Thursday, February 17, 2011


I ran across this affiliate when his profile picture captured my attention. Of course, first glance you see shot glasses and as many know, I love to drink, but it wasn't just the shot glasses, it was the quote on the pic.

"Don't chase anything but drinks and dreams"

That's a great ass quote, in my opinion. Everything isn't meant to be caught. Some things and even some people aren't meant to be "captured". Drinks should be chased with Coke or Grapefruit and dreams should be chased until the wheels fall off. Everything else will happen if its meant to happen.

Back to the picture... also on the picture was "ZG Beats". I love my artists, I love and appreciate my DJs and I more so love, appreciate and adore the producers and beatmakers. The beat makes the song majority of the time. Artist will often hear me tell them to get on some original beats. Nothing is more exciting that hearing a talented artist with great delivery on top of a great beat.

MEET ZG BEATS outta Decatur, Illinois. Now, you may be like "Decatur Illinois??? Never heard of that!!" Shame on you! Decatur is most known for it once being the residency for Abraham Lincoln! DUH! It's about 3 hours from Chicago and is a college town that holds a young guy who make these great beats, great graphics and caught my attention with his personality and talent. ZG is 20 going on 21 and has been doing this for like 7 years. He started makin beats around the age of 12-13.

"I've tried to stop makin music and change career paths like 3 times but something always made a way for me with music. It's like I was meant to do it..."

I definitely support ZG Beats, not just for the originality and quality but for his networking skills. You need beats, you get at him! Expand your variety artists! Visit

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