Saturday, June 30, 2012

*SATURDAY NEWS BITS* Lauryn Hill faces prison, Obama boogie, @2Chainz music and MORE

Happy Weekend folks! Pour a drink if you drink. Light a square if you smoke. Roll a Dutch, a White Owl, a Philly or whatever you burn if thats your thing. Finally, Saturdayday is here and Sunday is coming to visit tomorrow. We made it! The work week in America has become as taxing on the spirit and body as I can remember in recent years. For a lot of us, another week of unemployment and disappoinment has flown by without much activity. For some of us, we will be coming home from jobs that don't tap into our potential and talent which is made worse when you look at the taxes they take out of our checks. For those people, I say put your head down and pray and lift your head up to focus on the next move in your life that can make things better. Remember the next step is the only step! Since the money is tight, there is no need to act like we balling. Find something simple, enjoyable and economic to do this weekend and lose your troubles in the feeling that life is up and down; and if you're on a down then the up will soon find you. Enjoy your time in this world and while you do here are a few things happening in your world...

(1) Things aren't just down for the broke people in this world. Ask Lauryn Hill. The singer/rapper plead guilty Friday for intentionally failing to file taxes from 2005 to 2007. Over that span, she reportedly made $1.8 million. Via her Tumblr account, Lauryn Hill stated that her failure to file taxes was on purpose because " was necessary to withdraw from society, in order to guarantee the safety and well-being of myself and my family.” She faces up to 3 years in prison and $100,000 in fines. Our prayers go out to Ms. Hill. We hope everything is resolved and she can get back to her family and music. It just goes to show ups and downs happen to everyone.

(2) Now if you want to hear about some ups, check up on the homie 2 Chainz. The man has had a year you wouldn't believe. His buzz is stupid loud right now. If there is an industry hustler who needs a feature to can capture the attention of every trap in America, they call 2 Chainz. He's done work with Ludacris, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and Young Jeezy. Add DJ Drama and Wiz Khalifa to that list of hustlers who enlisted his services. Check out the latest 2 Chainz features as he continues to build buzz for his debut solo album, Based On A T.R.U Story.

(3) Boston Celtic fans can breath a sigh of relief. Kevin Garnett will return to The C's next year. The 6'10 power forward has decided to sign a 3 year contract worth $34 million. Free agency doesn't begin until midnight July 1st but everything seems in place for his return. KG and Boston can now shift their attention to Ray Allen. The Boston shooting guard is also a free agent this year and will be fielding offers from teams looking for a sharp shooter. Fuck the bullshit! If the man is going to be a stand still dead eye shooter for the remainder of his career, he might as well spend his time left in the NBA down in South Beach. They want him in Miami. And even though that would be laying down with the enemy, it puts Ray Ray in a better position to win titles. AND YES I'M MIAMI BANDWAGONING.....unless Dallas get Deron Williams!!!

(4) While I'm talking basketball, Lamar Odom is leaving Dallas for Hollywood. Mr. Kardashian is returning to LA though this time he won't be wearing purple and gold. Odom will joing Blake Griffin and Chris Paul in LA as a Clipper next year. Kobe has got to be heated right now! AHEM...doesn't matter though, Heat are going to repeat! YEAH I'M STILL ON THAT LOL

(5) Let's talk about the heat! No not Lebron, let's talk about the crazy temperatures this weekend. The heat bubble that has been over Colorado and that area the past week, which made fighting the forest fire there so difficult, has moved east. From NYC to Florida temperatures will steadily see triple digits. I live in North Carolina and our temps will reach 104. Don't feel bad for me because up and down the east everybody will feel the heat. Holla at me in the AC!

(6) The Obama administration recently scored victories in The Supreme Court in rulings for Immigration and Healthcare. With an election fast approaching, do you think Obama was happy about receiving this good news? You tell me...

Friday, June 29, 2012

*NEWS BITS* 6/29/12 - NBA Draft, Obamacare, NEW WuBlock(Sheek Louch and Ghostface), AND MORE...

Happy Friday! It Saturday Eve and the world is moving and shaking and turning and spinning as it always does. You have either have your balance or you're dizzy. No matter how you feel, today is not going to slow down for you to be a part of it. What’s that you say???...Fuck the world???...OK that’s cool. But in thinking that way, you are denying your God given place in the world that you are capable of making better. Claim your spot. Find your balance. Get to living today.

