Saturday, June 18, 2011


Beyond Race Magazine dropped an issue with J. Cole on the cover in late 2009. One of the highlight topics was the "Top 50 Emerging Artists". On that list was, obviously, was J. Cole at number 1 and 7 spots behind him was Derty Den at number 8. Another thing you might not know was that BRM was the ONLY magazine to give a claim that J. Cole was next to blow in 2010. (They also said Drake was next artist to blow in 2009). Read article on Derty Den in BRM 2010 HERE.
Read feature on J. Cole in BRM 2009 HERE.

Its almost 3rd Qtr 2011 and J. Cole is steadily living up to that title. He's struggled with major criticism, not only from myself, but from his fans and the state of NC, he is still proving to be an artist that will not quit without a fight. So goes the same with Derty Den. I know what you're thinking, and although I work for him, im never biased about his music. He would even tell you that. I'll let him and any artist know if I hear something "wack". Although there is no major record label behind Derty Den's name like J. Cole, doesn't mean they aren't constantly contacting him and watching him on the radar. Just like Cole, the pressure is just as strong and just as stressful. Welcome to the Entertainment Business.

Check out this remix of "Bun B for President" from J. Cole f/ Derty Den. If was released on Den's 4 installment that dropped September 2010. A week after Derty Den brought home Best Male Artist in one of the South Easts largest Music Summits and Awards show, the SMES. It was never released as a single but im releasing it for momentum value. Why? Because as a fan of them both it was pretty interesting that they both released tracks from their upcoming albums on the same day (June 15 2011). Derty Den 1st with "Get It In" on SheBloggin and J. Cole with "Work Out" on Twitter. Den's first release from Limitless was leaked on AllHipHop, "Crazy".

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Bun B for President Rmx - J. Cole & Derty from the
Tony Soprano Mixtape

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