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A typical person will criticize anything, anyone, at any time. Criticism is a part of our daily lives and the feedback from it, whether negative or positive, created our social lives. Criticism is also often confused for “hate”. If you tell someone your opinion about their outfit, they may say, “You just a hater”. In all actuality, you’re merely criticizing the way they paired their clothing. Haters will disagree to that statement, but that’s why you’re labeled the way you are. What matters is, this is the society we have known and learned to adapt and accept it.
I came across an artist in 2009 while running coordination and registration for an Industry night here in Greenville, NC. This artist’s name was Bettie Grind. Yea, exactly what I thought. Once you learn the meaning behind it you’ll change your view (unless you’re a hater). So, I’m organizing time slots and running around getting the club ready when this tall, lanky light skin artist with shades on comes through with his entourage and introduces himself to me very respectful and professional. I immediately critique his introduction, from his cool ass walk through the foyer to his observant “out of town” stance later that night. His performance was great. In fact, I was relieved because he had come out to the heart of E-NC from Queen City to our open mic and not only got love from the crowd but gave it back.
What better of a time to interview this artist with the controversial name and low key fame then now? I’ve been in many posts, forums and comment threads where his name comes up. The critics want to know one thing and the haters only care about another. How about I just ask him what matters.

"Dammit, I'm---" he write a lot lol

1. You’re real heavy in Charlotte and have a nice grip on the fan base out in your area, how do you feel about other portions of Carolina who might not know who you are?
The Carolinas are an extremely large space in the southern market for hip hop. To be recognized as a celebrity in Charlotte, Columbia, Greensboro, etc. is a wonderful feeling. I do have to establish myself a bit more in every area especially Raleigh and Fayetteville. But, locking the biggest city in the Carolinas Charlotte, N.C, is huge! It's something no one before me has done and something I will be forever remembered for. Some established artist haven't had the success I have achieved in Charlotte and surrounding cities in the Carolinas. So honestly, I'm happy with my space here but trust me I'm working everyday to further secure my space in other Carolina markets. As we speak I have TV commercials running daily on BET, MTV, VH1, OXYGEN, BRAVO, and the Nickelodeon channel in the Carolinas and Georgia to expand the awareness of Bettie Grind and his music.

2. Do you have any plans to do a tour or more shows to spread your music out around the state? Why or why not?
I do have plans to expand my music around the Carolinas. I look at the Carolinas as one state so forgive me if I don't answer your questions based solely on North Carolina. I share a leading role in both states and I'm supported by both. As I stated previously I'm running commercials daily on TV to expose my new single CIROC MONEY (HELLO!) produced by Drumma Boy to the market. This is a promotional and marketing tactic I have used with my 3 prior singles and helped me gain a name in cities I may not be able to frequent as often as I would like. I also have a viral campaign going on as well as multiple mixtapes in the streets with various DJ's. I also plan to do a mini tour throughout the Carolinas building up to the release date of my upcoming street album and DVD "T.G.F.C."

3. People criticize you about your last single “Damnit Im Fly” because of its extended promotion, why was it used as your single for so long?
Dammit I'm Fly was my label Hood Supastar's baby so to speak. We pushed that record until we couldn't anymore. That record received national attention which was a first for an independent artist from the Carolinas. Dammit I'm Fly is still receiving BDS spins to date, # years later. Dammit I'm Fly had over 5000 BDS spins and put me on the stage with the likes of many established artist. It also crossed me over to a white audience and demographic which was great. Dammit I'm Fly went into rotation on over 40 national stations and then came back a year later only to do the same thing. You tell me any song that has done that? I had a premier DJ tell me a week ago "Bettie, Dammit I'm Fly could come back to radio right now! You want to know what your problem is Bettie? Your music is ahead of its time!" So to some it was out too long, but to a lot it wasn't out long enough. The people wanted to see that song go to the top of radio as well as video. It served its purpose though... It branded Bettie Grind! It was a song that no one expected a Carolina artist to be able to make... a HIT! Not locally, but nationally.

4. Name one thing the Carolina’s should know about you that they don’t know.
The Carolinas should know what you have seen is only the beginning. This movie hasn't started yet. We are only on the opening credits. Hood Supastar is a movement. This story is being penned as the pages turn.

