Saturday, July 23, 2011


The anticipation is building up every day. Constantly i'm asked "Where's Limitless". Constantly, anxiously, you watch, they watch, we feel you watching. The answer is "Coming Soon".

The purpose for the anticipation is prepare you for a project not no other. Not just because this is Derty Den. This, in fact, IS one of NC's most watched-- the purpose is to show this industry (in and out of NC) how much underground artists are constantly watched. It doesn't matter if you're News Feed or Timeline isn't flooded with a download link soon as you THINK?

The purpose is in the title itself! There are really no boundaries, no limits, and no restrictions within this  Industry. You make it how it is. You have the control. That's why this is an INDIE INDUSTRY. "Limitless" is a certified Album with certified production, marketing, and design. When it is finally released, you will be pleased and that is the main mission, as should for ANY mixtape or album. Its purpose is NOT just to please the critics, its to please the fans and to please the people behind the work. Music101 for ya! Love you all and enjoy this preview! To hear the full audio for "Crazy", chk out its first premier (and leak) on HERE

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