Saturday, June 30, 2012

*SATURDAY NEWS BITS* Lauryn Hill faces prison, Obama boogie, @2Chainz music and MORE

Happy Weekend folks! Pour a drink if you drink. Light a square if you smoke. Roll a Dutch, a White Owl, a Philly or whatever you burn if thats your thing. Finally, Saturdayday is here and Sunday is coming to visit tomorrow. We made it! The work week in America has become as taxing on the spirit and body as I can remember in recent years. For a lot of us, another week of unemployment and disappoinment has flown by without much activity. For some of us, we will be coming home from jobs that don't tap into our potential and talent which is made worse when you look at the taxes they take out of our checks. For those people, I say put your head down and pray and lift your head up to focus on the next move in your life that can make things better. Remember the next step is the only step! Since the money is tight, there is no need to act like we balling. Find something simple, enjoyable and economic to do this weekend and lose your troubles in the feeling that life is up and down; and if you're on a down then the up will soon find you. Enjoy your time in this world and while you do here are a few things happening in your world...

(1) Things aren't just down for the broke people in this world. Ask Lauryn Hill. The singer/rapper plead guilty Friday for intentionally failing to file taxes from 2005 to 2007. Over that span, she reportedly made $1.8 million. Via her Tumblr account, Lauryn Hill stated that her failure to file taxes was on purpose because " was necessary to withdraw from society, in order to guarantee the safety and well-being of myself and my family.” She faces up to 3 years in prison and $100,000 in fines. Our prayers go out to Ms. Hill. We hope everything is resolved and she can get back to her family and music. It just goes to show ups and downs happen to everyone.

(2) Now if you want to hear about some ups, check up on the homie 2 Chainz. The man has had a year you wouldn't believe. His buzz is stupid loud right now. If there is an industry hustler who needs a feature to can capture the attention of every trap in America, they call 2 Chainz. He's done work with Ludacris, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and Young Jeezy. Add DJ Drama and Wiz Khalifa to that list of hustlers who enlisted his services. Check out the latest 2 Chainz features as he continues to build buzz for his debut solo album, Based On A T.R.U Story.

(3) Boston Celtic fans can breath a sigh of relief. Kevin Garnett will return to The C's next year. The 6'10 power forward has decided to sign a 3 year contract worth $34 million. Free agency doesn't begin until midnight July 1st but everything seems in place for his return. KG and Boston can now shift their attention to Ray Allen. The Boston shooting guard is also a free agent this year and will be fielding offers from teams looking for a sharp shooter. Fuck the bullshit! If the man is going to be a stand still dead eye shooter for the remainder of his career, he might as well spend his time left in the NBA down in South Beach. They want him in Miami. And even though that would be laying down with the enemy, it puts Ray Ray in a better position to win titles. AND YES I'M MIAMI BANDWAGONING.....unless Dallas get Deron Williams!!!

(4) While I'm talking basketball, Lamar Odom is leaving Dallas for Hollywood. Mr. Kardashian is returning to LA though this time he won't be wearing purple and gold. Odom will joing Blake Griffin and Chris Paul in LA as a Clipper next year. Kobe has got to be heated right now! AHEM...doesn't matter though, Heat are going to repeat! YEAH I'M STILL ON THAT LOL

(5) Let's talk about the heat! No not Lebron, let's talk about the crazy temperatures this weekend. The heat bubble that has been over Colorado and that area the past week, which made fighting the forest fire there so difficult, has moved east. From NYC to Florida temperatures will steadily see triple digits. I live in North Carolina and our temps will reach 104. Don't feel bad for me because up and down the east everybody will feel the heat. Holla at me in the AC!

(6) The Obama administration recently scored victories in The Supreme Court in rulings for Immigration and Healthcare. With an election fast approaching, do you think Obama was happy about receiving this good news? You tell me...

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