Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ARTICLE: How bout some TRUTH behind "Otis" by Kanye West and Jay Z

We've all heard the track when it dropped at 1:11 am on July 21. Hopefully you all did. "Otis" is the 2nd release off of the "Watch the Throne" album releasing in August by moguls Jay Z and Kanye West. Etc, etc, etc all that info is on the other sites. On THIS site you will be informed of some of the hidden messages from my eyes that I know of and when it comes to this track, more than Otis Redding came to mind.

My dear fellow readers, you probably didn't learn much about him in Us History but there's a historical "Otis" in America's history. Hence the doubling viewed graphic used for the release (as seen to the right). Allow me to introduce you to James Otis, one of the leaders of extremists, lawyer in colonial Massachusetts, and an early advocate of the political views that led to the infamous Revolution. Have you ever heard the phrase, "Taxation without Representation is Tyranny"? if not, now you have. It has often be related back to an infamous quote of his.

Not enough to amuse you?

Check this, out of the majority of the leaders of the Revolution, Otis was one a very few who favored extending the basic natural law freedoms of life, liberty and property to African Americans. Do you remember reading about the "Writs of Assistance"? They were never expiring documents that served like search warrants issued by British Americans in the 1760's that sparked major controversy in Massachusetts. James Otis had made alliances with Boston merchants, and in turn he instantly became a patriot star after the controversy. Now that's a major chess move. Don't you just love #POLITICS The British hated Otis' power so much that in 1769 he received a gash on the head by a British tax collector named John Robinson at a  British Coffee House. There's no proof of it but they tried to say he was crazy around the time he died. he died by a lightening strike, may I add. CLICK HERE for more on James Otis.

It's historic information like this for why I love Kanye West and of course Jay Z. My career started working on Hov's street team for the Blueprint albums and 2. It's only right, I continue... with or without a Rocafella box on my front step.

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