Friday, June 29, 2012

*NEWS BITS* 6/29/12 - NBA Draft, Obamacare, NEW WuBlock(Sheek Louch and Ghostface), AND MORE...

Happy Friday! It Saturday Eve and the world is moving and shaking and turning and spinning as it always does. You have either have your balance or you're dizzy. No matter how you feel, today is not going to slow down for you to be a part of it. What’s that you say???...Fuck the world???...OK that’s cool. But in thinking that way, you are denying your God given place in the world that you are capable of making better. Claim your spot. Find your balance. Get to living today.

As we are busy living, or not, here are a few things happening in the world that you might be interested in...

(1) Thursday morning, The US Supreme Court ruled in favor of Obamacare, the healthcare plan proposed by Pres. Obama. What does this mean for Hip Hop? It means all of us are now required to be responsible about our health by law and purchase health insurance. Don't worry! It also means that the government has to help us get health insurance if you can't afford it. If you go without health insurance, you are in danger of being taxed more than those who do. So choose the side you want to be on, be responsible and get insurance OR stay insurance free and get taxed more. Protect your neck and your paper and go holla at All-State nigga!

(2) My girlfriend is all gloating and shit because Thursday night her favorite team, the Kentucky Wildcats, put a record 6 players in the NBA. The NBA held its annual draft and the Wildcats went 1 and 2 with Anthony Davis going 1st to New Orleans and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 2nd to Charlotte. Fuck what my girlfriend thinks! MY North Carolina Tarheels put 4 players in the NBA and ALL OF THEM WENT IN THE 1ST ROUND! POW! It is also noteworthy that this may have been the first draft where no one wore an ugly suit LOL. Everybody was fresh! Now get to practice so Miami can whoop on y'all again next year. Yeah I said it!

(3) Mobb Deep's Prodigy is busy! With H.N.I.C 3 on the way July 3rd, he released 2 songs. One song features The King of The South, T.I and the other features Wiz Khalifa. CHECK EM OUT

(4) Russell Crowe has a new movie coming out soon. It co-stars Lucy Liu, Cung Le, WWE wrestler Bautista, Rick Yune and RZA. The movie is entitled The Man With The Iron Fist and is produced by Quentin Tarantino. The biggest surprise is that this will be The RZA's directorial debut. Yep, Bobby Digital is directing Hollywood movies now! Big ups! Wu-Tang is forever!

(5) BIG SUPER DUPER S/O TO CHICAGO!!!! The Chicago City Council approved a measure that allows police officers to issue citations on marijuana possession instead of locking the person up. Whether or not the police will opt to use this measure, I still don't trust them to play fair. Anyone 17 and under, you still have to feel those handcuffs for possessing marijuana. The measure allows a citation for up to 15 grams for all others. So if everything is everything, you can walk around Chi-Town with a half and not worry about jail. Chicago PD keep those digi-scales on deck!


* DJ Khaled ft. Kanye West and Rick Ross - I Wish You Would

* Lupe Fiasco - Bad Bitch

* Slaughterhouse ft. Swizz Beats - Throw It Away

* Big Boi ft. Big KRIT and UGK - Gossip

* Cory Gunz - Foreign

(7) Soooooo disappointed in the new Wu Block song! Sheek and Ghostface could have given me better than that. But HEY, at least it’s better than this new Chingy...HOLD UP!!! Let me commit Hip Hop blasphemy: that Chingy is better than that Wu Block! Excuse me while I go wash my mouth out with soap.

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