Friday, November 11, 2011


The wait is over... He walked away Best Male Artist and kept the anticipation rolling through another Quarter. New Ish Friday after New Ish Friday, we waited for the Law & Order album of Mr. I Stay On The Grind and let me just say, the team better be glad this is a #CLASSIC lol. Track by track I honestly loved it all.

Favorites were Track 3, "Worried Bout" because I leaked it and the response was great, track 4, "Radio Killa", which is the single featuring Derty Den and that song is getting mad radio play. Track 9, "Love Me" feat Ashley Mar Shell was another favorite. I can go on, I mean there was some great production put into this so you know its got to be something worth your computer memory space. From Manifest to Gav Beats to Kream Kash, the production really put in work.

If I had to rate this out of five stars, I'm giving it 4... maybe 4.5. This project really took Marc Law out of the local category so please don't be offended if I'm around you and you mention his name in a conversation about local artists & i cut you off with an attitude. Reasons I don't give it a full 5: b/c I think he gave too much music and too many features for an album release. Plus "I Stay On the Grind shouldve been a bonus track lol. Look, its my opinion! Point blank, this was a great project. I'm the Sarcastic Renegade for a reason.

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