Thursday, July 7, 2011


I ran into female Hip Hop artist "Ms. Proper" on Twitter. Like many artists, she tweeted her mixtape to me and out of curiosity of her being a NC female artist, I stopped what I was doing to download it. Not saying I never check any of the links I am tweeted but, i usually just copy and paste them to check out later in my email notes. She represents both Fayetteville, NC and Richmond, VA. Born in VA, living in NC.
July 2, 2011 she released "#NoDaysOff" hosted by DJ White Owl and within 24 hours got a 3k count. She has this song called "OMG" on the tape that I'm crazy about and its gonna be playing in my car. I hope to work with her here and there so you'll hear more of her. Def worth the memory space of your laptop. #ENJOY!

She is also performing live on BET's 106 and Park for Wild Out Wednesday July
13th, 2011. (Text C to 79922 to vote for Ms Proper on that day). You might catch me promoting for her. #TeamCarolina Gotta support the grind.

Check out her website

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