Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Meet another underground sensation creating a ripple effect from out of the Down East NC. I'll be interviewing him soon but for now I figured it was time I'd shoot out some throwback videos showing just how hard this individual grinds.

He recently did a collab with Lil Chuckee & Yung LA and this is only the beginning. His talents and dedication are a true definition of a consistent artist and how overcoming obstacles become just another notch in the belt.

Currently a EBW/GDA artist, his label is Everybody Workin The Label and his marketing is GDA Music Worldwide.

To book Premoe for any shows or features please contact everybodyworkin@gmail.com or premoe3000@yahoo.com

Check out one of his past singles that stations everywhere over the Summer:

Check out these other promo videos from a couple years back.

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