As we are busy living, or not, here are a few things happening in the world that you might be interested in...

(1) Thursday morning, The US Supreme Court ruled in favor of Obamacare, the healthcare plan proposed by Pres. Obama. What does this mean for Hip Hop? It means all of us are now required to be responsible about our health by law and purchase health insurance. Don't worry! It also means that the government has to help us get health insurance if you can't afford it. If you go without health insurance, you are in danger of being taxed more than those who do. So choose the side you want to be on, be responsible and get insurance OR stay insurance free and get taxed more. Protect your neck and your paper and go holla at All-State nigga!

(2) My girlfriend is all gloating and shit because Thursday night her favorite team, the Kentucky Wildcats, put a record 6 players in the NBA. The NBA held its annual draft and the Wildcats went 1 and 2 with Anthony Davis going 1st to New Orleans and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 2nd to Charlotte. Fuck what my girlfriend thinks! MY North Carolina Tarheels put 4 players in the NBA and ALL OF THEM WENT IN THE 1ST ROUND! POW! It is also noteworthy that this may have been the first draft where no one wore an ugly suit LOL. Everybody was fresh! Now get to practice so Miami can whoop on y'all again next year. Yeah I said it!

(3) Mobb Deep's Prodigy is busy! With H.N.I.C 3 on the way July 3rd, he released 2 songs. One song features The King of The South, T.I and the other features Wiz Khalifa. CHECK EM OUT

(4) Russell Crowe has a new movie coming out soon. It co-stars Lucy Liu, Cung Le, WWE wrestler Bautista, Rick Yune and RZA. The movie is entitled The Man With The Iron Fist and is produced by Quentin Tarantino. The biggest surprise is that this will be The RZA's directorial debut. Yep, Bobby Digital is directing Hollywood movies now! Big ups! Wu-Tang is forever!

(5) BIG SUPER DUPER S/O TO CHICAGO!!!! The Chicago City Council approved a measure that allows police officers to issue citations on marijuana possession instead of locking the person up. Whether or not the police will opt to use this measure, I still don't trust them to play fair. Anyone 17 and under, you still have to feel those handcuffs for possessing marijuana. The measure allows a citation for up to 15 grams for all others. So if everything is everything, you can walk around Chi-Town with a half and not worry about jail. Chicago PD keep those digi-scales on deck!


* DJ Khaled ft. Kanye West and Rick Ross - I Wish You Would

* Lupe Fiasco - Bad Bitch

* Slaughterhouse ft. Swizz Beats - Throw It Away

* Big Boi ft. Big KRIT and UGK - Gossip

* Cory Gunz - Foreign

(7) Soooooo disappointed in the new Wu Block song! Sheek and Ghostface could have given me better than that. But HEY, at least it’s better than this new Chingy...HOLD UP!!! Let me commit Hip Hop blasphemy: that Chingy is better than that Wu Block! Excuse me while I go wash my mouth out with soap.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Need some soothing music to relax to?
Came across this full stream from the Podcast of Fleet DJ, Build Ya Brand DJ and my boy Dj Dellmatic. Love it and its a full hour of some of the best soulful and seductive R&B music.

Countdown to midnight! lol

You can listen and check out Dj Dellmatic's other full mixes HERE.

PURE HIP HOP If You Aren't A @TechN9ne Fan Yet, STOP BULLSHITTING!!!


MTV's all-things-HipHop news reporter, Sway recently sat down with Tech N9ne on his Shade 45 Sway in the Morning radio show. He has been covering Tech N9ne and his indie lable Strange Music all week. In a video clip posted on, the incrediblly talented Tech N9ne breaks down his process for writing rhymes and developing rhyme patterns. I will be the first to admit that I have not explored Tech N9ne's catalog as thoroughly and extensively as I should. So if anyone wishes to join me I am about to STOP BULLSHITTING! The guy is an incredible wordsmith and a dedicated student of his craft. He has been around far too long to be ingorned by the masses. On the underground grassroots level of Hip Hop, Tech N9ne is already a star shining bright. But aside from a monsterous verse on a Carter IV interlude and a stupid off the chain flow on the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher, few in the Hip Hop world have given much attention to an emcee who has been putting in down in the game two decades, the last decade being the most notable. Well sleep no more! CHECK OUT THE SWAY IN THE MORNING CLIP and following that I'll give you a taste or two of the man called Tecca Nina...

