Monday, January 17, 2011

Dear Black Man,,, A letter

Dear Black Man,

Million man marches, car clubs, and bars, we see you trying and we see your pain. Its not all your fault, its not just your pain. You know the difference between right and wrong, but why always do right when you feel everything always goes wrong? Why work double shifts just to hear your boss still bitch? Excuse my french, but I know the stress you carry. I see the pain in your eyes. I feel the tensity of your strong black hands when you make a fist. Its not just for hitting, no need to punch walls. That fist represents power. That fist represents your culture.

You're not just told to "be there" for your children, you're to be a role model. That's the true definition of a father. You're not just told to "be here", you're to be supportive. That's the true definition for loving a woman.

Hey you, black man. Yea, you're fine, you're sexy, can I have you next to me? Can i get a few minutes to appreciate your past? No, not just yours. Your fathers' past. His fathers' past and his fathers' past. Decade after decade it was you Black Man that stood tall, spoke out and sacrificed. That strong heart inside your chest- that's sexy. That's what makes you who you are. Those wrong choices can be right and you don't always have to feel like life's a fight. You wanna know what carried the extra stress and the extra weight and who helped you Black Man stay strong? Decade after decade it was a strong black woman. Dr. King went through hell and back and never gave up. Sounds familiar, because I see you doing the same. His backbone was Coretta Scott King. Decade after decade the black woman has inherited this same natural support system. Wanna be a better stronger black man, make sure you support your strong black woman.

Keep the dream alive and be true to yourself. If you want our support, we expect the same. There is no dream to achieve if their is no team.

With love,

Black Woman

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