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BLACK HISTORY IS ALL YEAR. NOT JUST JANUARY AND FEBRUARY. That's my beginning view of Black History. Im not gonna introduce you somebody you already know like Rosa Parks or Malcolm X. These are great pioneers and legends of our Black History culture but there is more to our history than what the school systems taught us.

I'm not gonna drop a name every day of this month, shit, you should already know our history. Half of you reading probably didn't even vote- I'm not talking bout JUST in November 2008 either. I'm not here to tel you why I know more than you or broadcast that I'm smart and know my history because I'm good. Don't mean to sound cocky but I had one of them mothers who made me right book reports on anything and everything. I just wanna talk shit and have an excuse for it to be honest. #GETFAMILAR

1967 in the South Bronx came Clive Campbell from Jamaican, aka Kool Herc. He is considered to be one of the founders of hip-hop. Kool Herc became that, what later became known as "DJ". In Jamaica, the DJ was a "master" of the music system, which evolved around the lives of youth. He arranged parties, made an interesting speech-feast into the microphone. Soon he became known as MC ( "master of ceremony") - he gathered music, played and announced them. Eventually when a DJ, aside from making music, announced some "rhythmic text" it became known as the word "rap".

Soon Kool Herc, began "repeating of the instrumental breaks", which were there hooks, ima guess. Dancers came out to the dance-floor and showed their "skills". Reminds me of that great movie called "Breakin". Anyways, Kool Herc marked these breaks and named the participants "B-Boys" aka "Break boys" and the dance was called break-dancing (breaking).

Now, i think i broke that shit down pretty well. Currently, this Hip hop pioneer has kidney stones and is very sick in the hospital but doesn't have any health insurance and can't afford surgery. Now, after all I broke down about how much he influenced Hip Hop, you would think one of these Hip Hop artists that are so quick to drop a song about how much cash they blowing would help him out ESPECIALLY since its Black History Month. #IMJUSSAYIN

Only time will tell, my prayers go out to him in the hopes he gets better or the hopes someone will pay for his surgery. Health Insurance is a big issue not only with Herc but in the black community. I, for one, don't have health insurance and this county I reside in gives me a run around every time I try for Medicaid to the point where I just think they don't want to give it to me because of my parents Military status. To this day, i still have a $23,000 tab on my record for a hospital bill. Prob wont be buying a home anytime soon! LMAO

According to NY Daily News,
"the 55-year-old DJ has piled up more than $10,000 in hospital bills and the much-needed surgery will only add to that" claims his sister.

Im guessing if I get badly ill ima just die then being that this is North Carolina! Damn shame. Lol. He's a Hip Hop Legend and no one has jumped the gun to help him with his kidney stones. Where's Rick Ross? He blows money fast. I know Herc gotta be quoting "Can I Live?"

TO DONATE TO HIS RECOVERY: Donations To Kool Herc via Paypal now available CLICK HERE NOW

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