Monday, April 18, 2011

SRA Exclusive: "I'll take a Double Apple Chill to go..."

The Apple Chill has been a great event, no matter where its location, for car and bike clubs, artists and promoters. Excellent networking can be made at these events and I suggest artists show up with their promo material, and remember vendors and radio stations and models and all sorts of key individuals will be there. Its a great way to start your Summer and bring in 3rd Qtr.

Derty Den is making a appearance at both events. Expect to see some spectacular performances from this Artist/CEO, Business Mogul along with the whole GDA camp. This wkend Apple Chill he will be on the main stage in Fayetteville, NC and you can catch Young Joc, Mr. Cheeks and Sequence as well. The headliners for the May 15th event in Roxboro, NC havent been announced yet. 

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Yea. I had to do it. I wasnt able to get any responses from anyone on FB about my confusion so, I mean, you be the judge. I just want to share the humor. Am I seeing double?

This is the April 23 Easter Wkend Apple Chill in Fayetteville, NC
(2 flyers) *notice the "5th Annual" subtitles

  This is the May 15 Apple Chill aka "Big Chill" in Roxboro, NC
(2 flyers) *notice the "Official" subtitles

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