Thursday, January 6, 2011


Yall know I admire Kanye for more than the love of his music. He reminds me of teh male version of myself. I swear, ask Mommie Connect. Especially for the "outspoken" characteristics. No matter where or why, ill say what I wanna reagardless of the consequences. Kanye is also known for his mouth-- sometimes more than his music and i can respect that. Yall should too.

Now, not too long ago 'Ye got us all excited, proclaiming that he and Jay-Z's joint album, Watch the Throne, will be released "next week". THAT unfortunately appears to be an empty promise.

It was announced yesterday (January 5) that the album won't drop until March. Im actually happy and mad about that. Im happy because 'Ye and Jay do NOT need to drop any rushed materials and they need all the time they deserve. Im mad because i was ready like hell to hear that shit! My 2 favorite artist dropping a whole album!! I think its only going be a 10 song album. Maybe they wont be stingy with the music and give us 15! lol

According to some sources close to Kanye and Def Jam, they revealed that the album has an official release date of March 1st. The album's first single is going to supposedly drop on January 11th.

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