Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tar Heels Fires Butch Davis... Not surprised!

Bucth Davis went 28-23 in four seasons at North Carolina.
Don't be too surprised about the firing of good ol' Coach Butch Davis.

Unfortunately the school had said. "the past year of turmoil amid an NCAA investigation into improper benefits and academic misconduct was doing too much damage to the school's reputation."

Davis was hired in November 2006 as the new head football coach at UNC to replace John Bunting, who was fired in October 2006 after posting only one winning season in six years as head coach of the Tar Heels. Now, i guess the notary got to his head because here we are 5 years later seeing him be fired for, you might as well call it "cheating". #imjussayin

Remember back in 2007 he took a pay raise of allegedly $290,000 annually due to a year extension to coach the team? I mean, let's take a look at this dude's resume real quick courtesy of Wikipedia:

1973-1978 High School coach for several schools
1979–1983 Oklahoma State (TE/WR)
1984–1988 Miami (DL)
1989–1992 Dallas Cowboys (DL)
1993–1994 Dallas Cowboys (DC)
1995–2000 Miami
2001–2004 Cleveland Browns
2007–2011 North Carolina

...and today he gets dismissed nine days before the start of preseason practice. D*mn Butch! You was looking good until all this. "It was all good just a year ago..." *Kanye voice* One of the alleged charges included unethical conduct of former associate head coach John Blake, whom the NCAA accused of trying to steer players to late NFL agent Gary Wichard. For more on this story, CLICK HERE via ESPN. There will be a news conference tomorrow morning (7/28/2001) on Chapel Hill. I will not be attending, although I wish, but I am making my own connections to get some inside scoop when it all takes place.

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