Wednesday, June 27, 2012

*NEW* @50CENT...Does America still feel 50?

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10 years after 50 Cent is the Future hit the street and 9 years after Get Rich Or Die Trying ruled the world, 50 Cent finds himself is a strange place. While Hip Hop has changed in the decade since Fif entered the game, its safe to say more has changed about 50 and his story since we first met him. The Jamaica Queens rapper is no longer the Future but, he is now a legend. 4 albums, a movie production company, numerous endorsements and hundreds of millions of dollars later, 50 finds himself in a place that doesn't seem to have changed at all. Just as he began in the game, he finds himself blackballed by the powers that be, engaged in numerous beefs and churning out music that still reflects his hunger to succeed. Unfortunately, America doesn't show him the same love they once did. Hate? Indifference? Attention Deficit? We all have our reasons for not embracing 50 Cent as closely as we once did. However, he still looms large as an integral figure in the Hip Hop world. With his fifth album, FIVE(Murder by Numbers), on the way, he released a new video entitled Complicated. The song is a release from his current Lost Tape mixtape.

Tell us what you think of the song.
Tell us how you feel about 50 Cent then and 50 Cent now.

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