Friday, November 11, 2011


The wait is over... He walked away Best Male Artist and kept the anticipation rolling through another Quarter. New Ish Friday after New Ish Friday, we waited for the Law & Order album of Mr. I Stay On The Grind and let me just say, the team better be glad this is a #CLASSIC lol. Track by track I honestly loved it all.

Favorites were Track 3, "Worried Bout" because I leaked it and the response was great, track 4, "Radio Killa", which is the single featuring Derty Den and that song is getting mad radio play. Track 9, "Love Me" feat Ashley Mar Shell was another favorite. I can go on, I mean there was some great production put into this so you know its got to be something worth your computer memory space. From Manifest to Gav Beats to Kream Kash, the production really put in work.

If I had to rate this out of five stars, I'm giving it 4... maybe 4.5. This project really took Marc Law out of the local category so please don't be offended if I'm around you and you mention his name in a conversation about local artists & i cut you off with an attitude. Reasons I don't give it a full 5: b/c I think he gave too much music and too many features for an album release. Plus "I Stay On the Grind shouldve been a bonus track lol. Look, its my opinion! Point blank, this was a great project. I'm the Sarcastic Renegade for a reason.

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Friday, November 4, 2011



I came across Dominant online this year and finally we linked up and did some business. Like many artist consultants that run into new artists, I paid very close attention to his movement online, his write-ups & most importantly, his name, aka "the brand". I told myself, "Dominant? Oh I know this dude better be hot." Honestly, I really said that.

Being the asshole I am, naturally always finding what I don't like the most, there was not nay one song on his reverb page that didnt catch my attention. (Yes, I meant to type "not nay one" Lol). One or two weren't #RewindValue but the percentage of my head bop counts was at an alarming high rate.

Lyrically Twisted Ent. and Georgetown, SC is what he calls home. Dominant, a 2 time SCUMA Winner, took time to answer a few questions and allow this site to premiere and begin the promo/marketing push behind his newest single "Check How I Do It" produced by Big Kev.


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Q. As the new year approaches, what do u have in store for your fans? 
A. Really, introducing them to Dominant... "THE BRAND".  More music, blogs, videos, shows, you name it. Everytime you log onto your computer and visit a blog site, I want them to see my brand in some form and once I feel like I have the attention I'm looking for, then "CheckHowIDoIt" The mixtape will be released.
Q. Your music carries a lot of versatility, is this purposely or do u naturally make your music to accommodate a variety of people?
A. I've always been a pretty versatile artist. I dont make my music for a particular crowd, so I tend to switch it up so that EVERYONE can have something to vibe to.
I cant sing at all! lol  But I love making records with a R&B melody somewhere in it. I just like switching it up.
3. What makes you so different from any other artist in your genre in the Carolina Market?
A. Whats makes me unique... is my high pitched voice, my wittyness, and my concepts. I make the music many of rappers wanna try, but are afraid of killing there "tough" image so they play the safe road. There is no safe road with me.
Q. Your wins at the SCUMA, expected or surprising?
A. A lil of both honestly. I won "Mixtape of The Year" for "On My Way To Stardom" hosted by DJ Dynamite and "Best Collaboration" with Apollo for "Hate For Free"
The mixtape award took me by surprise because the nominess all had great product. I can honestly say my fans came threw with the votes, and I walked away with the victory.
 Q. Tell us some of the indie artists you have already collaborated with & some indies you plan on collaborating with...
A. Ummm, only indie artist ive worked with so far is my homie Apollo. S/O to him and the "Money Man" campaign he got going.
Artist I would love to work with though are Bettie Grind, Shelly B., Mantiz, Lil Brod, and the homie Don Dada out of the Metro. I admire each of there work ethic, and they make hits! That's all im aiming for... Hit records
Q. What are your views on the music industry  in the Carolina's?
A.  I feel we need more unity and cut out some of the favoritism some markets have going on. I feel more DJ's should be record breakers instead of baseing your playlist off of what the next DJ is playing. But the problem isnt all on the the dj's... ARTIST JUST NEED TO STEP IT UP... PERIOD. You cant go up to a DJ at 12a.m. in the club, during the middle of his set with your music on a blank cd you bought from Walmart with a Sharpie written on it, and expect him to take you serious. At the end of the day, this is a business, and more artist need to understand that part in full.
Q. What are your Top 5 fav mainstream artists, dead and/or alive?
A. in no particular order...
1) Lil Wayne
2)Jae Millz
Q. Whata the next project lined up for "Check How I Do It"?
A. Really, attack the mixtape market just to get it out there a lil more. Working on puting some visuals to it by the end of this tear as well.