Tell us if you have heard Tech N9ne. Why don't quick witted lyricists get burn like they used to?

*NEW* @DJKhaled @KanyeWest @RickyRozay - "I Wish You Would"

As a Hip Hop head, I have never been clear about why DJ Khaled is so relevant in Hip Hop. What exactly does DJ Khaled do? He occassionally comes off more as a hypeman than a DJ. One thing is clear though when refering to Khaled; the man is a genius at putting together the artists Hip Hop wants to hear on the same song with a beat that never disappoints. He's glued T.I and Weezy together on tracks. He has united Jeezy and Rick Ross several times on wax. He has released songs with versitile lineups such as All I Do Is Win featuring Ludacris, Snoop Dogg  and Rick Ross. A big salute should go out to DJ Khaled for being the best A&R Hip Hop has had the past 6 years! DJ Khaled continues his work of must hear mash ups and also his hard working reletionship with Rick Ross. Recently, Khaled has released a song entitled I Wish You Would featuring a collaboration between Kanye West and The Bawse. While this isn't the first time Yeezy and Ross have worked together, the latest collab adds another awesome song to a growing Yeezy/Ross tracklist. This time around The Hit Boy mans the board putting together an aggressive blend of synths and handclaps while Kanye goes berserk with bookended verses as Ross' usual nothing to everything street visuals sandwich in the middle. Two words: HOT SHIT!!!!!

Tell us what you think of I Wish You Would. What's your favorite Kanye collab? Rick Ross collab?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

*VIDEO* @LupeFiasco - "Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)

Pete Rock is just going to have to be mad. Dope is dope and the new video for Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free) is just as dope as the lyrics Lupe Fiasco drops on the song. Its been 6 years since Food and Liquor introduced the world to a ferocious lyrical nerd equipped with concept and flow. In most purist eyes, the album is nothing short of a classic! Since his debut, Lupe has endured label beef, album pushbacks and even a Bill O'Reilly interview. He has even flirted with commercial success a few times, a feat unheard of for a rapper of his ability and content. The last thing he ever expected to run into was critical disapproval.

Enter Lasers! The Chi-town rapper's third album was highly anticipated, sadly delayed and sounded very much compromised. Lupe fans were puzzled at how.....well....average the album sounded. Especially after the superb performances placed on previous mixtape efforts leading up to the album. Not to let lackluster performances and label politics hold him back, Lu promised fans a quick return to form in the form of a classic album done his way and minus industry tampering. So he returned to the space that helped create Food and Liquor and began recording Food and Liquor 2. With anticipation building, he dropped the song Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free) to another unexpected response. The song sampled the horns from T.R.O.Y, a classic Hip Hop ode to a fallen friend by Pete Rock and CL Smooth. Pete Rock was not pleased with the sample and voiced his displeasure via interviews and social media. Pete Rock and Lupe went back and forth about Pete not being involved in the process. Lupe had obtained all legal permission needed in order to use the sample but, the absence of Pete Rock's assistance in the project soured the legendary producer. Drama aside, Lupe has decided to move forward with the lyrically and socially charged song. He has now decided to drop the visuals to Around My Way...

Tell us what you think of the video. Are you checking for Food and Liquor 2?


She hit the cover and below is the video interview you guys need to check out if you havent already. There's been a rise of female talent in the South East and I'm on a quest to interview and feature all who are not only hot but got the grind in them. Hollywood Shellz has been an inspiration and I cant start the project without a reminder as to who is the Queen. Cant wait for the next drop!

