Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I heard this track earlier today and just got around to post it but I knew I HAD TO post this track. It's said to be his first single off the long, long, long anticipated album. The title to me was like, "wow, wonder what this shit is", but from the very 1st word to the very last adlib on this track, my attention was all on this. This song is so official, so Hip Hop, so refreshing, so orgasmic- yes, orgasmic.

Back in September of last year (2010) Nas informed us that "Lost Tapes 2" was on hold due to some label issues and new music.

Now we're expecting "Life is Good". Honestly, Im confused but one thing is for sure, I don't really think he's one of the artists that will loose fans due to the anticipation but he damn sure is energizing the Hip Hop community with this release today and I for one is officially on the waiting list on Amazon for the album soon as its available.

Chk out "Nasty" below:

Here's his most recent interview with "Sucker Free":

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