Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I seriously hope there aren't people out there saying "OMG" to this. Stuff like this just doesn't happen for publicity... or could it? Do you think it was for ratings or did he just get caught as being the infamous stereotype of a "down-lown brother".

If you're gonna be homosexual, its your choice, its your preference. Sex is a choice and a preference. You can live without sex. Seriously. SO if you like the same sex, do you.. BUT be open up front about it. Its your life, live it how you want to but remember you must face consequences that come your away from your choices. You always hear "Only God can judge me" and that's the pure truth for any of us. As long as I keep liking penis, I dont care what anybody else likes. LOL. #imjussayin

The thing with this incident is he supposedly has been like this for a while now. Im sure you heard Wendy Williams called out the suspicion a few years back. So now when he gets caught, the industry is outraged. Yea he produced "Ready to Die". What's his sexuality gotta do with that. Business is business. You think B.I.G asked dude is he gay just to do business with him? Hell no. Im not shocked at all. Im ashamed because he just making the stereotype a brand name now.

I think if a man is gonna like men and he's in the limelight, he BETTER let it be known with his publicist or somebody because THIS is a perfect example of what will happen. If he was honest with himself and company in the first place, he could've saved Funk Flex, his Publicist, the Hot 97 brand and etc a fuckin headache.

Early today, according to XXLMag, DJ Mister Cee plead guilty in New York Criminal Court this morning (June 1) to charges of public lewdness and exposure. As you may already know, he was arrested on March 30, after police officers allegedly caught him in a sexual act in Lower Manhattan with another man in the early AM. [Read the POLICE REPORT here]

According to the criminal complaint filed by Officer Lindsay Agard, and obtained by the, Cee was caught with his “exposed, naked and erect penis” in the mouth of a man by the name of Lawrence Campbell. Campbell, who goes by the moniker Brookle-Lynne Pinklady on his Facebook page, was found with his “mouth and lips in an up-and-down motion consistent with oral sex.” [Read the police report here]

It is uncertain when Cee is due back in court.

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