5. You’ve been hittin the scene since 2004-05, according to your website, and you have released 5 projects and 9 mixtape projects and/or features. Which one means the most and which one should be in my collection?
They all should be in your collection. You can't no where I'm going unless you know where I've come from. I make hits and some say I'm the best here to do it but... I am the best at what I do. The words and songs I make... with every verse you hear from Bettie Grind is pure beauty. You hear truth, somehow squeezed into the smallest of bars and blended into 16 or maybe sometimes 32 bar verses of picture perfect perfection. A lot of people won't appreciate Bettie Grind until he's gone... The categories of artist they place me in I never belonged in. If the people took a minute to listen to "G'S US is coming" then "I AM HE... G'S US" and now "THE LEAK" they would see the carolinas is only a word used to limit this guys talents. I can not be compared or balloted for votes with anyone from my home. Bettie Grind is one of one. T.G.F.C. will tell you all you need to know about Bettie Grind or as much as you need to answer your questions or dissolve the lies told in 70 minutes of perfection.

6. In 2010 there was a lot of rage and allegations that you didn’t want to work with other artists and that you charge high feature prices, is this true? What is the criteria that you base your price?
First of all I did over 30 features for established artist in the Carolinas. You can find them on my mixtapes or twiturm. That is a lie. Yes we do charge for a Bettie Grind feature to most. my colleagues or friends I don't charge but for most we do. My brand cost 100's of thousands of dollars of my money to brand. This is the brand artist want to help establish them as someone to watch. This is why people get features from established artist. They are paying for a cosign and to gain our fan base. Why would I give my fan base away free when I spent real dollars to attain it and traveled the country to secure it? That would make no sense. I base my price off my demand in the market the artist is in as well as my expenses to record it. Bettie is worth every red cent and if you feel differently that's cool it won't take the steak off my Ruth Chris's plate. I'm good.

7. Why don’t we see you doing more collaborations in general?
Everyone hasn't gained the respect of a collabo with me. Not to say they won't but some collabo's can hurt your standings in hip hop. Like why did Bettie do that feature with dude he's wack! Sometimes we turn down a couple bands just because the artist is bad or because his quality isn't of industry standards.

8. You’re not a controversial artist yet you’re not the “All American” humble artist neither, who is Bettie Grind and why does your city love you so much?
I think my city loves me because I love them. They know I'm pushing for us! They want to see me win because they know if Bettie wins and gets that big deal he won't forget where he is from like every artist before. They know Bettie Grind bleeds Carolina Blue whether he's at home or another planet. As far as who is Bettie Grind??? I think the entire world is asking that question. Is he gang affiliated, drug related, who is he connected with? Just know this guy is more than you have ever seen and his story is his own just like BMF, Roc A Fella, YMCMB, etc. Just listen to the music it isn't just something cool to say when I say it, IT IS MY LIFE.

9. Why haven’t you been picked up by any labels? Do you think it’s the “Carolina shackles”?
I haven't been signed because of many reasons. Do they matter? NO. I'm not signed. Whether I turned down deals, didn't have enough web presents, they want to know who my street connects are, I'm from the black hole (The Carolinas) as the labels call it, or if I'm just plain out wack! It doesn't matter why it only matters when! When I do it will be unlike any other deal ever to come out of the Carolinas. Just know they know Bettie don't need their money! They know they gotta come with a check! And it ain't gonna be what I have in one of my safe's. That advance money is only money to niggas who just rappin this shit. I'm living this shit. I already live like ball players do. Fuck would I sign for some shit I can get myself!

10. Was your release of “Ciroc Money” intended for possible endorsements from the liquor company?
No. If they want me they can hire me but I made the song because I drink it and my team really does have a lot of Rose' and Ciroc Money (laughs)

11. Give me the run down! What’s next for Bettie this summer?
This summer.... Just watch out for Ciroc Money (HELLO!) it just hit #18 on the internet radio charts in two days as the fastest growiing record and stay tuned for T.G.F.C. Also, watch out for a new series of mixtapes entitled the "Bugatti Bettie" series. Hood Supastar is the movement. Bettie Grind is the voice. HELLO!

So there you have it. I learned he's going through the same thing with labels as many artists from this market are going through and it'll be a while before the labels take that title off our state so that's nothing new. I also learned this guy puts his commercials on NICKELODEON. Lol. Now that's funny but still very good exposure. I gotta give him his props. Look forward to gettin more exclusives from him. For more on Bettie Grind CLICK HERE

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