Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Every Monday, your attention is caught by the signature pink and black, tantalizingly teasing photos and phrase "BadBitchability". What we know is her voice is incredible, her single "Pay No Mind" definitely has #RewindValue and the attitude we love, she was mentioned as "next to follow suit" in an article featured on Hip Hop Weekly, next to my favs, Derty Den and Shelly B, my Blog Affiliate, B-Dot of Notoriety being a NOBODY, got her 1st interview, and, whom I work for, got to premiere her single. What we don't know is that having BadBitchability is not just having style, attitude and a good head on your shoulders. Its knowing when to get in BadBitchabilty Mode and when to use Badbitchabilty. I mos def think Anaya knows all this and more and #iSUPPORT Anaya Daffe. Having BadBitchability is knowing the difference and not being afraid to showcase that knowledge. Today I was introduced to an event she is performing for that I thought HAD to have a feature on this site. She's more than a sexy voice, she's a supporter for good causes. THAT'S BadBitchability.


Aside from the sarcasm and crude humor, I am a advocate for women. #DUH Wet Set supports females in the Industry and abroad so it was only right I feature this event. We have ladies on the team that sing, model, go to school for cosmetology, and we even have a Cancer survivor that goes hard for the team (Love you Temika!), we don't discriminate on looks when adding females on the team and I personally know how hard it is as a female in the Industry. One of the most important things that go on in a female's personal life is abuse. Physical, mental and verbal abuse. To this day I rock a purple wrist band for Women's Abuse with the phrase, "No excuse! Stop the abuse!".

On February 20, Anaya will be performing LIVE at "The Flame" In New Bern, NC for "SISTERS UNITED" from 5pm to 9pm. This event is Presented by Touch 92.3 and Next Media to discuss topics of Domestic Violence, Job Attire, Refuge, Teen Bullying, and even Self Esteem and Communication within our youth. This is mos def an event I hope many will attend. Adult Admission is just $5 and its free for the youth! FOr more information visit

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