Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SPORTS: Pass me some McNabb in a glass w/ ice. Stirred, not shaken.

McNabb. He's being passed around like Henny. The reason I lost love for the
Philadephia Eagles. I don't know if you remember how he played prior to Michael Vick, but I sure as hell do. I cant forget because I was constantly screaming at the television.

Here's the deal. Mcnabb's getting a little sensitive and I think this sensitivity is effecting THE GAME. Note, I didnt say him, or the team, THE GAME. It cant get any worse than the whole Brett Farve bad relationship fiasco, but its just as bad. #MyOpinion.

Here we have a 35 year old man about to be on a whole new team for the 3rd time. From my understanding, players play well when they have good connections with their other team mates. He's obviously still good if they're letting him go and I guess you can say he loves the game if he takes this pay cut to be moved to the Vikings... You know whats gonna happen next. The Farve curse lol. This wont be the last time he'll be in headlines about a team switch or similar. He'll probably retire trying to send "threats" for a pay raise. What amazes me is why he thinks constantly switching teams will make him a better player.

This picture is kinda wack. WTF? lol
He was a star play in early last decade then wouldn't even face Terrell Owens about the injury he got in I believe 2005 or 1006, something like that. Anyways, McNabb, this is your JOB. Your career. What are you doing? What are they doing? Why is it being allowed? What is it about McNabb that irks me so much? Who knows but we shall see this season coming up.

Now there hasnt been a confirmed deal made yet between the Redskins and the Vikings but it is said to be in a negotiation process. McNabb would have to agree to restructure the five-year, $78 million deal he signed with the Redskins, however, because the Vikings don't have enough cap room to fit him in with the way the new deal is currently structured. Vikings didnt have much luck with Farve's veteran skills but maybe they will with McNabb.

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