike ACGs. Its like a winter man makeover. Few more days til Christmas and there are plenty of Urban stores around the E-NC that carry the brand. I suggest getting any neutral color Ivy League brand.

Stall and Dean is in its 112th year and continues on as one of the oldest and highly respected clothing brands in the entire industry.

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