Monday, January 17, 2011

Cris Jons x Guest Poet

No Title.
(Loved this poem! No better person could've wrote this, than an intelligent, strong black man. I *salute* you Cris.)

the feelings of a century tied into one
generation repressed dreams and
discrimination followed by hopes and
determination hoping only to avoid
extermination we are the examples, and
everyday our children look up to us and our
and our foul natures, as i open up
my eyes and look at our foul nation
i say," rise up people"! this is no
longer a time of waiting. and i pray
to god, cause behind our back is
a waiting satan.many times i've
thought to myself,"what is it all for?"
and i heard heaven reply'" cause i
have more in store, for you; for us all
all you have to do is want it,
and only then will you see
that all things in this world
are possible through me".....

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