Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Even Jay Z supports UK!

12 years ago was the last time my Kentucky Wildcats made it to the Final Four and Tubby Smith was our coach. 12 years ago I was 12. UK is a Taylor team. 12 years ago UK beat Utah 78-69 and won the title. Note that Utah had beat UNC earlier that same year in the Semifinals. Kentucky JUST beat UNC 76-69. Almost a perfect stat.

Now, left and right Ive received calls and texts from UNC fans saying something similar to "All of a sudden you a UK fan!!". Umm... No silly rabbit. Everybody has my number, everybody knows my name but nobody knows that I've bled Kentucky Blue since Taylor was inked as my last name. I moved to NC and started High School here. I was born in Beaufort Co., NC in 86 stayed here for 6 months then moved to Virginia Beach for a few months then to Lexington, KY 87-88. I went around the world and moved back there in 93-2000 and now Carolina is my home. *sighs* But I will ALWAYS be a KY thoroughbred.


Now, s if getting into first Final Four bracket since 1998 wasn't already exciting for them as much as it was for me, the Wildcats also reportedly had Jay Z waiting for them outside their locker room after that edge-of-the-seat victory. He reportedly surprised the players w/ smiles, shaking hands, snapping photos and congratulating Kentucky on its accomplishment.

According to Rivals.com, "The visit from Jay-Z was reminiscent of last year's NCAA tournament when rapper Drake would regularly show up in the Kentucky locker room after victories. He later invited the Wildcats on stage during an offseason show in Lexington, also leading a C-A-T-S cheer and performing the John Wall dance on stage.

The association with celebrities like Ashley Judd, Drake and LeBron James is another perk Calipari can emphasize to give Kentucky an advantage on the recruiting trail. Just like the Showtime Lakers attracted players and fans because of their ties to Hollywood, Kentucky is quickly becoming college basketball's answer to that."

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