Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LEAK ALERT: Strike Is Over: J. COLE x "Work Out"

I was on a blog stirke along with my boy over at "Notoriety Being A Nobody" from J. Cole postings but I like this song-- ALTHOUGH his sound sounds too much Kanye West. (My opinion) This is the 3rd song I've heard from him where he sounded as to mimic Kanye's style. (Only a big Kanye fan would hear the familiarization tho.) #FuckYourFeelings

So with that said The Strike is over... and why not on the anniversary of "The Warm Up". J.Cole drops a single to his debut album, which said to release in September... Yea... 3 months from now. But we shall see! He allegedly tweeted this release according to my sources. Just realized he dropped a single THE SAME DAY Derty Den dropped another one of his singles earlier today on SheBloggin called "Get It In".... #CRAZY lol

Work Out - J. Cole


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