Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today (6.23) Buju Banton was sentenced to 10 years in Federal Prison for conspiracy charges. Many people close to me tweeted me or posted on my wall the news links and I even got texts about it. My love for music grew on Reggae. I have this infamous picture of my baby brother and I in Italy where Im listening to a cassette player and it was a Bob Marley tape. From the day i could pick things up I always picked up my fathers cassette player or his tapes. My father got me attached to reggae, my mother allowed it to play around me and reggae was the 1st genre of music i feel in love with.

One of the most played reggae artists was Buju Banton. His voice, the lyrics, I grew to understand what he was saying. While my friends, from back then and even now, would pick on how it sounded like he wasn't saying any words, I actually heard each and every word. I understood the dialect in a matter of time.

I basically just wrote this article for the dedication and support to one of my favorite artists. This song below is the song I think many of his fans will relate to what he's going through right now:

and this one:

They're giving him time served so he should only have to do 6 years. Just another aspect of our gov't system. I've read about murderers and child molesters from out of Florida get less time. Below are 2 of his most popular songs in Jamaica and the one that he is most known for here in the States:

This was the follow up song:

We all know him for these 2 popular songs:

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