Friday, January 7, 2011


You could get the message below if you go around networking. I sometimes randomly add DJs and Artists that I see over in the "Friend Suggestion" section. OBVIOUSLY they were suggested to me because we have a lot of friends in common. So I add them. Sometimes I'll get a message that will say "You don't know this person"... request cant be sent" or some shit like that and I ask myself "then why are you suggesting them to me????"

So today I was hit with a "roadblock" and have to "sign" and "agreement" that I cannot add people i do not know. Ive had a previous problem with Facebook back in October when, in my opinion, I had some haters repeatedly reporting my page because I was hit with an email that my page was deactivated because on several occasions my page was reported that I was "impersonating" someone. I guess this is what I ALSO get for doing something better than the next. I gotta love my hater. I was told I needed to send an email of a scanned or pic msg picture of my State ID card or another photo ID that proved my named and picture. At that time I had planned to never go back to FB but I still did. Now I get hit with this bullshit.

So friends, if my page disappears, its FB fault and Ill be gettin my fling on with Twitter. Oh Ill still be arnd but I will refuse to build another page. I went from almost 4000 to 0 overnight and since Oct, im only at about 2000. The rules and guidelines for Facebook are gettin ridiculous. Dont suggest me friends if ima just get put on blocked. This is my job. To network.

" Friend Requests and Messages Blocked for 2 Days
To prevent you from contacting people against their wishes, your friend requests and your ability to send messages to strangers have been blocked temporarily.

If more of your friend requests are later marked as spam or reported for being sent to strangers, this block could be extended. To prevent this, you may wish to cancel your pending friend requests. "

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