Saturday, June 4, 2011

Meek Mill, Rick Ross & Swizz beats bring Reebok Back

It wasnt enough to just bring Tupac back, they had to bring back a shoe. Thanks guys for taking away all the respect for that song by remixing it to bring back a shoe. Lol. I guess you can say this is great branding and a good move on Reebok but, how is this really lookin for Swizz Beats? Guess I'll stsy tuned. I say, "shout out to Reebok" but Swizz, "come one son?" Look at them? No cool points for you on this design.

Yes. They even remixed the song. I swear if I go into FootAction and they bumpin this, they will loose my business lol. I mean, they all could've just made their own shoe brand as much money they be blowin.... #imjussayin

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