She recently was featured on All Hip Hop, where you can check out her current "Outta Body" single along with fresh new music from T.I , Shawnna, Chris Brown, Future, 2 Chainz, Shawty Lo & more HERE, and tomorrow (June 28) she's choppin it up with the Nikki Rich Show from 7:30-9:30pm EST. Details on how to tune in or call in will be released via her Facebook or Twitter page. July 7 she'll be in the DC area at a spot called "The Building". Stay tuned and stay locked to

For booking/business inquires fwd all request to

[MIXTAPE]: #MMG x "SELF MADE Vol. 2" (Full album stream) @RickRozay @Wale @MeekMills


Another #classic from 4thQtr hosted by @DjDellmatic f/ Devaan Newhill and Roc Citi. S/o to @JayDavid4thQtr

*NEW* @50CENT...Does America still feel 50?

click here to download
10 years after 50 Cent is the Future hit the street and 9 years after Get Rich Or Die Trying ruled the world, 50 Cent finds himself is a strange place. While Hip Hop has changed in the decade since Fif entered the game, its safe to say more has changed about 50 and his story since we first met him. The Jamaica Queens rapper is no longer the Future but, he is now a legend. 4 albums, a movie production company, numerous endorsements and hundreds of millions of dollars later, 50 finds himself in a place that doesn't seem to have changed at all. Just as he began in the game, he finds himself blackballed by the powers that be, engaged in numerous beefs and churning out music that still reflects his hunger to succeed. Unfortunately, America doesn't show him the same love they once did. Hate? Indifference? Attention Deficit? We all have our reasons for not embracing 50 Cent as closely as we once did. However, he still looms large as an integral figure in the Hip Hop world. With his fifth album, FIVE(Murder by Numbers), on the way, he released a new video entitled Complicated. The song is a release from his current Lost Tape mixtape.

Tell us what you think of the song.
Tell us how you feel about 50 Cent then and 50 Cent now.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Slaughterhouse links up with Robin Leach, Eminem and Cee Lo Green in this video for their newest single, "My Life." The track is featured on their upcoming album "Welcome To: Our House".

BUY of iTunes HERE

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Just when you thought "could he drop another hit?", another fast pitched summer anthem produced by Nick Crack releases from 11 Entertainment's desk. This season, the 2011 Carolina Music Award winner, Marc Law, released the new single "Charli Brown" featuring G.$ of the Tsunami Gang.

One of its first web premiere's is on the Core DJ website where he has linked up with promotion from one of the biggest DJ coalitions in the industry.



Follow on twitter @marclaw


This Saturday night, June 16, see Marc Law perform his summer single "Charli Brown" along with Koch Records recording artist, Driicky Graham performing the radio hit "Snapbacks and Tattoos" at Club Stratosphere in Jacksonville NC. You can check out the Charli Brown single on Core DJ's website and below is the official video for Driicky! See flyer for more details.

Friday, June 8, 2012

[VIDEO OF DAY]: Happy Birthday @KanyeWest x "Mercy" x @2Chaniz @BigSean @Pusha_T

Happy Birthday to my mentor, idol and the man who doenst know that I work for him yet.

Today Mr. West celebrates his 35th and as I do every year, I will listen to every one of his albums in order tonight and reminisce on how each album was apart of my life.

I became a Kanye fan way before 2004 mostly because I was a Jay Z fan, but not your average fan. From 2001-2003 I was a North Carolina Street team Rep for Rocafella in Eastern North Carolina. The only rep in my market, matter fact. Blueprint 1 and 2 were my first big projects and I did product placement and email blasts. This was way before Facebook and Twitter. At this time, my biggest internet platform was Yahoo Groups and Chats and Myspace. We all know about the whole Rocafella situation blah blah then, one of my favorite producers behind Jay dropped my graduation year in High School. That entire album spoke to me and gave me the decision to chase my dreams. College Dropout prevented me from becoming a College Dropout. True story.

To this day, Kanye West's music is apart of my life. The Watch The Throne album grew the best history between my current main squeeze and I. If you get to see this Kanye, Happy Birthday and email me back! LOL

Until then, this is one of the best video's i've seen in a while. Plain, simple and doesn't need to say much because LOOK WHO"S ON THE TRACK!


Realest shit I've heard in a while... Reminds me of the old Outkast and Goodie Mob days. Official story telling and its a deep track.

Friday, June 1, 2012


NEW SHIT... I LOVE IT. if you dont knwo by now, im big fans of these 2 guys. Remember where you heard it first kuz these guys got TALENT!