Tuesday, April 5, 2011

EXTRA! EXTRA!: H.H claims Sam Leake gave her crabs...

I love this article Sam Leake posted as a "note" on FB earlier this year. Now that I have your attention, PLEASE read this shit! Love it!

" Me and HH had been together for awhile when all of a sudden she comes in the apartment screaming and waving papers in my face saying I gave her crabs. Every-time she puts one down another one climbs to the top. I was confused because I had never cheated on HH in my life, so if anything one of them clowns she been hanging around with is a crab ass n*gga. Now HH got me in the free clinic trying to find out if I got crabs. ****True Story*****


I recently asked what "Crabs In The Bucket" meant and Yung Sprocket explained it to me. I am going to take you on a journey and explain the good points of Crabs in a bucket.

"Competition breeds quality" - unknown

Coca-Cola and Pepsi are constantly at battle claiming their product is better than the other persons, they even go as far as using the other companies product in their ads. Honda and Toyota have been fighting for years to corner the import car market in America and would go as far as to say they beat out the other five years straight in a JD Powers and Associates Survey. Right now there is an active battle for satellite TV. Dish Network & Direct TV wants everyone to switch from landlines (Time Warner) to satellite TV. I have seen advertisements from Direct TV printed up and thrown on my porch with the actual rates that Time Warner and Dish Network charge for basic service. According to the definition that was given to me this is textbook "Crabs in a Bucket", or is it just the fundamentals of business savvy and marketing.

"There is no spoon" - Matrix

I was watching the first Matrix movie and there was a part when Neo first went to meet the Oracle. There was a child bending a spoon mentally. He said the trick is to realize that there is no spoon. That is a profound statement that can easily be applied to the "Crabs in the Bucket" mentality. If you can mentally realize that there really are no crabs in the bucket then the crabs don't exist. I will attempt to explain the old world way of thinking and hope we all can understand the true meaning of "Crabs in a Bucket"

"Only The Strong Survive" - unknown

The reason the crabs are always reaching for the top is because that is where freedom lies. Freedom is not at the bottom of the bucket. The next thing you see if you are at the bottom is death (a pot of boiling water w/ Old Bay seasoning). So the Crabs are not really trying to hold back the other Crab it is trying to reach freedom. The crab above him was placed there and didn't rightfully earn his spot so the stronger crabs will climb to the top to reach freedom to continue the species. There are a lot of people that have been put in places they don't deserve by the captors so the stronger people have to fight much harder to reach the spot that is rightfully theirs.

"Some people confuse hate with competition" - Small Change (An SRA favorite!)

The term "Crabs in the Bucket" is being thrown around the local Hip Hop community as an overused cliche'. Nobody is hating on you, only you can stop you. If somebody is calling you out, that is their way of saying you are above me so I am going to try to bring you down. But what they really are doing is making you stronger and making you work harder to keep your place. It is not a negative thing for somebody to try and stop you, look at it as an opportunity to look at your marketing plan or tweak the way you engineer your beats, or start doing 12 bars a verse instead of 16 to effectively keep the listener hanging on your every word. All in all it is just competition, and like I always say:


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