Tuesday, February 8, 2011

iSUPPORT Lupe Fiasco

The first time I saw this cover it sent chills down my spine. The 2nd time, made me want to officially assign my blog to the promotion and countdown to his album release. Why? Because I can. lol Because its my blogsite. Most importantly, because if you ask me whats the hottest newest mainstream song out or artist out and I wouldn't specifically know because I surround myself with Indie artists. My answer would probably not be a mainstream artist.

Today a producer and songwriter and fellow Aries affiliate out of Charlotte, NC helped inspire the support for this article and many more to come. Byron Crite ( FOLLOW HIM @songdesigner ), is CEO/President and Founder of Miscellaneous Productions Inc. He had posted the album cover and it caught my eye soon as it hit my News Feed on Facebook.

You know, I got so caught up in promoting artist music, making sure I give everybody some shine and a little free press that I forgot the purpose for this website: To express my opinions as a young, single black female in the Underground Music Industry while supporting the artists that support me and slapping "Wet Set!" on everything. lol

This website promotes and supports many indie artists and Underground DJs and Producers. If I am to promote or support ANY mainstream music/artist, it would be Kanye West. Today i'm adding Lupe Fiasco onto that short roster. He's always been a favorite but this album cover below, visually kills me softly with its artwork.


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